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Full text of "The Jerusalem Post , 1997, Israel, English"

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The gospel 
according to Mailer 

THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1997 • iYAR 15. 5757 • 15 MOHARRAM 1418 

A cut above 
the rest 

A Master of peace of mind 

’ 1 J 



" Vt ' 




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Prime Minister Binyamin 
Netanyahu yesterday announced the 
appointment of Don; Gold, his polit- 
ical adviser, as Israel’s new ambas- 
sador to the United Nations. Uzi 
Arad, head of the Mossad’s research 
department, will replace Gold as 
Netanyahu's adviser, the Prime 
Minister's Office said 
Gold, who before becoming an 
adviser to Netanyahu headed the 
department of US foreign policy in 
the Middle East at Tbl Aviv 
Jaffee Center 
for Strategic 
takes over 
from acting 
David Pfcleg. 

'-The post of 
|as not been 

f i for a 
, since 

appointed by Dore Gold 
^ ffie previous (David RuMngcrj 

Labor gov- 

eminent, concluded his term. 

Gold. 43, is from West Hartford, 
Connecticut. He immigrated in 
1980, after completing a PhD in 
Middle East studies at Columbia 

Eliahu Ben-EIissar is to retain his 
post as ambassador to the US, it was 
agreed yesterday, after his two 
meetings with Netanyahu. 

"I’m the Israeli ambassador in 
Washington and have every inten- 
tion of continuing my work," Bcn- 
Hlissar said yesterday afternoon. 

Ben-EIissar. who flew in to 
Jerusalem on Tuesday for urgent 
talks with Netanyahu amid rumors 
that the prime minister intended to 
replace him with Gold, appeared 
relieved yesterday upon corning out 
of his second meeting with die 
prime minister. 

“Disappointed? 1 am happy and 
contented,” he told reporters, noting 
that the wave of rumors about the 
intention to fin; him had damaged 
his work and. adding that he was 
returning to Washington "to rebuild 
the debns." 

i Blasting those who spread critical 
reports of his performance and 
tumors of his replacement, Bcn- 
Qissar said. "I have been under- 
mined. Maybe in some quarters in 
Israel people don’t realize how 
much damage this kind of campaign 
can cause to a man who goes above 
and beyond his powers to present 
and represent Israel’s interests m the 
United States.” 

Ben-EIissar denied reports that 
he had wanted to be appointed head- 
er the Mossad, saying, "This idea 
was bom in someone s fevensn 

Authority heads Intensify protest 

Employees of the Sapir Local Council march toward the Prime Minister's Office yesterday to demand a resolution to the local 
authorities’ debt crisis. An estimated 7,000 workers took part in the protest, and were stopped from entering the compound by 
police. Interior Minister Eli Suissa came to express solidarity with the demonstrators, saying that although their demands are 
just, a solution has not yet been found. .... (Brian Hmdier; 

Soldier seriously 
hurt by explosion 
in sout h Lebanon 

Beilin: Officers in 
favor of Lebanon 
pullout silenced 


An IDF soldier was seriously 
wounded in an explosion in (hie 
security zone yesterday morning, 
as the escalation in hostilities in 
south Lebanon continued. 

The soldier, suffering from 
chest wounds, was brought by 
helicopter to Haifa's Rambam 
Hospital, alter a stopover during 
the flight to enable doctors to 
cany our an emergency operation. 

Weizmaiu We must tafle 
with Syria, Page 12 

His condition in the hospitals 
intensive care unit remained seri- 
ous, but stable last night 

The soldier, a dog-handler, was 
with a joint unit of paratroopers 
and Givati Brigade soldiers which 
left the Beaufort Castle area yes- 
terday morning on & road-clearing 


His dog, apparently specially 
trained to detect explosives, was 
part of the patrol whose aim : was 
to ensure the road, leading to 
nearby Amoun village, was free 
of any devices or mines and that 
there were no terrorists in the 
region. However, an explosion 
wounded the dog-handler and 
lightly hurt his dog. 

It was still not clear by last 
night whether the blast was 
caused by a roadside bomb or a 
mine, or whether the dog had dis- 
covered the device, which may 
have been booby-trapped and 
went off when the handler went 
to investigate. 

The soldiers opened fire in all 
directions immediately after the 
blast, in case there were any gun- 
men in the vicinity. 

Hizbullah claimed responsibili- 
ty for the attack, saying members 
of its fighting arm, the Islamic 
Resistance, had detonated a road- 
side bomb alongside an "enemy 
foot patrol” at 8:45 am. on the 
road to Amoun. 

During the flight to Rambam 
Hospital, the soldier’s condition 
deteriorated and the doctor 
aboard decided to cany out an 
emergency operation. The heli- 
copter landed on a road near 
Karmiel, where the operation was 
performed, and then continued its 
flight to Haifa. 

His dog was token to a veteri- 
nary surgeon in the North and 
lausr to the center of ihe country. 

Reports from Lebanon said IDF 
gunners fixed at suspected terror- 
ist targets north of the zone fol- 
lowing the attack. 

According to reports, there have 
been 140 incidents in south 
Lebanon since the beginning of 
the year-43 of them in April and 
nearly 30 so for this month. 


MX Yossi Benin, a candidate for 
(be Labor Party leadership, called 
again yesterday for a unilateral IDF 
withdrawal from south Lebanon, 
saying that even senior officers in 
the Northern Command favor such 

In an urgent motion to the agenda 
in the Knesset plenum, he said it 
would be possible to establish a 
security fence along the border and 
deploy soldiers on the Israeli ride to 
help ensure die safety of die northern 

f^\lVtyWih ill’ll 

He said this could be done on the 
basis of an understanding with 
Lebanon. He criticized the feet that 
every time the subject is raised - 
even by IDF officers - people try to 
silence the discussion by saying it is 
disrespectful to the fallen soldiers, 
harms morale, and feeds fears by the 
South Lebanese Army that Israel 
win desen iL 

"There are senior officers, even in 
the Northern Command, who talk 
about the need, perhaps die necessi- 
ty, to get out of there [South 
Lebanon], and they are also sfloiced, 
‘You’re just officers, you can’t 
express your opinions,* ” Beffin said. 

“And I ask myself, ‘Who must 
speak out? .Who is allowed to 
speak out? Who and when can 
someone open their mouth and 
say, “Enough”?’ After all, some- 
body has to have the courage to 

Scholars scoff at ‘inflated’ Holocaust report 


Calling tin? rep° rt “idiotic.** 
“childish ” “stupid,” and “pure non- 
sense," Holocaust historians here 
said that documents released by 
Britain on Monday reveal no new 
evidence, and that it is tmpossbie 
there .were seven million Jewish 
victims of the Holocaust. t 

seven Bullion Jews died, you 
mm have 10 preve thal fcey hved 
that," said Prof. Yehuda 


Bauer of the Hebrew University 
and Yad Vasbem, “Because of the 
statistics feat are quite clear today- 
ax least in a general outline of who 
survived the Holocaust and how 
many survived, and how may were 
*ere before die Holocaust starl- 
it would mean inventing another 
million [Jews]." 

Britain’s Public Record Omce 
released some 10,000 pages of clas- 
sified files on Montoy, 1 which 
included secret radio messages sent 
by German troops adva nemg^ mto 
the Soviet Union in the summer of 
j 941 . These messages, <^od^ 
the Government Coto andCwter 
School at Btetchley Part, detail fee 
first action of mass murder taken by 
the Nazis against Jewish ovihans- 

But the knowledge of these 

actions, according to Bauer and Dr. 
Yitzhak Arad, former chairman of 
Yad Vashem, is nothing new. 

“It’s idiotic,” said Batter. “We 
have known feat the. mass murder 
of the Jews began wife fee invasion , 
the Soviet Union by fee Nazis 
from fee Nuremberg trials, so this 
has been basic knowledge for. fee 
last 52 years. To say today feat this 
is a new discovery is just diOdi s b , 
» put It mildly." 

Release of fee files prompted 
misleading news stories around 
fee world, including in The 
Jerusalem Post. Some media 
reported feat — besides fee possi- 
bility of seven million Jews hav- 
ing been killed, and fee “ffiscov- 
ay” that the Final Solution began 
earlier than previously believed - 

the Allies, including Winston 
Churchill, knew of Hitler’s plans 
*n annihilate all the Jews 
The released documents only pro- 
vide a bit more detail of what took 
place, Bauer said. When put togeth- 
er wife what was already known, 
these “arc really land, of a detailed 
accounting of local pogroms. At 
least feat’s what fee people at 
Bletchley must have deduced. 
Nobody could have deduced from 
those figures that there was a plan 
to nuirri&r all Jews, and certainly 
not a figure of six million. Nobody 
could prefect feat," said Baxter. 
--Moreover, he continued, fee 
decoded radio transmissions from 
fee Goman' police units only con- 
tinued until mid-September of 
1941, “because after feat they were 

told not to mention what the nation- 
ality was, and in any case not to 
repeat by radio about executions, 
but to keep it in written form, only 
top secret 

“So we are dealing wife a short 
period of two and a half months. To 
say that from feat anyone could 
conclude what die policy was is 
simply unrealistic. 

“No figure could be extrapolated 
- none at all - because you didn’t 
know if these murders were taking 
place only in fee framework of fee 
war against die Soviet Union, or 
whether they were also going to be 
expanded into Poland and countries 
further west, north, or south. 
Nobody could know that” 

S*9 HOLOCAUST, Page 2 

Page 7 

NIS 4.50 (Eilat NIS 3.80) 


Bazaar .5 

Business..... .8 

Crossword 11 

Movles/TV .11 

Opinion .6 

Sports .10 

US, Israel 

Blast land death penalty 

say, ‘No more.’ ” 

Benin said fee tear of pulling out 
prevents the government from being 
open to more creative solutions. 

“Israel can solve the problem of 
fee SLA without being there. To pro- 
tea fee North, you don’t have to be 
abroad,” be said. 

He said it is not the security zone 
feat prevents Katyusha fire on north- 
era Israel, but fee understanding 
readied at the end of Operation 
Grapes of Wrafe. 

Ephraim Sneh, another Labor 
leadership candidate and a former 
commander in Sooth Lebanon, com- 
pletely rejected Beilin's stand, 
describing it as “based oo a huge 
mistaken premise, irresponsible, and 
impractical.” Hie said Beilin was not 
speaking for fee Labor Party on fee 

Arieh O’Sullivan adds: 

IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Oded 
Ben-Ami rejected Beilin's accusa- 
tions that senior IDF officers, partic- 
ularly those in the Northern 
Command, are hushed up when 
they speak of leaving the security 
zone. He said it is the definite IDF 
position that Israel remain in the 
security zone. 

“As a result of discussions and sit- 
uation assessments that are held in 
fee IDF, under fee existing factors, 
the only way to ensure fee safety of 
the residents erf the North is by keep- 
ing IDF and SLA forces in die secu- 
rity zone,” ^co-Ann said. 

and news agencies 

The US and Israel yesterday 
sharply criticized Palestinian 
Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat 
for saying he backs a law impos- 
ing the death penalty for land rales 
to Jews. 

“Frankly, his comments this 
morning are comments feat we 
cannot support, are comments feat 
leave os quite puzzled as to why 
he would say those tilings," State 
Department spokesman Nicholas 
Bums said. 

“The United States condemns 
any law or any decree that would 
threaten death against any 
Palestinian for selling land to 
Israelis or Jews,” Bums told a 
news briefing. “That's wrong. It’s 
contrary to what must prevail in 
the Middle East, which is peace. 

“Chairman Arafat must stand up 
for the rule of law. He must defend 
it in what be says and what he 
does, and frankly fee recent state- 
ments by members of his adminis- 
tration ... inciting Palestinians to 
attack and murder other 
Palestinians for selling land, those 
statements are reprehensible.” 

Cabinet secretary Danny Naveh 
said yesterday the government 
will complain to the United 
Nations over fee PA's decision to 
impose the death penalty on peo- 
ple who sell land to Jews. 

A statement issued by the Prime 
Minister’s Office said: "The cabi- 
net secretary, who is also tire 
chairman of fee government 
forum [monitoring] antisemitism 
worldwide, is about to present fee 
UN committee on human rights 
with a complaint about fee 
Palestinian Authority decision. 
The decision is in essence racist 
and reeks of antisemitism.” 

Arafat said in an interview wife 

Yediot Aharonot yesterday feat he 
backs the recent decision to 
enforce an old Jordanian law in 
the West Bank imposing the death 
penalty for land sales to Jews. 

“We are talking about isolated 
traitors,” Arafat said. “And we 
will impose against them what is 
on the law books. Thar is our 
right and our obligation to protect 
our land." 

Palestinian security forces 
arrested 15 land dealers from the 
Hebron area yesterday. They were 
asked about their business con- 
tacts wife Jews and “fee investiga- 
tors left no doubt regarding what 
is liable to happen if my good con- 
nections with Jews continue,” one 
of those arrested said yesterday. 

Internal Security Minister 
Avigdor Kahalani criticized Arafat 
in a Knesset plenum discussion on 
the murder of two Arab land deal- 
ers who sold property to Jews. 

“We haven’t seen this style, 
which allows someone to murder 
someone else without a trial, for a 
long time in the Middle East,” 
Kahalani said. “Does Arafat allow 
every person on the street to take 
fee law into his own hands? 

“If today he permits the murder 
of land dealers, tomorrow it will 
be something else ... I think his 
very statements will cause this sort 
of violence in the Palestinian 
Authority areas, which it will not 
be able to stop in the future.” 

Kahalani said Israel would not 
ignore the matter. He also 
promised protection to those who 
require it “As for residents of 
eastern Jerusalem, Israeli citizens, 
we will protect and defend them," 
he said. 

Ka h ala n i said he is “very wor- 
ried by what’s happening in east- 
ern Jerusalem." 

Seo ARAFAT, Page 2 

Journalist Kuttab held 
in Ramallah Prison 


Daoud Kuttab, a Palestinian 
journalist and broadcaster, is being 
held in Ramallah Prison apparent- 
ly because be televised 
fee live proceedings of 
fee Palestinian legisla- 
tive council 

Kuttab, who heads Al- 
Quds TV, a private sta- 
tion, complained to 
Palestinian Authority 
members feat his chan- 
nel was being jammed 
by fee Palestinian 

Corporation whenever 

trvecounciT sessions. - Daoud 

Kuttab told The (Efn 
Jerusalem Post three 
weeks ago feat four sessions in a 
row were jammed, though nothing 
controversial was discussed. The 
last session this- week was not 

Kuttab is a US citizen and holds 
a Jerusalem resident’s identity 
card, which means that he is not 
under fee jurisdiction of fee PA. 

Daoud Kuttab 

(Efraim KSstuok) 

The US consul visited him yester- 
day, his family said. 

“They don’t have the right to 
arrest him, nor has he committed a 
crime, but that’s what they call 
democracy,” fee rela- 
tive said. 

Kuttab was summoned 
to the police station in 
Ramallah on Tuesday 
morning for question- 
ing, and was then held 

The relative said police 
had wanted to release 
Kuttab, but said they 
could do nothing until 
PA Chairman Yasser 
Arafat returns from 
.uttab Cairo today, 
t Kftshiok) The jamming of the 
broadcasts, seen in fee 
Jemsalem-Ramallah area, began 
last month. Kuttab said at the time 
he suspected the reason was politi- 
cal, although fee PBC denied it 
At the time, Marwan Kanafbni, a 
spokesman for Arafat who is also a 
council member, said “whether or 
not an official body is doing fee 
jamming it should be stopped.” 




Thursday, May 22, 1 997 The Jerusalem. Post 


in brief 

Hamas terror cell members apprehended 

Israeli security forces have arrested over a dozen Palestinians 
suspected of belonging to a Hamas terror cell operating in the 
Hebron area, the IDF said. The fugitives were planning to carry 
out attacks against Israelis and are currently being interrogated 
by Israeli security agents. The arrests centered around the vil- 
lage of Beit Fajar, between Hebron and Bethlehem. 

* Arieh O'Sullivan 

Cairo embassy protests abuse of Netanyahu 

Ambassador to Egypt Zvi Mazel has submitted a formal 
protest to Egyptian authorities after a lawyer at the trial of 
Azzam Azzam, an Israeli accused of espionage, called Prime 
Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a dog and a murderer. 

Lawyer Murtada Man sour aJ so shouted, ‘"you despicable 
Israeli, you dog," at David Govrin, a first secretary at the Israeli 
Embassy. The bearing took place Sunday and Man sour, a promi- 
nent lawyer, was not part of the trial. 

Mazel said he hoped that such incidents would not occur 
again, an embassy statement said. AP 

Russia to send crime investigators here 

Russian Interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov held talks here yester- 
day with Internal Security Minister Avigdor Kahalani and Police 
Inspector-General Assaf Hefetz on combatting mafia operations. 

Hefetz said detectives from Russia would come here to help 
investigate the case of suspected Russian mafia head Zvi Ben- 
Ari, also known as Gregory Lemer. 

Kahalani said he had prepared a list of names of 34 immi- 
grants from the former Soviet Union whose Israeli citizenship 
may be revoked on suspicion of involvement with the Russian 
mafia. The two countries also are expected to sign a cooperation 
agreement on combating organized crime and terrorism. Itim 

Stonaansky uses loophole to stay head of Hkana 

MK Nissan Slomiansky (NRP), who was sworn in this week 
in place of Avraham Stem who died last week, has used a legal 
loophole to also continue serving as the head of the Elkana 
Local Council. 

Slomiansky produced a legal opinion which states that 
although the law on parliamentary privileges and immunity bars 
MKs who joined this Knesset from serving as the heads of local 
councils, the law does not apply to Elkana because it is over the 
Green Line. 

Slomiansky, who was among the founders of Elkana, said 
although he supports extending Israeli law to include all Judea, 
Samaria and Gaza, he was prepared to exploit this technicality 
to show how absurd the current situation is. Lku Collins 

Four injured after car crashes into bus stop 

Four people were injured - one seriously - when a car drove 
into a bus stop in Kiiyat Haim and then fled, in what was first 
believed to be a tenorist attack. 

However, when die driver, a 38-year-old Shfaram man, was 
later apprehended police said he had apparently lost control of 
the car as a result of a health condition and had fled due to fear 
of being attacked. The driver is being held for questioning. 

Also yesterday, a tractor driver was killed when his vehicle 
overturned while he was working in the Kfar Menacbem area. A 
1 rescue team from Ashkelon arrived on the scene and declared 
! him dead. 

“'InPetahTikva, one person was killed and two injured when a 
bread truck and a potato track collided when the latter went 
though a red light A 30-year-old Bat Yam man in the bread 
truck was crushed and declared dead at the scene. 

In April, 38 people were killed on the roads and 228 were 
seriously injured. Itim 

Water management parley planned at Tedmion 

An international workshop on negotiating water manage- 
ment will be held at the Technion next week, with the partic- 
ipation of Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli experts. 
Organized by the Technion 's Ne’eman Institute and 
UNESCO, under the patronage of the Israel Committee for 
Hydrology, the three-day event will challenge the experts to 
prepare approaches for water management in areas involved 
in conflict. The ecological, cultural, legal and psychological 
aspects of the problems will be discussed, and game theory 
will be used. 

Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein, who took pan in water 
talks since the Madrid Conference, will deliver a guest lecture. 

Judy Siegel 

Hearing set for Rehov Bar-Dan 

High Court to discuss Levy’s ruling to close street on Shabbat 


The High Court of Justice will 
hold a hearing this morning on the 
decision by Transportation 
Minister Yitzhak Levy to close 
Rehov Bar-Dan on Shabbat, but it 
is uncertain what exactly the court 
will be considering. 

Following Levy's ruling on 
Sunday that the street would be 
closed during prayer hours on the 
evening and day of Shabbat and 
holidays, a petition was filed by 
Meretz MK Yossi Sarid and 
Jerusalem city councilman Oman 
Yekutieli asking for a temporary 
injunction against the decision. 

Yekutieli said yesterday that they 
had withdrawn the request for a 
temporary injunction, “because we 
want to see how the process works 
for two to three weeks," but that 
the court would hold a session 
today on the issue anyway. 

Hie court may decide to issue 
the temporary injunction, and rule 
on Levy's decision later, perhaps 
next month; or it may decide to 
immediately issue a ruling on the 
whole episode. 

Should the court deride not to 
issue the restraining order, and to 
postpone any final decision, then 
Levy’s ruling will take effect 
beginning tomorrow night 

Yekutieli said that a few cars 
plan to show up at 11:30 a.m. 
Saturday, when the road is sup- 
posed to be open to all traffic, to 
see if cars are permitted to pass 

The secular residents who live in 
the area, who are supposed to be 
allowed to drive through at any 
time, had not as of yesterday been 
given any stickers for their cars 
that would allow them through. 

Traffic signs go up near Jerusalem's Rehov Bar-Dan yesterday in 

preparation for tbe closure of the street daring prayer times this 

(Briar Hcndler) 

Aliza Avinezer, a secular resi- 
dent of the area, said she was 
promised she would get her sticker 
today, but that it win make no dif- 

“Do you think I will drive during 
prayer time? I will not do it, 
because I am afraid, because 
everyone will know now that I am 
secular and I drive on Shabbat. 

Before when I drove cm Shabbat, 
nobody saw me. There were a lot 
of cars. But me alone, driving on 
Shabbat, or with the others with 
stickers? It's a provocation and I 
will not do it I live alone, 1 can’t 
do it, I must compromise ” 
Avinezer said that although Levy 
decided that the problem would 
best be solved by giving out stick- 

ers, she had a better idea: “Why 
not solve the problem by suggest- 
ing new apartments? If we are sec- 
ular, and we are disturbing them, 
then give us money [to leave] and 
you will have the road to yourself." 

Although she has lived in the 
neighborhood for all of her SO 
years, Avinezer said she would 
immediately take an apartment 

somewhere else if offered. 

“Of course, what can X do? Stay 
with them? It’s not pleasant living 
with them. I hate them. I don't teU 
anyone - on TV I can't say that I 
hate them, but I hate them. I don't 
say all the haredim are terrible. But 
most of them, die people shouting 
on the road. 1 don't know what to 

Benizri: PA wants 
Yosef for negotiations 


There may be a new Middle 
East mediator - Shas mentor 
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. 

Shas party chairman MK Aiye 
Deri told Channel I last night that 
if Yosef decides that the govern- 
ment has abandoned the peace 
process, “he won't sit there for 
one minute." 

Shas MK Shlomo Benizri said 
PA officials have been showering 
Yosef with requests that he confer 
with Palestinian Authority 
Chairman Yasser Arafat. Yosef 
hasn't yet made up his mind as to 
whether he should do that, Benizri 

However, "a meeting between 
the rabbi and Arafat may happen 
soon." he said, and if Yosef meets 
Arafat “he will do so with an eye 
to mediating between the sides 
and attempting to break the dead- 
lock between Israel and the PA." 

Yosef recently received PA 
National Security Forces com- 
mander Maj.-Gen. Nasser Yusef. 

But while it is not clear whether 
Yosef will decide to talk to Arafat, 
Benizri did say that Yosef does 
plan to talk to Prime Minister 
Binyamin Netanyahu soon. 

“The rabbi will summon 
Netanyahu to him in a few days 
and will want to hear a report on 
where things stand now in the 
peace talks. He will - urge 
Netanyahu to press ahead with fee 
process." he said. 

Benizri added that he expects 
Yosef “will not present 
Netanyahu with an ultimatum 
whereby his coalition would be 
threatened if he doesn’t make 
moves which would lead to the 
talks being renewed." 

A number of foreign diplomats, 
including US Ambassador Martin 
Indyk and European Union envoy 
Miguel Moratinos, have visited 
Yosef recently. Sources close to 
the prime minister expressed dis- 
pleasure wife these visits, saying 
they are geared to exert pressure 
on the government by meddling in 
Israel’s internal affairs. 


Continued from Page 1 

The whole story, Bauer stressed, 
“is stupid, because in Britain as 
well as everywhere else, thick 
books have been written about 
this. All fee major historians living 
in Britain today are probably just 
as disgusted, people like Martin 
Gilbert, who wrote a huge book 
detailing exactly what the Nazis 
did in Russia from early July 1941 
until the end of that year." 

Bauer said the story's spin was 
probably accelerated by “British 
journalists who thought the public 
may not know, and they decided to 
moke headlines." What is interest- 
ing, Bauer said, although not new, 
is more documentation of details 
“to reconstruct fee exact form of 
the destruction of the Jews in the 
Soviet Union during the summer 
and autumn of 1941. That is very 
important, and that would be new, 
in fee sense that it was documen- 
tation that was [previously] avail- 
able only in parts." 

The other noteworthy item, he 
said, is Winston Churchill's nota- 
tions on some of fee documents. 
“So he knew that Jews were being 
killed in 1941, and he knew that 
Germans were killing Jews. But 
when you say, for example, in a 
certain place X feat 1,115 Jews 
were killed, but there were 15,000 
Jews there - to the eye of a pre- 
Holocaust observer, it means that 
there was a pogrom, a horrible 
pogrom, feat the Germans were 
beasts, and Nazis, and awful, and 
so on and so forth. But he couldn’t 
derive from that knowledge that 
there was a plan to murder all 

Arad said the problem wife fix- 
ing exact numbers depends on 
how one counts fee Holocaust 

"We always say it’s between 5.8 
" six million," he said, but “it 

depends who you consider among 
the victims. About 200,000 
[Jewish] soldiers in fee ranks of 
Soviet army were killed. Every 
other country, when they 
announce their casualties of the 
war, include civilians, soldiers, 
and everyone. If we include 
200,000 Jewish soldiers, then of 
course it’s above six million. 

“In the city of Leningrad, 
approximately 800,000 civilians 
lost their lives to hunger and bom- 
bardment. Among those were at 
least 10 percent Jews - this was 
(he percentage of Jews who lived 
in Leningrad. So these 80,000 
Jews - how do we relate to them? 
As victims of the Holocaust? 
Victims of fee war? So the prob- 
lem of numbers is a complicated 

Pan of fee problem is not know- 
ing exactly how many Jews there 
were in Europe before the war. 
The last census in Poland was 
taken in 1931, so 1939 figures, be 
said, are only an estimate. As for 
fee Soviet Union, it was not until 
two years ago that fee census of 
1939 became available. Until then, 
Arad said, fee pre-war Jewish 
population figures were based on 
fee antiquated census of 1926. 

Arad is working on a major book 
on the scope of fee Holocaust in the 
Soviet Union, based on original 
files that were only released after 
its breakup in 1991. 

“The problem of fee Soviet 
Union is that it's not like the Jews 
were brought to death camps," he 
said. "Tn the Soviet Union they 
were shot on the spot where they 
lived - in Babi Yar, in Kiev, 
Rumbola, Riga - thousands of 
places. We have to check each 
place to see how many Jews were 
there before fee war, and what 
were the numbers after the war... 
But I stand by the number of six 
million. It could be 5-8 , or 6, or 
6.2, because we don't know exact- 
ly. And we shall never know." 

Justice minister trashes former 
attorney-general Ben-Yair 


Justice Minister Tzahi Hanegbi yesterday avoided 
answering several motions to the agenda on the 
acquittal of Ya’acov Ne’eman on perjury charges, but 
used the opportunity to attack former attorney-gener- 
al Michael Ben-Yair. 

-Several coalition MKs also criticized the former 
attorney-general in their motions, claiming he had 
acted improperly and out of irrelevant considerations. 

“It seems to me fear Michael Ben-Yair is in any 
case on his way to this House," said Hanegbi. “I can 
see he is very busy wife political activities and cer- 
tainly he will have the opportunity in the coming 
years to answer for himself what has been said here." 

MK Zvi Hendel (National Religious Party) accused 
Ben-Yair of trying to “torpedo Ne'eman's appoint- 
ment as justice minister by tossing in fee air the 
charges against him." Hendel called for a full exami- 

nation into fee work of fee attorney-general and State 
Attorney's Office. 

“It’s not a holy cow. There are perhaps saints and 
righteous people, [but] there are also those who aren’t 
and they should be thrown out of there,” he said. 

He called on the prime minister to immediately 
reinstate Ne'e man as justice minister. 

Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) said that, 
since all people are equal in fee eyes of the law, Ben- 
Yair should be investigated to find out his motives for 
indicting Ne'eman, and whether it had not harmed 
the democratic rule of law. 

Amnon Rubinstein (Meretz) said be congratulated 
Ne'eman on his acquittal, but at the same time reject- 
ed complaints against the former attorney -general 
and State Attorney Edna Arbel. “Such attacks could 
harm an essential link in die preservation of fee rale 
of law," he said. 

Ben-Yair's reaction was not available. 

Hanegbi, MK Shalom 
to hold political rally 
against Ne’eman 


Continued from Rage 1 

Kahalani added: *T believe so 
far we have failed to boost our 
presence [there]; we laek forces; 
we need to increase building 

He said every effort must be 
made to move more public insti- 
tutions to eastern Jerusalem and 
"and make fee eastern side look 
exactly like the western side." 

The PA is cooperating in the 
investigation of the murders, 
Kahalani said, but he ignored 
inteijections asking if the PA 
was involved In the deaths. 

Nine MKs filed motions to fee 
agenda regarding the murders of 
the land dealers. National 
Religious Party faction chairman 
Hanan Porat called for Arafat 
adviser Ahmed Tibi and fee PA- 
appoimed mufti of Jerusalem to 
be questioned for feeir possible 
role in incitement that preceded 

fee deaths. Porat also read out 
the names of three men he said 
are among Palestinian 
Preventive Security chief Jibril 
Rajoub’s activists operating in 
eastern Jerusalem. 

Dedi Zucker (Meretz) said no 
crime deserves the death penalty, 
but addedr “It is not the tram- 
pling of human rights that is 
making the right-wing call out, 
but the struggle {by the 
Palestinians] to stop fee sale of 
Arab lands to Jews." 

Meanwhile, a former 
Palestinian land dealer was 
reported missing yesterday, rais- 
ing fears of a third killing. 
Rashid Saiameh, 48, who in 
recent years was believed to 
have worked with the Palestinian 
security services, has been miss- 
ing since April 4, his son Ahmed 

"He was meeting two Arab 
land dealers from Jerusalem," 
Ahmed Saiameh said. “He wa.* 
supposed to record the conversa 

tion and hand the tape to the 
Palestinian Preventive Security 

Saiameh was forced to flee his 
hometown of Kalkilya during the 
intifada, because he was discov- 
ered to have belonged to an orga- 
nization which sold land to Jews, 
Ahmed said. Two of Saiameh ’s 
partners were killed by members 
of Arafat's Fatah group. 

MK Michael Kleiner (Gesher), 
who heads the Land of Israel 
Front caucus, said he will open a 
telephone hot line today for Arab 
land dealers who feel threatened. 
The hot line will be operated 
together with the Council of 
Jewish Communities in Judea, 
Samaria, and Gaza. The phone 
number is: (03)-638-8970. 


Arrival for ihe Annul Meeting ol the Board 
of Governors or Tel Aviv University, From 
Brail: Bella Hubert 


Two of Prime Minis ter Binyamin 
Netanyahu's most veteran support- 
ers in fee Likud - Justice Minister 
Tzahi Hanegbi and MK Sylvan 
Shalom — are holding a political 
rally tonight aimed at preventing tbe 
reappointment of former justice 
minister Ya’acov Ne’eman. 

Hanegbi and Shalom both stress 
that this is not an anti-Netanyahu 
rally, but Likud pundits note that the 
message to the PM is clear - should 
he go ahead and reinstate Ne’eman. 
two of the prime minister's oldest 
followers will turn against him. 

The rally will be held tonight in 
Likud headquarters at Tel Aviv’s 
Metzudat Ze’ev and the organizers 
will consider it a success if they 
manage to attract several hundred 

Hanegbi wants to keep the justfce 
portfolio, despite Netanyahu’s clear 
stipulation that it was being kept in 
trust for Ne’eman until his perjury 

trial was over. Now that Ne’eman 
has been acquitted, Hanegbi fears 
fee portfolio might be slipping from 
his grasp. Shalom, who is after the 
science portfolio relinquished by 
MK Ze’ev Begin, wants Ne’eman 
kept out, otherwise the maximum 
quota of 18 ministers will leave no 
room for him. 

Likud insiders said yesterday feat 
even if Hanegbi and Shalom man- 
age to attract a good turnout tonight, 
they have miscalculated and wasted 
mo much ammunition for too early. 
Ne'eman is abroad and Netanyahu 
has announced few he will not make 
a move until the High Court makes 
its final rulings on the Bar-On 
Affair; including on the question 
whether Hanegbi can continue in 
office. All this could take at least a 

Any impressive show of power 
which the two may stage tonight 
will have lost its effect in several 
weeks time, it is judged in the 


The- remarks attributed to US Ambassador Martin Indyk in y ester 
story on the US report on settlements were incorrect The ambus 
made no such remarks. 


fuayed In Hebrew and conversed in tfae tocatl 

"Yiddish Isn’t just a language, bui an artifact of a lost worid. Most 
ofusknowUde about fee cultural golden age that is chrcntded 
in The Prime of Yiddish- - E. Brecher, Miami Herald 


■ -.'.it S 

P.O.B, 36004 Jorusalcm 911 
Tel; 02-S38-0247 Fax: 02-538- 

Listen to Arute 7 , 711 114 s AM 105 FM 

The Jerusalem Post Thursday, May 22, 1997 



Levy: Licenses should 
list driving instructor 
and examiner 


The Transport Ministry plans to 
issue a new regulation under 
which drivers' licenses will 
include the name of the 
instructor who taught the 
license holder and the 
examiner who passed 
him. Transport Minister 
Yitzhak Levy (National 
Religious Party) made 
the announcement in the 
Knesset plenum yester- 
day when he answered 
several morions 10 the 
agenda regarding the dri- 
ving test scandal which 
was recently discovered 
in the North. 

“There arc howl.* ;r which the 
name of the. person who cleaned 
the toilets is listed on the back of 
the door to the bathroom; eleva- 
tors list who fixed them; doctors' 
reports state who gave them, so 
why should a driver's license not 
say who tested and taught [the 
holder]?’* Levy asked. 

He said having these details list- 
ed would deter instructors and 

Yitzhak Levy 

examiners from accepting bribes. 

He listed other measures being 
considered to fight the corruption 
problem, including requiring dri- 
ving students to sign a card autho- 
rizing what dates and 
hours they attended 
lessons. This would 
enable the ministry to 
ensure they hud taken a 
sufficient number 
before a test and would 
also prevent the stu- 
dents from shaking off 
responsibility ir. corrup- 
tion cases, he .wa. 

Levy said his ministry 

is working on publish- 
ing a new manual for 
the theory test. 

The ministry aisc intend:- tc 
implement a new policy under 
which new drivers .vouiri be 
required to undergo an intensive 
one-day program six months after 
receiving their licenses. The pro- 
gram would cover such topics as 
traffic hazards, driving on wet 
roads and in poor visibility condi- 
tions and pulling over to the side 
of the road. 

Jordanian soldier who 
murdered 7 girls goes 
on trial next week 

AMMAN (Reuter) - The 
Jordanian soldier who shot dead 
seven Beit Shemesh schoolgirls 
will no on trial in a military court 
next week charged with premedi- 
tated murder, his defense lawyer 
said yesterday. 

Ahmed Daqamsa faces death by 
hanging if found guilty by the 
five-member panel of military 
judges, lawyer Ahmed Nijdawi 

The trial was due to start on 
Tuesdav at an army base near 
Naour. a few miles south of 
Amman, he said. 

“He is not worried. He is a faith- 
ful man." Nijdawi told Reuters. 

Daqamsa has not dented shoot- 
ing the girls as they visited the 
lush Jordan Valley farmland of 
Bakoura, leased to Israel in the 
1994 treaty and known to Israelis 
as Nuharayim. 

But Nijdawi said he acted on the 
spur of the uioinem when the girls 
teased him. He said Daqamsa also 
justified shooting the teenage girls 
as a pjiriotii act. 

The pro-government Al- Dus lour 
newspaper said yesterday that 
Daqamsa had planned “more titan 
once to kill a number of Israelis 
hut had then held back." 

It said, without naming its 
sources, that on the day of the 
shooting on March 13 Daqamsa 
had left alone the first group of 
Israelis who visited Naharayim 
because they were under 10 years 

When the next batch of slightly 
older students came he fired off 
three ammunition clips from a dis- 
tance of 30 meters before his rifle 
jammed, die paper said. 

The killing took place just days 
after King Hussein had accused 
Prime Minister Binyamin 
Netanyahu of destroying hopes for 
peace in the Middle Hast. 

The king condemned the shoot- 
ing as a "vile criminal" act and 
consoled families of the victims in 
Jerusalem. He said Daqamsa 
should have been shot on the spot. 

But not everyone shared his 

Jordanians complain that the 
1994 peace treaty signed with 
Israel has brought them few of the 
material benefits which they were 
promised. Some have blamed 
Netanyahu directly for the shoot- 
ing, saying it was prompted by his 
decision to build Jewish settle- 
ments in eastern Jerusalem despite 
world-wide protest. 

Rabbi fighting 


? YORK - Rabbi Shlomo 
ns. an Israeli haredi rabbi 
as convicted of kidnapping a 
tzva student, is fighring the 
ivemment s order to deport 
amending that he would be 
;eTed if hie returned to Israel, 
rans spent less than two years 
for kidnapping Shai Fhima- 
l. who was 1 3 when he first 
wired in April 1992. after his 
■ sent him to study for his bar 
with He I brans in Brooklyn, 
boy, from a troubled secular 
with a history of abuse, 
up several years later as an 
am Jew. after spending time 
elbrans and his associates in 
y. New York, and Paris. The 
tracted wide attention in the 
j bizarre view of a battle 
■n hatedi and secular Israelis 
ic control of a child, waged 
erican soil. 

,,ns was com icied in 1994. 
ItS jmniiemiion court on 
:o ordered him deported. 
.iS law. a nv>n-cirizen cat} be 
d alter conviction ol a crime 
nee and “moral turpitude, 
ire not sure how (the court] 
this involved violence m 
t the tact that there was no 
,1 contact between Rabb 
as and the boy. *> lJ 
re' lawxer. Michael Vt'ifc 
>> did not feel threatened-^ 
rs contends that the Ub y- 
t is soing to exwnsise kngms 

rtHVlbratis. a vtevv shared b; 

iss supporters w Brook | >n> 

communities. One. who did 

in to be identified by nan*. 

nested that New ^orUonMil 

3“ Colette Ami.i 1, who'V.vs 
si to leave the Lb •«!*- ^ 
ol the Labor Fan} 
election, tud delayed tor 
iticipated return to Wj “jf 
ns was deponed, 
rival of AvilaTs successor. 
1 Si so. is imminent. 

,rans has h«n 

wing anti-Zionist who leads 

R .mull AVL which has t. oin- 

asise with SaUtur 
eiict's aw far tiont 
America and are* even ■ 
el.” he told * ork nu - a 

zine. “If I was to return there, it 
would definitely be the end of me. 
Doesn’t the American government 
understand that'.’” 

However, there is no testimony 
on record about his fear of return- 
ing to Israel, and it was not clear 
whom he feared might want to do 
him harm. 

However, the New York Jewish 
HivJfc reported that He I brans might 
be under investigation in Israel in 
several instances similar to the 
Fhima-Reuven kidnapping case. 

by YisraH and Phyllis Shalem 

A mosi comprehensive guide in 

English to sites around the Kiimerrt, 
for hikers and driven. Presents 
historical fens and detailed louring 
information in an exceptionally clear 
manner - lightweight, perfect f« 
your pock. Soflcover, 92 pp. 

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Knesset rejects bill to elect 

deputy premier 


The opposition failed to pass a bill which would allow 
voters in the direct elections to cast a ballot for both the 
prime minister and a deputy prime minister. The deputy 
would replace the premier in the event of death or inca- 
pacitation. on the lines of the US presidential model. The 
bill, submitted by Labor MK Ophir Pines, was rejected 
yesterday - 27 votes in favor, 40 against - but only after 
raising a mini-storm in the plenum. 

TTte need for such :» law was demonstrated with the assas- 

sination of Yitzhak Rabin. Pines said, explaining. “Today, it 
is clear to any assassin that if the prime minister is killed, 
the government falls and the country goes to elections.” 

The debate descended into acrimony after Pines said 
the coalition objected to the bill because all the political 
assassinations came from the Right, telling Coalition and 
Likud faction Chairman Michael Eiian: “You are possi- 
bly relying on the fact that Israeli history has shown that 
the bullets in Israeli society go from Right to Left." 

Moledet leader Rehavam Ze'evi responded that it is the 
Left which starts the incitement, while Eiian called Pines 

claim “ridiculous." 

"After all, according to our predictions you won't even 
have a (Labor] prime "minister in the foreseeable future." 
Eitan said. 

Justice Minister Tzahi Hanegbi refused to get dragged 
into the discussion on incitement. He said the idea of 
electing a deputy prime minister and premier at the same 
time had been raised and rejected several times for many 
reasons, one of them being that it could cause a situation 
in which the deputy constantly interfered with the work 
of the prime minister. 

Builders for 
Peace said about 
to collapse 


WASHINGTON - Builders for 
Peace, which was spawned by the 
Oslo Accords to much fanfare, is 
on the verge of collapse, because 
of its inability to establish greater 
business ties between American 
investors and the territories, offi- 
cials say. 

The organization has until late 
June to raise $202,000 as a condi- 
tion for receiving a matching grant 
from the US Agency for 
international Development, its 
sole source of government funds. 
But even as it seeks those funds. 
Builders for Peace is examining 
for the first time whether it ought 
to continue operating, according to 
its executive director, Joseph 

Although the organization has 
been a springboard to such high- 
profile ventures as a Marriott con- 
ference center and a power station 
in Gaza, “You can count on one 
hand the investment that's been 
made there," DeSutter acknowl- 
edged yesterday. “We’ve done 
everything we caa and the track 
record's not there." 

DeSutter said the organization 
could be salvaged, but added that 
“the reality is that nothing that 
we’ve tried in three-and-a-half 
years has worked. We’ve tried to 
put American investment in place 
in the West Bank and Gaza and 
that hasn’t worked." 

He added; “We've had many 
threats to our existence ... and sev- 
eral junctures where we had to 
struggle for survival. In all hon- 
esty. we’re asking ourselves that 
question: Even if we con do this 
[raise the funds], is it worth our 
time and energy?” 

An AID official said the rocky 
slate of the peace process has pre- 
sented a "fundamental kind of 
problem" to the organization, 
because it has scared off invest- 
ment. DeSuttercited Israeli securi- 
ty concerns and protectionism, as 
well bureaucratic delays in the 
American investment insurance 
agency, OPIC. 

’ Builders for Peace is now con- 
sidering a variety of options for 
raising" outside funds. DeSutter 
said, including instituting a 5 or 10 
percent fee for deals it arranges, 

and encouraging large companies 
to join its board of directors and 
provide generous endowments. 

Builders for Peace was an out- 
growth of an unprecedented 
meeting hosted by Vice 
President Al Gore for Jewish- 
and Arab-Americans on 
September 13, 1993, an hour 
after Israel and the PLO signed 
the landmark Declaration of 
Principles. In the euphoria of the 
day, the two ethnic groups 
decided to join forces and mobi- 
lize their business acumen to 
lend commercial support to 
Palestinian entrepreneurship. 
Builders for Peace was then for- 
mally established in November 

The organization's most high- 
profile achievement was the deal 
to build a Marriott hotel and busi- 
ness center in Gaza. After several 
fits and starts, ground was broken 
in March. GRDG Inc. president 
Ziad Karra m of Alexandria. 
Virginia, the force behind the 
Marriott project, called private 
contributions to Builders for Peace 
an idea “overdue." 

He said the organization “really 
did help us a lot” and that GRDG 
is considering how it can help 
financially. But an American small 
businessman stated that when he 
recently approached Builders for 
Peace for assistance in helping 
import a Palestinian product, he 
found the organization preoccu- 
pied with its own survival. 

“There was really no effort to 
make such a pairing ... If they are 
looking for projects. I would be 
very surprised. We were handing 
them something pretry much 
arranged, with distributors and 
everything arranged," he said. 

The AID official said yesterday 
that no decision will be made on 
the funding issue until the group 
presents its proposal in early June. 
Builders for Peace co-president 
Mel Levine pointed to a number of 
factors to account for the body’s 
failures, but added, “There's no 
point in quantifying what's to 

“The truth is, as President 
Clinton said to me at one point. 
Builders may have been conceived 
a bit too prematurely given the 
realities on the ground.” 

Gadna Lt. Shelomrt Danile duac Huarii 

JDC marks sixth anniversary of Operation Solomon 


The Joint Distribution 
Committee convened a seminar 
yesterday to celebrate the sixth 
anniversary of the beginning of 
Operation Solomon. 

Among those speaking at the 
seminar, which dealt with edu- 
cation as an aid to integration, 
was Gadna Lt. Shelomil Danile. 
who helps new immigrants 
adjust to life in the EDF. 

Danile, 20, had been selected 
to speak for several reasons: she 
is a member of the Ethiopian 
community; she is an IDF offi- 
cer; and she, her parents and her 

four siblings came to Israel on 
Operation Solomon. 

The seminar was not entirely 
a breast-beating or a back- 
slapping affair. Matti Dagan, 
director of the Religious 
Education Authority, also 
noted mistakes (hat had been 
made in the absorption of 
Ethiopian immigrants. One of 
the worst of these mistakes, 
albeit with the best of inten- 
tions. he said, was to adopt a 
patronizing attitude. 

Students from the Ethiopian 
community have enormous acad- 
emic potential he said, "but we 
have to provide the opportunities 

for them to become achievers. 
We have to give them the chance 
to prove their capabilities." 

Had she not been so deter- 
mined to pass her matriculation 
exams, Danile said yesterday, 
the teachers might have suc- 
ceeded in breaking her spirit. 

“They treat all of us as if 
we’re incapable,” she said. 

“We have to do something to 
prevent (young Ethiopian immi- 
grants from dropping out of 
school] before it’s too late ” she 
uiged, pointing to the mistakes 
that were made with North 
African immigrant youth in the 

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Thursday, May 22. 1997 The Jerusalem Posl 

Britain’s Northern Ireland minister, Mo Mowlam, visits 
Portadown yesterday as part of a tour of areas where the 
Irish Republican Army enjoys strong support. (AP> 

Sinn Fein, UK 
restart talks 

BELFAST (Reuter) - The IRA's political wing Sinn Fein and 
British officials began talks yesterday, ending a 16-month freeze on 
official contacts, in a bid to revive Northern Ireland peace hopes 
shattered by sectarian violence. 

Martin McGuinness, chief negotiator for Sinn Fein, met civil ser- 
vants for the first time since the Irish Republican Army scrapped a 
ceasefire in February 1996 after 17 months by setting off a huge 
bomb in east London. 

The meeting followed attempts by Britain’s new Labor govern- 
ment to reinvigorate the stalled Northern Ireland peace process. 

“From our point of view in Sinn Fein, there is a very strong desire 
to break the impasse and to move forward to a fair and just politi- 
cal settlement on this island," McGuinness said. “You will also 
appreciate that we are dealing now with a new British government 
which has inherited the present situation." 

McGuinness was leading a four-member delegation to the talks at 
Belfast's Stormont Castle. 

Late Tuesday, Britain decided to repatriate two convicted Roman 
Catholic republican prisoners from English jails to a Northern 
Ireland prison in a move to smooth relations with Sinn Fein. 

But outlawed Protestant loyalist fighters urged Britain not to 
dilute its demand for an unequivocal IRA truce. 

Tension has been high amid an IRA resurgence and signs that a 
truce by the pro-Britain loyalists is crumbling. 

Sinn Fein, which wants an unconditional seat in multi-party 
peace talks, has been cold-shouldered by the British, Irish and US 
governments because of IRA violence, but has scored significant 
electoral advances recently. 

New British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced last week he 
would ease a ban on official contacts so that Britain might deter- 
mine whether die IRA and Sinn Fein were prepared to commit 
themselves fully to peaceful methods. 

Harvard professors 
misused US grant 

BOSTON (AP) - The US gov- 
ernment suspended a $14 million 
contract with Harvard University, 
because two employees abused 
their positions as advisers to the 
Russian government and misused 
US funds, newspapers reported 

The government canceled the 
contract - the last part of a $57 
million grant - on Tuesday. 

The university employees who 
allegedly abused their positions 
were die Harvard Institute for 
International Development’s gen- 
eral director in Moscow, Jonathan 
Hay, and the director of the pro- 
ject, Andrei Shleifer. who also is a 
professor of economics. 

Since 1992, Harvard scholars 
have helped Russian officials with 

changes in government operations, 
the legal system and markets. 

The US Agency for International 
Development wrote to Harvard 
Tuesday that a preliminary inves- 
tigation found Hay and Shleifer 
“abused the trust of the United 
States government by using per- 
sonal relationships, on occasion, 
for private gain." The agency said 
Hay “used resources financed by 
US AID to support the private 
investment activities"of Shleifer’s 
wife, Nancy Zimmerman. 

Support staff paid by die US 
government were involved in buy- 
ing and selling Russian bonds, 
tracking deposits and withdrawals 
from Russian bank accounts and 
consulting about tax aspects of the 
investments. US AID said. 



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i City 

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T\irk Islamists face legal threat 

Syria, Iran, 
Iraq troops 
mass at 


News agencies 

ANKARA (AP) - In the latest 
salvo by Turkey’s establishment, a 
prosecutor yesterday accused the 
ruling Islamic Welfare Party of 
promoting anti-secular policies 
and asked the country’s highest 
court to shut it down. 

“Welfare has become the center 
of anti-secular activities, leading 
the country into a civil- war atmos- 
phere,” die prosecutor, Vural 
Savas, said. 

Savas charged Welfare with vio- 
lating: the constitutional principle 
that Turkey is a democratic, secu- 
lar state. 

A trial will be held before the 
supreme court, but no date was set 

Newspapers reported Prime 
Minister Necmettin Erbakan 
already ordered his aides to pre- 
pare to launch a new party, should 
Welfare run into legal problems. 

The development came a day 
after Eifrakan’s coalition survived 
a censure motion in parliament 
brought by opposition parties, 
which accused the government of 
undermining secularism. 

Erbakan has alarmed Turkey’s 
establishment and die country’s 
allies in NATO with his moves to 
ease longstanding bans on Islamic 
clothing and to promote Islamic 

In February, the National 
Security Council, whose members 
include top generals, issued a 
series of directives to halt attempts 
to make the country more Islamic. 
Erbakan has resisted the orders. 

Ttirkish prose cu tor Vural Savas rails for the Islamist party to be outlawed at a press conference in his Ankara office yesterday. 


Meanwhile, Turkey’s state-run 
Anatolian news agency said yes- 
terday that Syria, Iraq and Iran had 
built up their forces near the bor- 
ders of the Kurdish enclave in 
northern Iraq where Turkish 
troops are fighting Kurdish rebels. 

The agency quoted unnamed 
sources as saying the buildup was 
part .of an effort by the three coun- 
tries to provide shelter within their 
borders to Kurdistan Workers 
Party (PKK) rebels fleeing the 
Turkish air and ground assault 

“Syria, die country which gives 
the biggest support to the sepa- 
ratist organization, has built up 

troops at the northern Iraq border 
using die excuse of a military 
exercise," Anatolian said. 

Damascus declined to comment 
on the reports but said Ankara's 
incursion in Iraq, now in its eighth 
day, showed bad intentions against 
its neighbors. There was no imme- 
diate response from Iraq or Iran. 

The Turkish foreign ministry 
condemned the Syrian move. 
“Syria is supporting the [Kurdish 
separatist party], cursed by all the 
world as a terrorist organization, 
and is using terrorism as a tool in 
its foreign policy,” spokesman 
Omer Akbel said. 

Solzhenitsyn hospitalized 
with heart complaint 

MOSCOW (AP) - Famed 
Russian writer Alexander 
Solzhenitsyn was hospitalized 
with heart trouble earlier this 
month, but his illness was not life- 
threatening and he was recover- 
ing, a spdeeswoman said yester- 

The 78-year-old Solzhenitsyn 
was admitted to the cardiac inten- 
sive-care unit of the elite Central 
Clinical Hospital May 12 and has 
been undergoing treatment 

Monira Razova, who heads 
Solzhenitsyn’s Russian Public 
Foundation, a charity aiding ex- 
Soviet political prisoners, said the 
writer was out of danger and 
appeared xo be recovering. 

“Alexander Isayev ich had a heart 
pain and doctors advised him to be 
hospitalized," die said. "He’s now 
feeling better.” Razova said she 
did not know Solzhenitsyn’s pre- 
cise problem, but that it appeared 
not to have been a heart attack. 

Alexander Solzhenitsyn i (AP) 

The hospital, reserved for 
Communist leaders during the 
Soviet era and now catering to top 
government officials and rich 
businessmen, has a tradition of 
secrecy and is closed to the media. 
A spokesman for the hospital’s 
chief doctor refused comment 

come in different shapes and sizes 

...tfie tong and ihe short and the tail and they cane with different talents and ambitions, 
and they come rich and poor and mostly in between. And some come, usually through 
no fault of their own. disadvantaged. 

TTiatS where we come in. 

For nearly fifty years, readers of The Jerusalem Post, both in Israel and in some 100 
countries around the world have been sending money to help those less fortunate. 

The Forsake-Me Nor fund, together with social workers and volunteers in the field, use 
your donations to help old folks living in distressed circumstances. 

With your help weVe been able to alleviate suffering and provide a little hope. 

.Help us to help people by sending a contribution today to: 

The Jerusalem Post, P.O. box si, 

Jerusalem 91000 , Israel 
Friends of The Jerusalem Post Funds, 

20 East 56th Street. New York, n.y. 10022, U.S.A 

Together, we shall overcome. 

A Kurdish television station in 
Belgium said about 50 Iraqi tanks 
had moved closer to the edge of 
the Kurdish enclave, but the tanks 
remained in government territory. 

The station also said Syria had 
begun war games to the south of 
its border with the Iraqi Kurdish 
enclave three days ago. 

The anti-Baghdad Iraqi National 
Congress said it had received 
reports from die area of a buildup 
by Iranian and Iraqi forces on the 
borders of the “safe haven.” A 
spokesman for the group in 
London said Iranian 
Revolutionary Guards had been 

sent to die border regions. Iraqi 
Republican Guards were gathered, 
between the government-con- 
trolled city of Mosul and Dohuk, 
inside the enclave. 

More than 10,000 Turkish 
troops last week began a major 
cross-border operation in pursuit 
of separatists who use northern 
Iraq as a base to launch raids into 
southeast TUrkey. 

Turkey showed no signs of let- 
ting up on the operation yesterday, 
ferrying in more troops and sup- 
plies. Military sources say more 
than 1,300 rebels have been killed 
so for. 

Solzhenitsyn, the 1970 Nobel 
Prize winner for literature, 
returned to Russia in 1994 after 
years of exile. 

Solzhenitsyn spent eight years in 
Soviet prisons and camps under 
Josef Stalin and chronicled the 
cruel system in his novels and his- 
torical works, including One Day 
in the Life of Ivan Denisovich , The 
First Circle and The Gulag 
Archipelago. He was later forced 
into exile spending most of it in 
the United States. 

Since the collapse of die Soviet 
Union, Solzhenitsyn’s conserva- 
tive and nationalist views have 
come under fire from liberal 
reformers, yet he’s also despised 
by hard-liners for his anti- 

Public interest in his work has 
faded. A state-run television net- 
work canceled his talk show and 
he has ail but disappeared from 
view in recent years. 

New 200 die in 
Congo Baiigladest 
flies its cyclone 

I GENEVA (Reuter) - A devasta 

O ing cyclone in Bangladesh th: 

week killed at least 200 people, d 
BRAZZAVILLE, Republic of UN Department of Humanitaru 
Congo (AP) - The new flag of die Affairs said yesterday. 
Democratic Republic of the It also reported widesprea 
Congo flew yesterday in die capi- destruction of houses after th 
tal of its neighbor, which has cyclone roared in from the Bay < 
almost the same name. Bengal Monday, battering coast! 

Expatriates from what was, until areas with 200 kph winds. 
Saturday, known as Zaire, gath- A UN statement said die goven 
ered outside its embassy and hoist- ment of die South Asian nation ws 
ed the yellow-stars-on-a-blue- trying to assess the damage. U1 
background flag associated with relief officials will take part in a 
Laurent Kabila's rebel alliance. . airborne survey mission with done 
Kabila’s forces took Kinshasa — representatives later today, 
across the river from Brazzaville - Some 1 ,500 fishermen wer 

on Saturday, ending a seven- missing in the Bay of Bengal, mart 
month rebellion against the 31- feared drowned, officials in island 
year autocracy of Mobutu Sese off die coast of Bangladesh said. 
Seko, who has fled into exile. The UN said normal communjca 

Embassy staff joined the anti- tion channels to Cox’s Bazar, a poi 
Mobutu expatriates for the brief near Bangladesh’s border wit] 
ceremony, which did not involve Burma and one of die areas wars 
going inside the embassy. hit, were not functioning. ’ 

Hie ambassador himself was not It reported acute water shortage 
present His whereabouts were in the city of Chittagong, because o 
unknown. disruptions in elemiriiv snnnli^c 

GENEVA (Reuter) - A devastat- 
ing cyclone in Bangladesh this 
week killed at least 200 people, the 
UN Department of Humanitarian 
Affairs said yesterday. 

It also reported widespread 
destruction of houses after the 
cyclone roared in from die Bay of 
Bengal Monday, battering coastal 
areas with 200 kph winds. 

A UN statement said die govern- 
ment of the South Asian nation was 
trying to assess the damage. UN 
relief officials will take part in an 
airborne survey mission with donor 
representatives later today. 

Some 1,500 fishermen were 
missing in die Bay of Bengal, many 
feared drowned, officials in islands 
off die coast of Bangladesh-said. 

The UN said normal communica- 
tion channels to Cox’s Bazar, a port 
near Bangladesh’s border with 
Burma and one of die areas worst 
hit, were not functioning. ‘ 

It reported acute waaer shortages 
in the city of Chittagong, because of 
disruptions in electricity supplies. 

Wanted: 007, 
no experience necessary 

LONDON (Reuter) - The first 
open advertisement for recruits to 
Britain’s Security Service, MI5, was 
published yesterday. 

Nestling among The Guardian 
newspaper’s job ads for social 
workers and local government offi- 
cials, domestic intelligence sendee 
MIS solicited applicants for what it 
called "a very special part of Her 
Majesty’s Government - die 
Security Service.” Would-be' James 
Braids will have to curb their 
appetite for fast cars and dry marti- 
nis, as die salary on offer is “good 
rather than lavish.” The advertise- 
ment - under the slogan 
“Intelligence - Use it to create 
waves and prevent repercussions” - 
marks a radical change for Britain’s 
spy sendees, which in the past p re- 
ferred less direct recruitment 

Potential agents were often identi- 
fied while at Oxford and Cambridge 
universities and sounded out over a 
glass of sherry by a tutor with con- 
nections to the secret world. 

MB began a policy of greater 
openness under its recently retired 
chief, Stella Rimington. the 
agency’s first woman head. 

With ihe end of die Cold War, MI5 
has taken a leading role in die fight 
against Irish republican terrorists. 
Britain's other main spy agency, 
MI6, handles agents abroad. 

The two agencies are each esti- 
mated to have an annual budget of 

£125 mfllion NIS 650 million. 

The ad itself seemed a test of 
potential applicants’ discretion. “Try 
and avoid telling your friends about 
your application, because discretion 
is a serious part of working fra the 
Security Service,” the ad aid. 

MB identified marketing execu- 
tives, teachers, fund raisers, over- 
seas" aid workers, academics and 
journalists as suitable candidates. 

“Exceptional powers of commu- 
nication and persuasion will make 
you adept at talking your way into 
situations with the opportunity for 
gathering useful information, as 
weD as the resourcefulness to 
extract yourself from less promising 
arcumstarffies," the ad said. 

“The ability to deal with ambigui- 
ty and make decisions on partial 
information is essential. Security 
threats never conform to a neat rou- 
tine and neither win your work - so 
flexibility is also essential,’’ it 

Although describing MI5 as “a 
career hire no other;" the advertise- 
ment was coy about exactly what 
successful recruits would find them- 
selves doing. 

“Can you imagine a job descrip- 
tion which said, *we are. going to 
teach you to lie, cheat, lap people's 
phones, eavesdrop on other people ’s 
conversations, manip ulate people 
through their weaknesses?’” intelli- 
gence expert Philip Kmgfrtiey && 


in !•.. V..I. 

2i K) die: 


C\ i/llW 

The Jerusalem Post Thursday, May 22, 1997 


stamping tourists out A cut above the rest 


T ravelers to countries which 
have no diplomatic ties with 
Israel are familiar with the 
procedure of obtaining an “Israel 
stamp-free” passport Less weath- 
ered visitors learn from travel 
brochures or travel agents that 
where many countries are con- 
cerned, permission to visit is not 
granted to anyone who has Israel 
stamped in his or her passport 
Israel's Ministry of Foreign 
Affairs is well aware of this prob- 
lem and is happy to oblige anyone 
with a foreign passport who 
requests that it not be stamped at 
the border with Israel's standard 
passport stamp. 

Unfortunately for M.R. and his 
fiancte, human error cost them a 
vacation they’d been planning for 
“ a long time. The story began when 
MJR. and his betrothed selected 
Syria as their next vacation desti- 
nation. Having been told that entry 
into that country would be impos- 
sible wife “evidence” of entry, and 
exit stamps from Israel in his 
British passport, MJL took pains 
to plan his strategy and his trip 
very carefully. 

Earlier this year, the couple went 
to Britain and obtained new 
(“clean”) passports and tourist 
visas to Syria. They reentered 
Israel with their old passports. 
They then went to a travel agent 
and purchased flight tickets, via El 
Al, to Amman. From there, they 
were to continue to Syria, their 
clean passports leading Syrian 
officials to assume that the couple 
had flown directly from Britain to 

When the time finally came to 
embark on their well-thought-out 
adventure, they had one more pre- 
caution to take: Remind die pass- 
port control clerk at Ben-Gurion 
Airport not to “sully” their clean 

documents with Israel’s stamp. 

The hour was 4 a.ra. M.R. 
approached the woman behind the 
passport-control counter. 

“Please do not stamp this pass- 
port," he said to the sleepy bureau- 
crat, as he handed her the docu- 
ment He then repeated his request 
in Hebrew, to make sure she knew 
what he was talking about She 
nodded, as she slammed the stamp 
into M.R-’s passport “I told you 
not to stamp it!” be wailed, as he 
saw his trip fade into oblivion. 

“What arc you talking about?” 
she retorted in perfect govern- 
ment employee fashion, “I have 
to stamp it!" At this point, M.R. 
tried the ranting and raving and 
approach. But, 10 no avail. The 
supervisor acknowledged that 
MJR.'s request was as common 
as it was legitimate, but was 
helpless to correct the error made 
by the woman. 

MJL rushed to the El Al desk to 
bemoan his* predicament To his 
great surprise, El Al not only 
promptly removed his baggage 
from the plane, but even gave him 
a voucher with which to receive a 
refund for the cost of the ticket 
from his travel agent 
Nevertheless, the trip had been 
ruined, and the following day was 
spent trying to conyince the travel 
agency to honor El AI*s voucher. 
MLR. wishes to know if compensa- 
tion is in order, and if so, from 

According to Assistant Police 
Spokesman Deputy Commander 
UzJ Sanduri, though Israeli pass- 
ports have to be stamped upon 
exit from and entry into Israel, 
holders of foreign passports may 
request that Israel not be stamped 
on their passports. “This is an 
unwritten convention, though not 
a right,” he explained. “In this 
case, where the clerk misunder- 

stood either the request or the 
convention, the only thing this 
traveler could have done was to 
go to his consulate and take out 
another passport.” 

This would not have, helped 
M.R. For one thing, the mishap 
occurred in the middle of the 
night. For another, the visa to 
Syria was inside the stamped pass- 

Foreign Minlsuy Assistant 
Spokesman Effi Matityahu reiter- 
ated Sanduri ’s statements. “We 
look the other way in these cases. 
What happens between a traveler 
and the authorities of his own 
country is his problem,” he said. 
“However, this does not mean that 
we are obligated towards someone 
who fell prey to this kind of 

According to Matityahu, the 
countries which one cannot enter 
after having Israel stamped in a 
passport are Algeria, Libya, 
Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, 
Syria, Bangladesh, Somalia, 
Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain and 
Pakistan. He also pointed out, 
however, that this situation has 
undergone many changes in the 
past few years. Thus, if there is 
any question about certain coun- 
tries, potential travelers should ask 
their travel agents, all of whom 
have t)re necessary information on 
how to go about doing this. 

Regarding how to avoid ending 
up in MJL’s situation, the best 
caveat he and I could come up 
with is: Don’t hand over your 
passport to the person in charge of 
stamping it before extracting a 
clear promise that it will be left 

You are invited to offer person- 
al stories about goods and ser- 
vices in this country. Write to: 
Ruthie Blum, POB 81, 91000 

South Korean ginseng 
growers see tradition fading 


F or most of his 80 years, Lee 
Bong-hee has roamed dark 
regions of . Korea’s tough 
hills, lookinjg for shady, rocky 
patches suitable for planting gin- 
seng. The root is fabled in Asia for 
its ability to promote health and 
vitality, but it is a tough crop to 

“It all starts with finding the 
right type of soil,” Lee says. 

Lee and others of his age wonder 
how much longer their country- 
men will oe willing to engage in 
the generations-old search. Only 
20,000 to 24,000 ginseng growers 
are left in South Korea. 

“Children are not taking over. 
We send them to universities, and 
they don’t come back," says 
Hwang In-chul, an official of a 
ginseng-growers' cooperative on 
Kanghwa, an island northwest of 

Little wonder, considering the 
intensive work required to grow 
ginseng, a sweet but bitter- tasting 
root drat has fascinated Asians for 
centuries because of its supposed 
medicinal properties. 

Korea was the first recorded 
nation to cultivate ginseng and 
boasts its variety is superior to any 
other. Believing the root is a cure- 
all for everything from a common 
cold to a sagging libido, Koreans 
consume it in tea, tablets and food. 
A fifth-century Chinese medical 
book says: “Ginseng — evens the 

spirits, allays fear, improves the 
eyesight, sharpens tire memory, 
removes thirst, and if taken for a 
while, invigorates the body and 
prolongs life." 

Strong demand and die' tough- 
ness of bringing in a crop means 
the rewards can be considerable 
for those willing to spend the time 
and effort Ginseng sells for about 
$60 per 450 grams, and 0.4 hectare 
of the right kind of loamy, rocky, 
heavily shaded and well-drained 
land on a mountain slope can pro- 
duce 1.500 kilograms worth 

But that prized hectare wQl pro- 
duce only one crop every 17 years. 

“Ginseng farming is such a gam- 
ble,” says" Lee, whose leathery 
face resembles the wrinkled texture 
of the golden roots he has grown as 
a full-time time occupation for 45 
years. “When city people drive by 
and see ginseng, they see money. 
They don’t see what’s behind all 
that" Lee recalls countless sleep- 
less nights when his father, and his 
grandfather before that sat up 
through the darkness, reading die 
sky for die weather die next day. 

“Ginseng grows listening to the 
farmer’s footsteps," he says. 
“They are like little toddlers. They 
need constant care.” Ginseng is 
extremely vulnerable to fungus 
and root rot Exposure to direct 
sunlight is fatal to the plant so it 
must be planted in fields that get 
sunlight only at dawn and sunset. 
Farmers must enclose their plots 

wife snares and traps to protect fee 
crop from pests and thieves. 

Above all, ginseng is such a 
slow-growing crop feat Chu 
Bong-hwan, a 74-year-old farmer, 
says: “If there is one way not to 
grow ginseng, it is "quick and 
fast’” It takes 18 months to grow 
ginseng seedlings. -After trans- 
planting, half of fee seedlings will 
fee or rot before producing fee 
most coveted seven-year-old root 
feick wife its unique aroma. Then, 
because Asians believe ginseng 
absorbs its medicinal powers from 
fee ground, fanners leave plots 
dormant for a decade before plant- 
ing more ginseng. Even after fee 
rest, fee used ground never pro- 
duces fee same quality, they say. 
Farmers, thus, are forced to search 
constantly for new fields to rent 

Most of fee easily accessible 
ground has been used up or plant- 
ed wife quick-return crops, push- 
ing ginseng growers farther away 
from towns. A big portion of South 
Korean ginseng is now grown in a 
restricted area just south of fee 
heavily guarded demilitarized 
zone between South and North 

It just may have some of fee 
powers attributed to it by its admir- 
ers, Asian experts say. More of fee 
purported curative powers of gin- 
seng, including its anti-impotence 
effect, are supported by laboratory 
testing as scientists pay more atten- 
tion to organic herbs as a natural 
alternative to synthetic drugs. (AP) 



A new Miss Lagotte Studio at 
fee Rehavia Windmill in 
Jerusalem offers more vari- 
ety and quality than most other 
Miss Lagotte outlets, though at 
higher prices. 

Best of all is fee opportunity to 
browse at leisure. 

“We’re consumers as well 
as store-owners,” says 
Zahava Levy, one of 
fee owners of fee Miss 
Lagotte chain “We under- 
stand that there are those people 
who want to feel free to look 
around, while there are others 
who need help shopping and are 
alm ost too timid to make their 
own selections. On fee other hand 
there are some women who don’t 
need any help at all. I’m one of 
those who don't, and 1 understand 
that there are others like me.” The 
bottom line is feat sales staff will 
approach anyone who wanders in 
to ask if they can be of service, 
and if fee potential customer says 
“I’m just looking,” no pressure 
will be applied. Levy’s philoso- 
phy is that you may not always 
buy what you like, but if you like 
what you see, you’ll come back 
and look ag ain 
Because the merchandise m 
the Miss Lagotte Studio is 
somewhat pricey, fee 
opportunity to really look 
is a vital element in sales 
§f« promotion. Thus the 
piir fashion show at the 
launch was not your usual 
runway parade. Instead guests 

Selections from OuiSet’s spring-summer collection. 

were able to mingle and chat wife 
models, as well as survey fee gar- 
ments on fee rack. This enabled 
anyone who was interesredin see- 
ing an item close up, to observe its 
fluidity anddetails; feel its texture 
and to examine its work- 
manship. It wasn't one of 
those fleeting struts in 
which spectators barely get 
a chance to take note of the 
silhouette before it disap- 

Not everything in fee 
store is expensive. A fully 
lined miniskirt for instance 
carries a NTS 289 price tag, 
but at fee opposite extreme 
is a simple, unlined, 
sleeveless linen maxi dress 
for NIS 669. Coming down 
a little in price is a fully 
lined viscose/linen safari 
dress for NIS 549, but its 
matching jacket will set 
you back to the tune of NIS 
689. A zip-fronted polo 
dress with an above fee 
knee hemline is selling for 
NIS 969. 

The color palette is quite 
extensive incorporating 
black, white, cream, navy, 
lime, different shades of 
gray, every imaginable 
shade of beige and banana, 
azure bine, tangerine, 
aubergine, turquoise, emer- 
ald, lemon, cherry red and 
various shades of brown in 
solids, stripes, large and 
small checks, spots, animal- 
skin prints and florals. 

For anyone who needs to 
build a modular wardrobe 
wife a minimal number of 
items, this is fee place. 

The dominant look is long 
and lean, but there are short- 
er jackets and wider skirts 
in abundance. 

If you’re a brand-name 
buyer, fee brands in stock 
include OuiSer. Oui, 
Weill, Atika, She and 

^ For the most part, fee 
£ workmanship is far superior 
to that of Israeli-made 
clothing, wife well-cut sil- 
houettes and seams properly 

nn . 

■ i i 


months, NIS 140; over-fee-shoulder 
baby sling, new. NIS 1 00. ^77*9291. 

Good Housekeeping, Romans Day, 
Vanin Fair magazines. NIS 5 each, can 
send by post. 03-936-0676. 

Word Perfect 6.1 and Word 6 Windows. 



Essays of Lamb: Ppemsof Oscar Wilde. 

NIS 100: 

ladies’ tricycle. NIS 250. 

FOUR-DOOR CLOSET - 2x -5®-. 

company), lightweight, dependable. NIS 

100.02-673-2221. mic acn 02- 
4 CHAIRS - 2 sofas. NIS 350- 

53.V483&. vtjc 5Q. o 

OFFICE CHAUl “ i,Sl30 

^ SANDALS - new. men’s 42, 

n1 ^?or rJ - 7 oS1nis i* 

P* Nis’50; radio ahnn 

CEILING FAN - new, NIS 200; bed- 
spread for double bed, good quality, new, 
NIS 90. 02- 563-25 95. 

DISHWASHER - American make, 
NIS 300. 02-567-1976. 

* lent condition, NIS 35a 02-651-9740. 
MAGAZINES - complete 15 years, tree 
10 good cause. 02-672-2689. 

BABY BED - NIS 350. 02-671-6316. 
— far ramping, NTS 75; 40 oz. cans Neo- 
Life high- prole in food, vaxulla/cboco- 
laie. free. 02-672-2017. 

COLOR TV - needs minor repair. 
NIS 200. 02-643-7367. 

USED MICROWAVE - toaster oven, 
old beds and luge desk, NIS 350. 02- 

MOVIE VIDEOS- mostly comedies, 
NIS 10 each, 11 for NIS 100. 02-651- 

EXERC1SE BIKE - NIS 200; halo- 
gen lamps, new. NIS 100; Infant bathtub. 
NIS 40. 02-585-8993. 

CARMEL CARPET - rose, 14 x 8 
fL. needs cleaning, NIS 125; Seim or 
Heater Deluxe, new, electric, NTS 200. 

02-570-0629. „ . _ . 

HUMIDIFIER - cold air. Sunbeam, 
NIS 100; converters: 50 W, 200 W, 350 
W- NIS 50* 100, 150. 02-563-0365. 
BED -NIS 350. 02-672-2466. 
INFANT car-seat/baby car- 

dt£R — with snn- protect or, almost new, 
NIS 175: Fisher Price *’University, ,, NIS 

75. 02-676-0460. 

SUPER SKI-STEPPER - still m box. 
NIS 200. 02-643-6023. NS. • 
MEN’S COAT - gray, to* M ® S* 
children's slippers, size 25, NIS 20; 
stoves, new, NIS 18 each; toaster, new* 

louis vurrroN shoulder 

BAG - NIS 350. 02-652-6343. 

W, RL5-5A, works well to 95 setting, 
glass nay, cookbook. NIS 300. 02-673- 

ON&SEAT SOFA- good condition. 

plaTOR - 

aiWA- with remote control and stereo 
^o^S35a 02-563-0819. 

NIS 75; night table, drawer, and 2 
shelves. NIS 100; metal shelf unit, 6 
shelves, NIS 150; Tfcfloo hying pan, 
new. NIS 25. 02-651-1763, NS. 

helmets, NIS 75 each; c a tc her 's mask, 
with helmet. NIS 135. 02-533-4549, NS. 

3 PAIRS LEVIS 501 - bine jeans, 32 
W, 30 L. NIS 100 each. 050-952704. 

TV TROLLEY - NIS 150; computer 
table, NIS 7 5. 02-5 34-4373. NS. 

DELSEY SUITCASE - Paris, largest 

size, new (in original wrappings), NIS 

300. 02- 563-0936. 

TABLE - wife extension panel, perfect 
condition, brown, NIS 350. 02-676- 

size, black,' hard sides, wheels, used 
twice, NIS 300. 02-563-0936. 

SPOONS - and 4 matching butter 
knives, NIS 200; steameriskOlet, new, 
NTS 100. 02-566*9702. 

PIANO - Lyon-Healy, American, NIS 

350. 02- 581-5545. 

2 CANE CHAIRS - padded sears, 
best condition, NIS 75. 02-672-1891 . not 
after 8 p.m. 

AIR NIKE - NIS 150; entenainment 
center, w oode n* NIS 200. 02-585-8993. 

DRESSER — 5 -drawer, beige and 
brawn. NIS 200; bathroom cabinet with 
mirror, off-white, NIS 150-02-651-1763. 

original packing wife hardware and 
instructions, 30x80 5/8 in* NIS 350. 02- 
993-3477. a , . 

HIGH CHAIR -vay good confeMo, 


two levels, NIS 150. 02-536-1 198. 

1 00% cotton, hypo-allergenic, new, love- 
ly. NIS 65 each. 02-563-3684. 

GARDEN SHOVEL - NIS 25; elec- 
tric coffee maker. NIS 50; crystal wine 
bottle. NIS 75. 02-651-9680. NS. 

PC SOFTWARE- WordPerfect. NIS 
100; Folio View. NIS 105. 02-581 -8426- 
Sassoon, new in box, 220 V_ NIS 145. 
02651-8017. NS. 

AQUARIUM - 75 liter, with lid and 
plant light. NIS 350. 02-652-3302. 

50 yigsaw, 110 V, NIS 50 o2w>. 02586- 


transformer, excellent condition. NIS 

200. 02- 624-4718. 

CHAIR - wife extra tray for Fessah, 
NIS 250. 02-652-1788, NS. 

SHEET - set NIS 80; Levis jacket, XL, 
NIS 100; Indian silk jacket. NIS 100; 
wool sweat er, NIS 25. 02-534-1868. 

GIRLS’ BIKE - BMX, ages 8-13, 
good cond ition, NIS 2 00. 02-581-5079. 

free sample issue. P.03. S737. 


woriring condition, free to needy organi- 
zation. 02-5836857. NS. 

ERY - 270’cnu.can be extended, NIS 
50; car cover, fits mid-size car, bine, NIS 

75. 02- 563-1 99a 

ELEGANT SUIT - pastel colors, 
ages 14-18, NIS 250. 02 J660971. 


WEAVING LOOM - floor otr table m 
odel, in good condition; also, book Warpi 
ngaUby Yourseffby Garrett. 07-995-939 
7, NS. 

FAX MACHINE - in good condi- 

tion. 09-862-0295. 

ested in talking to others about audio- vis 
ual (projected slide/musk sequences) an 
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Close the wage gap 

F. DAVID RADLER Chairman. Board of Directors 
NORMAN SPECTOR. President it Publisher 

Founded in 1932 by GERSHON AGRON 

A n article on “Working Women in Israel,” 
which is to be issued by the National 
Incomes Administration in the Treasury 
later this month in its annual report, contains a 
statistic that should provoke serious reflection 
regarding inequality in our society. The report 
concludes that the average salaried woman in 
Israel earns a gross salary that is only 61 percent 
of the eross salary of the average Israeli male. 

This Targe gap is not one that can or should be 
passed over silently. The differences in salaries 
reflect in many cases hardships that are borne 
by single mothers and families dependent on 
two income earners and their children. They can 
also be demoralizing on a personal level, not to 
speak of the economy-wide losses implied by 
such salaxy differentials. 

In discussing possible remedies for this situa- 
tion, however, a note of caution should be 
sounded against jumping to the easiest conclu- 
sion. that the salary gaps reflect discrimination 
by employers that can only be dealt with by 
direct “corrective actions'" and legislated com- 

The main paradigm for dealing with problems 
of discrimination was established by the 
American civil rights movement of the 1 960s. 
In many cases, overt discrimination against 
African-Americans in the southern states of (he 
US was overcome by direct legislation, some- 
times backed by police action, ensuring free 
access to public buildings, stores, and educa- 
tional institutions. Attempts to apply this sort of 
approach to other situations, however, often 
failed to achieve desired results, because they 
did not fully deal with more subtle, underlying 
factors at die root of inequalities. 

For example, many years of attempts in a 
number of countries to equalize the numbers of 
women and men enrolled in doctoral programs 
in the exact sciences, by establishing admis- 
sions preferences for women, have made frus- 
tratingly little progress. This is because this 
approach cannot contend with the fact that the 
male/female ratio of applicants for these posi- 
tions is so heavily skewed, apparently reflecting 
deep-seated attitudes formed in childhood. 

This is not to say that, when it occurs, direct 
salary discrimination against women is not 
abhorrent or should not be dealt with by law. In 
fact. Israeli law already requires “equal pay for 
equal work” and prohibits any sex-based dis- 
crimination in such matters. To the extent that 
such discrimination occurs - and it undoubted- 
ly does in some cases - die law should be fully 

However, even the authors of the Treasury 
report on women’s wages reportedly recognize 
that there are many factors in addition to dis- 
crimination behind the salary differentials. 
Statistics of the type appearing in the Treasury 
report do not typically examine in detail the 

comparative wages of men and women working 
side-by-side on the factory floor or at their com- 
puter terminals, but rather aggregate the total 
amount in salaries earned by women and men 
nationwide, and then divide by the representa- 
tive number of working women and men. Such 
an approach, however, overlooks a number of 
factors which can account for differences in 
wages and salaries, including working hours, 
years of experience, and educational back- 
ground; even in cases in. which there is no bla- 
tant discrimination whereby women are paid 
less that men for comparable work. 

These factors are related to deeply held atti- 
tudes and choices within society. Decisions 
regarding the educational and career tracks cho- 
sen by men and women are influenced by soci- 
etal attitudes, and can have significant effects 
on salary differences. In Israel, as in virtually 
every country, women typically bear the mam 
burden of raising children. As a result, many of 
them either drop back to pan-time work or drop 
out entirely from the workforce for a number of 
years in order to be available for their children's 
upbringing. This alone can account for large dif- 
ferences in reported average salaries, since it 
means that women on average work fewer 
hours than men. It also translates into a loss of 
crucial mid-career years of experience, which 
can have large effects later on. when promotions 
are made to the senior and most highly-paid 
positions in corporations. 

Finally, it should not be forgotten that Israel is 
composed of a patchwork of separate societies, 
ranging from secular Jewish to haredi to tradi- 
tional Arab and Druse societies, each with 
divergent views regarding the proper education- 
al and career opportunities that should be made 
available to women. These differences are not 
insignificant and also affect statistics on 
women's salaries. 

Given this wide array of causes, steps taken to 
close tiie wage gap should also be pursued in a 
number of different directions. At the school 
level, efforts can be focused on encouraging 
girls to pursue a wide range of educational 
tracks and opportunities. At a time when the 
teaching of values in schools has become a sub- 
ject of major concern, the value of gender 
equality should not be neglected. In the working 
world, labor laws and the taxation system can 
be reviewed to ensure that they accommodate 
the needs of working women and mothers, with- 
out pushing them out of the work force. 

Perhaps most importantly, funding for more 
day-care and longer school days must be found. 
This might sound incongruous at a time when 
budgets are being cut, but an exception must be 
made here, because the returns in higher educa- 
tion levels and the freeing of more women to 
participate in the work force are too important 
to be ignored. 


Sir, - In the health page of a 
recent edition of The Jerusalem 
Post , under the heading “Making 
no scents," a reader complains of 
choking and headache when 
exposed to perfumes or cologne. 
The response by Prof. Meir Shalit 
did not seem to get to the point. 

Sadly enough, the truth is that 
our modem-day perfumes are not 
derived from flowers or plants at 
all, but rather they are synthetic 
chemical substances, cheaply 
mass-produced from by-products 
of the petroleum industry. These 
synthetic chemical oils have no 


health benefits and tend to be 
quite harsh on the body, under- 
standably leaving many people 
feeling ill. There is even a grow- 
ing concern that some of "these 
synthetic substances may be car- 
cinogenic, or cause other major 
health problems. 

It wasn’t always this way, as 
these synthetics were only invent- 
ed about 1 00 years ago. For thou- 
sands of years, perfumes and 
colognes were made exclusively 
from natural flowers and plants 
and were dispensed by doctors 
•and healers as medicine. It was 


Sir, - The “Bar-On Affair" has 
disappointed me from many 

Aryeh Deri's use of political clout 
to influence the outcome of his own 
persona] criminal charges; the 
incompetence of both the prime 
minister and the justice minister; the 
Labor party leadership for not acting 
more forcefully to bring the govern- 
ment down; the lack of courage by 
Dan Meridor and Limor Lhmat and 
the Third Way in not resigning from 
an inept government 

But no one has disappointed me 
more than Natan Sharansky 
because I did not realistically 

Sir, - Yosef Lapid ("Can’t smell 
the citrus," May i 1 ) is very pes- 
simistic about the future of the 
country and very critical of the 
prime .minister, because of 
assumptions and assertions that 
are false. Lapid assumes that 
Arafat and the Palestinian leader- 
ship are interested in peace; I 
assume they are interested in 
replacing Israel with a Palestinian 
state. He assumes that the US will 
grow weary and leave us to the 
mercies of others: I assume that a 
responsible super-power has 
strong national self-interest in tire 
Middle East and will not casually 
create a dangerous vacuum by 

expect any better from the other 
politicians. Following a declara- 
tion of “if 10 percent of the affair 
is true, then the government has no 
justification to remain in office," 
Sharansky has decided to remain a 
minister, despite the damning 
report of the attorney-general. 

Where is the man who was the 
symbol to the world of "principle” 
in the face of a corrupt govern- 
ment? What happened to the man 
who suffered so much in solitary 
confinement rather than submit to 




unilateral withdrawal from any 
area of importance in the worid. 

Lapid asserts that the Ashkenazi, 
secular and left-wing elite is alien- 
ated from an establishment that 
holds it in contempt: i assert that 
(his elite has -contempt for any 
group in Israel that challenges its 
hegemony over Israel. Lapid con- 
siders (he nationalist right wing to 
be fanatics; l consider the left 
wing to be messianic fanatics 
because they believe they can 
make peace with Arab murderers 
and terrorists, but not with Jews 
who disagree with their worid 

Lapid asserts that the prime min- 

BLB &97 

Expose this provocateur 

also known that the very plant 
extract needed by a person for 
health-care reasons was the same 
one that would impart the nicest 
fragrance as a perfume for that 
person at chat time. 

Rather than assume that some- 
thing is wrong with a person who 
reacts against chemical products, I 
suggest that something is wrong 
with many of the products being 
offered. However, one who 
searches diligently can still find 
natural alternatives. 

Moshav Me 'or Modi’ im. 



Sir, - On my second visit to your 
beautiful land, 1 was astounded to 
hear that Israelis who have shot 
back at criminals who threw stones 
or incendiary bombs at diem have 
been detained and indicted 

I am a retired police officer. 
Where I come from, the explicit 
orders in such cases are; Shoot to 
kill. I am certain that, if Israel 
adopted the same rule, this 
scourge would vanish overoighL 
Why not tty it? 

Tempe, Arizona. 

ister is a liar and a fool; I dunk that 
Netanyahu will oppose handing 
over to the Palestinians 90 percent 
of Judea and Samaria or banding 
over to Syria 90 percent of the 
Golan, as the previous govern- 
ment tacitly agreed to do, and 
would have done if they were still 
in power. I know what Netanyahu 
wants; a Jewish state that cares 
more for its national self-interest 
and the security of its citizens and 
for its Jewish and humanistic tra- 
ditions than h does for the acco- 
lades of erstwhile fair-weather 
friends outside of Israel. 


Kochav Yair. 

I ncitement, like beauty, is in the 
eyes of the beholder. Last 
week's purportedly objective 
TV documentary financed by 
David Mosevics and directed by 
Michael Karpin harped constantly 
on one theme: that right-wing 
provocateurs, influenced by 
Binyamin Netanyahu, then leader 
of the opposition, created the cli- 
mate for Yigal Amir to murder 
Yitzhak Rabin in November 1995. 

About the role of Rabin himself 
and his administration, there was 

Yet hours before the assassina- 
tion, Rabin was fulminating 
against Netanyahu and the entire 
national camp, accusing them of 
disseminating the “betrayer, mur- 
derer'" slogans huried at the pre- 
mier every time he appeared in 

Even before this, as Rabin’s 
popularity sank ever lower in the 
polls, he and his ministers were 
calling Likud leaders collabora- 
tors with Hamas, whose suicide 
bombers killed some 20 0 Israelis 
during that period. 

In a bid to drive home the 
wickedness of the right-wing 
fanatics, Rabin said that "although 
he personally was not bothered, 
they upset his wife Leah when 
they screamed their taunts on 
Friday afternoons outside the cou- 
ple's Ramat Aviv apartment, 

A reasonable enough complaint 
- except that the leader of those 
screaming banshees who gave 
Leah Rabin such a headache on 
Sabbath eves was a certain Avishai 
Raviv, whom Karpin "forgot" to 
interview for his documentary . 

Raviv. for those who might have 
forgotten, was the obedient General 
Security Service operative who 
was ordered to create violence-ori- 
entated rightist gangs, preferably 
kippa-wearing. This was decided 
after it became clear that no such 
gangs existed at that time. 

Raviv’s creation, Eyal, special- 
ized in chanting things like “trai- 
tor, liar," at Rabin. 

Then GSS boss was Carmi 
Gilion, appointed personally by 
Rabin despite opposition from 
high-ranking security officials. 

As head of the organization, he 
surely knew about Raviv ’s dan- 
gerous game as provocateur. And 
Gillon's boss was the prime min- 
ister, Yitzhak Rabin. 

The makers of Dana Dayan’s 
Fact program, which presented 
the film, were well aware of 
Raviv’s controversial role. Yet 
they too ignored Raviv, a key 

Which leads us to an obvious 
conclusion: Mosevics and Karpin 
set out quite deliberately to mis- 
lead the public, on the basis that 
the bigger the lie and the more 



often you repeat it, the more peo- 
ple will believe you. 

By inciting the Left against the 
man who is the democratically- 
elected prime minister and leader 
of the entire Israeli national camp, 
Mosevics/Kaipin are guilty of the 
very crime for which they con- 
demn Netanyahu. 

Let us take our case one logical 
step further. Mosevics/Karpin are 
doing nothing less than inciting to 
murder - of Netanyahu. If this 
sounds too harsh, let us look at the 

It’s no secret that there have 
been warnings of attacks against 

The role of Avishai 
Raviv in the Rabin 
assassination must 
be placed under 
public scrutiny now 

the prime minister ever since he 
took office. 

To forestall such an eventuality, 
extraordinary steps have been 
taken by the security services to 
protect him. Jerusalem motorists 
snarled in traffic have seen for 
themselves just how professional- 
ly the prime minister’s body- 
guards ensure his safety. 

When Netanyahu went to the 
cinema in Tel Aviv recently, 
dozens of seats around him were 
filled with sharp-eyed security 
men, who rarely glanced at the 

In the same city a week ago, 
there was a massive traffic jam 
along the coastal road - all 
because Netanyahu was having a 
night out in a nearby restauranL 
In recent months, left-wing 
journalists and politicians, mock- 
ing these super-safety precau- 
tions, have displayed the 
hypocrisy and myopia typical of 
our "freethinkers.” 

These are the very same scribes 
who bitterly attacked the GSS for 
being so slack' in guarding Rabin 
as to allow Yigal Amir to shoot 
him from point-blank range. 

IT IS worthwhile looking at the 
mind-set of Mosevics, financer of 
the documentary, or, more accu- 
rately, of this blatant piece of 

So outraged was he when 
Netanyahu won the election by a 
landslide of Jewish Israeli votes 
that he paid for a prominent 
advertisement in Ha'aretz- 
It quoted the biblical story of 


TJis woman was notorious for being (1) too beautiful (2) too fat 
(3) dumb. TTie answer is (2). Last year's Miss Universe, Alicia 
Machado of Venezuela, ended her reign last week after a year of 

*7 tefruJ 1 f ° r putting oa wei 2 ht * As you can see, she's absolutely 
p otong. (Reuters) 

" how the Prophet Elijah, speaking 
for the Almighty, said to King 
Ahab, who had murdered Naboth 
~ then seized his vineyard: “Have 
you killed and also inherited?” 
Within a day or two, “Have you 
: killed and also inherited?" 

■ appeared in black and red graffiti 

r on walls in the Ramat Aviv area; it 
, was repeated in the chic cafes 
e Mosevics frequents to this vety 


So we see why it was inconve- 
J nient for Mosevics and Karpin to 

: include Raviv - because many of 

:> the incitement incidents blamed 

s on the national camp and 

: Netanyahu were in fact instigated 

or encouraged by this GSS provo- 
: cateur. 

i It was Raviv, for instance, who 
arranged for and directed the 

■ video in which an "armed right- 
wing militant student group” took 
aim at a dummy of “Rabin the 
traitor.” The clip was repeatedly 
shown on TV, 

And the provocative poster of 
Rabin dressed as Nazi Gestapo 
chief Heinrich Himmler was cre- 
ated by two youngsters who took 
pan in a summer holiday camp on 
the Kiimeret run by Raviv. They 
handed the posters, mounted on 
sticks, to Raviv at the Zion Square 
> rally held in Jerusalem a month 

i before the assassination. 

Raviv brought one of the posters 
to the attention of TV reporter 
Nitzan Chen, pressing him to air it 
that very night 

The opprobrium heaped on 
Netanyahu by this shameless film 
cannot go unanswered. 

The prime minister should act 
boldly and insist that the Shamgar 
Commission’s findings be pre- 
sented in full - specifically that 
the blanket of secrecy surrounding 
Raviv’s evidence be removed. 

Teenage girls who met Raviv at 
the settlement of Ma’ale Yisrael 
told the commission that they 
heard him urge Amin “Be a man! 
Kill Rabin!” 

Netanyahu, who knows more 
than we do about Raviv’s role as 
agent provocateur, has been open- 
ly challenged and demeaned by 
this slanted and misleading film 
Mr. Netanyahu: You are GSS 
boss. In view of the film’s distort- 
ed conclusions, you must demand 
that you be given the file detailing 
Raviv 's activities, how he operat- 
ed and who were the top men who 
approved the whole scurrilous 

Failure to do so would be to 
allow Mosevics/Karpin to get 
away with perpetuating nothing 
less than a blood- libeL* 

The writers are the authors of 
Rabin: A State Crime published by 


CRACKING THE international 
markets is a goal of most corpora- 
tions. But even the big multi- 
nationals run into trouble because 
of language and cultural differ- 
ences. For example... 

The name Coca-Cola in China 
was first rendered as Ke-kou-ke-la. 
Unfortunately, the Coke company 
did not discover until after thou- 
sands of signs had been printed that 
the phrase means “bite the wax tad- 
pole" or “female horse stuffed with 
' wax,” depending on the dialect 
Coke then researched 40,000 
Chinese characters and found a 
close phonetic equivalent, “ko-kou- 
ko-le," which can be loosely trans- 
lated as “happiness in the mouth.” 

In Taiwan, the translation of the 
Pepsi slogan “Come alive with thd 
Pepsi Generation” came out as 
“Pepsi will bring your ancestors 
back from the dead,” 

Also In Chinese, the Kentucky 
Fried Chicken slogan “finger- 
lickin' good" came out as “eat 
your fingers off.” 

The American slogan for Salem 
cigarettes, “Salem Feeling 
Free,” got translated in the 
Japanese market into “When 
smoking Salem, you feel so 
refreshed that your mind seems to 
be free and empty.” 




I magine the follow tne state- 
ment bv the Catholic C hurch 
“The Church grants scientist', 
the right to determine the shape ot 
the earth, and docs not rule out 
the possibility that (he earth is 

round." . . 

Had the church passed such a 
decision in Galileo s time, it 
would be recorded as a bizarre 
joke of history. . . 

Such was the nature or Labor s 
recent resolution which recog- 
nized the Palestinians' right to 
self-determination, without ruling 
out the possibility of a Palestinian 
state. „ . . 

Kudos to the Labor Party? A 
mere 30 years late, it has finally 
acknowledged that the earth is 
round, and “that it revolves around 
the sun. 

In Galileo's words: And yet it 
moves. Even the Labor party 
moves, from time to time. 

Labor’s resolution does not take 
the trouble to specify the border 
between Israel and a Palestinian 
state, so its proponents could eas- 
ily support Israel’s annexation of 
half of the West Bank. What nut- 
ters to Labor is that those patch- 
work remnants ultimately left 
under Palestinian control, sur- 
rounded by Jewish settlements 
and bypass roads, nuy be referred 
to as a Palestinian state. 

About a year and a half after the 
Six Day War. I was contacted by 
ambassador Moshe Sasson. offi- 
cially known as “the prime minis- 
ter’s representative in the territo- 
ries.” He said Levi Eshkol had 
requested that Sasson speak wiih 

This request had been preceded 
by a serious confrontation I had 
bad in the Knesset with Eshkol 
and Moshe Dayan. 

I announced that l had met with 
the leaders of the West Bank, and 
that every single one supported 
the idea of a Palestinian state. 
Eshkol and Dayan categorically 
denied that this could be true. 
Nevertheless, shortly thereafter 
Eshkol sent Sasson to meet with 
me, in order to debrief me on my 
meetings with the West Bank 

We met in the Knesset cafeteria 
on November 19, 1968. 

Afterwards. Sasson, briefing the 

Labor ‘does not 
negate the 
possibility 1 that 
the earth is round 

prime minister on our conversa- 
tion, wrote, “There were no sig- 
nificant differences between my 
evaluations and those of Mr. 
Avnety.” In other words, the West 
Bank leadership did indeed want 
a Palestinian state. 

“However," continued the 
report "neither Mr. Avnery nor I 
could point to a angle West Bank 
leader willing to support the idea 
of a Palestinian state without 
Jerusalem.... Avnery agreed with 
my assessment that the question 
of sovereignty oyer an And? capi- 
tal in Jerusalem is a pivotal ques- 
tion." Sasson therefore ruled out 
the possibility that Israel would 
. agree to the establishment of a 
Palestinian state. 

Almost three decades later, it 
seems that Labor hasn’t learned a 
thing. The resolution not to rule 
out a Palestinian state is a sorry 
anachronism. In the absence of 
willingness to agree on Jerusalem 
as the capital of both states and to 
recognize the Green Line as the 
border between the two states, it 
is deceptive and shameful. 

_ LET’S face ic The Palestinian 
state is already a de facto entity. 
The Palestinian territories have 
taKen on ihe distinct characteris- 
tics of a sovereign state,' with a 
nag, a parliament, a president a 
government, laws, a judicial svs- 

° f recognize 


theanzurS^I lon S ago. Tbda y-. 
& r <s 0ver kortere. - 
uements, Jerusalem, and 'the . 
refugees’ right of return;^* • ■ 

A party that has nothing to say 
on these issues, but instead prides 
itself on its leap fipm the distant 
past to the not-quite-so-distant 
past, deserves : nothing but 

What’s foe difference between 
Likud and Labor?- The Likud per- 
sists in subscribing to the “flat 
earth” theory. Labor “does not 
negate foe possibility” that foe 
earth is round. 

Big deal. 

The writer heads the Peace Bloc. 



The Jerusalem Post Thursday, May 22, 1997 


A Master of peace of mind 





tv ■ 

I . 



f si » 

V- ■ 

I - 

’***'■*► •» 


A Zen Buddhist 
teaches that Israelis 
must make peace 
with themselves 
before they can 
hope to makd peace 
with their neighbors, 
Rikki Horowitz 

A renowned 2an Buddfist monk, once 
nominated for the No*l Peace Prize, 
brought his message to Israel this 
week. Thich Nhat Hanh (ponounced Tick 
_ Not Han) urged Jews to returito their roots in 
a senes of sold -out workshos and lectures. 
The 71 -year-old Vietnaraes-bom scholar, 
peace activist and spiritual lader preaches a 
non-sectarian form of Buddhsm that focu ses 
on meditative practice as a wy of life, rather 
than a religion, and encouages people to 
embrace their own traditions 
“Everywhere I go, I urge pople to stick to 
their roots," Thich Nhat Hanh quietly 
explained in a rare private interview. “You 
remain a Jew when you practice the teaching 
I offer and you become, ma;be, a better Jew 
(or a Christian or a Hindu), fou have to help 
make your tradition grow inihe direction that 
will help the young peopk go back [to it], 
because I know that a persor who gets uproot- 
ed from his tradition is an rnhappy person." 

In a retreat at Kibbutz Ffcrel, last weekend, 
die Zen master demonstratid his techniques. 

“Breathe in - think in brath, focus on your 
in breath. Breathe out - onibreath, focus only 
on your out breath. In - dep, out- slow, in - 
calm, out - ease, in - smik out - release, pre- 
sent - moment, breathe ii, wonderful, out - 
moment.” The 250 paxticuants at a retreat on 
“Mindfulness and Connassion in Action" 
followed instructions, dang short medita- 
tions, walking meditatios, mindful speec h, 
deep listening, and cIoseDbservatioo of one’s 
experiences, staying alvays in the present 

“All sources of spirioality are the heritage 
of all mankind," he saic. 

“Buddhism is more away of life than a reli- 
gion. Everyone knows that Buddha was not 
the creator of the cosnos. He’s only a teacher. 

“hi tiie Jewish and Christian traditions we 
leam to live in the presence of God. Our 
Buddhist equivalent is the practice of culti- 
vating mindfulness. If we change our daily 


Ubor does net 
rt*D*lt ttif 
pWMtibilify thit 
•Arfh is roui* 


Thich Nhat Hanh: 'Everywhere I go, I urge people to return to their roots.’ 

lives - the way we think, speak and act- we 
begin to change the wovld." 

Engaged Buddhism, the movement he 
founded in 1964, promotes staying in the 
world, not closing oneself off from h. He 
stresses the importance of finding ways to 
speak out and work against social, political, 
and economic injustices, while maintaining 
one's composure and meditative awareness. 

In tiie early ’60s, Thich Nhat Hanh founded 
a grassroots relief organization that rebuilt 

bombed villages in Saigon. He rallied 1 0,000 
student volunteers to set up schools and med- 
ical centers and resettle homeless families, 
but was denounced by the government and 
exiled in 1966. In tiie US, he met with feder- 
al officials, including then-secretary of 
defense Robert McNamara, to press for 
peace, and persuaded Martin Luther King Jr 
to publicly oppose the Vietnam War. The fol- 
lowing year King nominated him for the 
Nobel Peace Prize. 

Thich Nhat Hanh led the Buddhist delega- 
tion to the Paris Peace Talks in 1973. 

One of bis followers. Michael Rosen bush 
of Paris, was inspired to bring him to Israel 
following Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. 
' Rosenbush felt tiie Buddhist master had much 
to teach the Israeli public, based on his own 
experiences dealing with war, bombing, suf- 
fering and trying to bring peace and reconcil- 
iation to his people. “He’s an example of how 
to deal with tiie past, how to create a reality 
by embracing former enemies, and behaving 
with love and compassion and understanding, 
as he puts it - watering tiie seeds of love, 
instead of anger which turns to hate," said 

Still banned from Vietnam, Thich Nhat 
Hanh lives in Plum Village, a contemplative 
Buddhist community be founded in France in 
1982. He continues to work to relieve die 
plight of refugees, boat people, political pris- 
oners and hungry families in Vietnam and 
throughout the Hurd World. He has published 
some 75 titles of poepy, prose and prayers, 
including 20 in English, among them The 
Miracle of Mindfulness and Being Peace. His 
book Touching Peace was published in 
Hebrew this week. 

“Thich Nhat Hanh is a model of tiie practice 
he teaches," says Rosenbush. “He’s given 
much and has much to give to people. 
Therefore, his coming to Israel to teach - not 
to convince people - is an important step to 
take at a time when there are such divisions 
within the historical reality of this area." 

Thich Nhat Hanh ’s to Israelis was 

that healing must begin within the Jewish 
community; only then can peace be achieved 
with enemies. “I know it’s not easy, but if we 
can resto re peace within the Jews, within the 
differen t sections of tiie Jewish population, 
this is the most fundamental way for peace. 

“If you can’t make peace with yourselves, 
how can you make peace with die other side? 
Of course we have to deal with dungs like 
bombing and terrorism, but it's much better to 
deal with these dungs in a calm attitude, out 
of compassion and lovingkmdness, than to 
use the energy of anger to do it Because in 
anger we make mistakes. 

“Here you can do a wonderful melting pot, 
he continues. “Although you are very Affer- 
ent from each other, you can profit from these 
differences in coder to make a very special 
Israeli culture: a synthesis. Maybe that is 
what God expected you to do as the chosen 
people of God - to come out of suffering by 
the way of peace, of non-discrimination, of 
lovingkindoess-. If you can do that, you can 
teach the world a lot.” 

Thick Nhat Hank's final lecture will be 
held at Okel Shalom in TelAvh on Monday 
at 8 p.m. For more information or tickets, 
call (03) 528-5750. 

Salonika: A pre-war Garden of Eden for Jews 


was the 
Tfcl Aviv 
to Jews. A 
near the 
from a shi 


lonikans who saved 
starvation when, 
Arab revolt half a 
/Jaffa port was closed 
;tty was constructed 
of the Yarkon river, 
ried sacks of flour 
moored offshore, and 
tikan stevedores car- 
ried the saefs on their back from the 
jetty to a Makeshift warehouse on 
the shore. 

Only Sa mi lea could do it They 
had the r^e of handling the port 

Uptoth end of tbe Turkish era, a 
visitor deyribed Salonika as a gar- 
den of E^en for the Jews. And, 
although they wore the baggy 
Turkish-s 'le trousers and a tar- 
boosh on tieir heads, tiie sailors on 
local shi] ^ the stevedores in tiie 
pert and he obstreperous custom 
agents w re practically all Jews. 
And mos of tiie landlords and the 
workers < a tiie land probably were 

The sw y of the Jews of Salonika 
over the i iariy 300 years that it was 
under T\i ash rule (it reverted to tiie 
Greeks : id to its Greek name of 
Thessalo iki in 1912) is told by 
some 10 choiars in Yemci Hasahar 
(The Da s of die Crescent), edited 
by Mini i Razen, who holds the 
chair for he history and culture of 
the Jews of Salonika at Tfel Aviv 
Universal r. 

Theirs »as hardly a pastoral exis- 
tence. Inked, the bitter persecu- 
tions ihejUud to suffer under the 
Christian l lords of Byzanuum 

Trim of tbe century Jewish family from Salonika. 

ceased under tiie Ottomans. 
Salonika became a safe haven for 
refugees in search of relative secu- 
rity from the intolerance of Spain 
and Germany. From Salonika and 
otbec towns in the Balkans, Jewish 
traders were able to facilitate tire 
exchange of goods between west- 
ern Europe, via Venice and 
Leghorn, and die East, through 
Istanbul and Egypt 
Commerce was, of course, a tra- 

ditional “Jewish” trade. But so too 
were medicine, banking and tex- 
tiles. Over the years, Salonika 
became an important center of wool 

The Salomkans invited experts to 
teach them how to produce all sorts 
of salable commodities, including 
wine. But hazards lurked in many 
quarters. Izmir, across the Aegean, 
vied for the same markets Salonika 
nurtured, as did the other Balkan 

ports such as Ragusa (Dubrovnik). 

The Sublime Porte - the central 
government in Istanbul - was inter- 
ested mainly in money. To taxes 
that existed under Christians were 
added new ones, which die commu- 
nity coukl not sustain. The Jews 
tried the impossible: Rabbi Mosbe 
Almoslino led a delegation to 
Istanbul and, after three years, 
obtained from tbe Sultan an exemp- 
tion from certain dues. However, 

Almoslino was not appreciated by 
everybody back home - some peo- 
ple refused to participate in tbe 
expenses of tiie expedition because, 
they claimed, they could do it more 
cheaply by bribing local officials. 

Each group of immigrants insist- 
ed on having a synagogue of then- 
own - a phenomenon known 
throughout tiie Diaspora. But what 
caused a real rift in the community 
was the tension between rich and 
poor. Francos, immigrants from 
Christian countries who sought pro- 
tection from the consuls of tbe 
states from which they came, had 
made fortunes. The rabbinical 
establishment often sided with the 
rich, yet there were instances, such 
as one in Izmir, when tiie wealthy 
leaders of the community sacked a 
rabbi whose adherence to the letter 
of tiie law was more than what they 
were prepared to suffer. 

But when Christian missionaries 
tried to make inroads into tbe 
Jewish community, the rich reacted 
with parallel help to tbe needy. On 
tbe whole, the mainly American 
Baptist missionaries who were 
active in tiie Levant in tbe 19th cen- 
tury, were unsuccessful among the 
Sephardi Jews of Salonika. Izmir 

Being a majority, however; did 
not give tbe Jews of Salonika any 
political power. They could not 
exercise any influence on the polit- 
ical history of tbe place they lived 
in. The Jews of Salonika were not 
able to defend themselves when 
history put them at the mercy of tbe 
Germans towards tbe end of World 


Half the 
to flying there 

By Sam Orbaum 

N a Nach Nachma Nachman 
from El Al. 

Nachman Klieman is the 
spokesman. PR manager - and 
complaints trouble-shooter - for 
the first Hebrew airline in 2,000 
years. He seems the perfect sort 
of chap to put his ear on the line. 
He’s sympathetic and earnest, 
rather than slick and glib. He 
prefers the personal approach 
over form letters. When you've 
got Klieman on the phone. El Al 
doesn’t seem so monolithic. 

Tbe former Chicagoan, at 49 
the same age as his favorite air- 
line, can reel off facts and stats 
and survey results and industry 
comparisons, but that's not Not 
Page One stuff. It’s the stories he 

“There was this one lady, a 
woman journalist from Tel Aviv, 
who objected to prayers being 
conducted near her seat. She 
asked that they be stopped, even 
threatening to strip. She was told, 
sorry, if you’ll be a bit patient, 
they’ll be finished soon. 

“Sure enough, she stood up in 
front of the men, and started 
removing her blouse. Weil, she 
ended up backing down before 
they did, and lost her nerve 
before going too far." The 
minyan is, of course, a trademark 
of El Al. “It gives people a feel- 
ing of being at home, and it’s not 
just religious Jews, it’s religious 
Christians as well. Sure, some 
people complain a bit, but gener- 
ally Israelis won't pay any atten- 
tion to it; tourists do, they admire 
it; you’ll see them craning their 
heads to watch. 

“El Al has created an environ- 
ment that we’re proud of," says 
Klieman. “The taste of Israel 
starts as soon as you get on 
board.” For good and bad. 

“There’s an attitude of ‘this is 
my airline, since I pay taxes, and 
I can do what I want and if they 
tell me not to smoke in a non- 
smoking area, I can ignore them 
because this is my company and I 
can do so.’ 

“On the other hand, there’s an • 
environment of friendliness 
where people talk to each other. 
You may not see that in other air- 
lines, where people just sit there 
and don’t move throughout the 
flight." Mind you, other airlines 
like it that way. “Tel Aviv is rec- 
ognized in the industry as a diffi- 
cult destination. The passengers 
axe, um, a little more difficult.” 
We like to see what we can get 
away with. 

“We had a couple check into a 
flight where the woman was nine 
months pregnant She hid that 
fact by wearing a large coat. 
Technically, you’re not allowed 
to fly after the seventh month 
unless there’s a doctor's letter. 

“Anyway, the plane took off, 
nonstop to New York, fully 
loaded with 400 passengers. 
About three hours out of Tel 
Aviv, she went into labor. 

“They decided to land in 
London, but that meant getting 
special authorization, because of 
noise-abatement restrictions; we 
had to prepare an ambulance, 
wake up El Al staff in the early 
morning to get to the airport to 
take care of all the passengers 
and the aircraft. And of course 
there was the huge inconvenience 
to 400 people, the missed con- 

“We incurred a lot of anger, and 
a lot of unnecessary costs such as 
landing fees and takeoff fees and 
handling fees and refueling and 
time loss. Anyway, we got the 
woman to a hospital in time, and 
she had the baby. ■ 

“Now. technically, we could ' 
have sued her. But instead, we 
sent her flowers. 

“That’s the kind of thing that 
sets us apart, our compassion. 

“Remember, we’re the airline 
that dropped evexything and 


Tf-AlSM l ; l-snVAL5 

7 RW’ Wl 

— «1 •»! 7*5t - *■ 

' rraisns 

Contains reproductions of original wateroptona^ depicting 
JiShre of th^most important Bays inthe Jew** calendar . 

SSfessMaw 1 '" 

rombiTOswith an inwrstfonal approach to this unique 
spiritual heritage. Published by 
The Studio in Old Jaffa, full color, 32 pp. 
m prtce: MS 49 JX), ind. VAT, p & p in Israel mswMmimsm 
Overseas airmail, please add _N[SJ 5 . 00 ^«>»* *»»,)_ 

Tn'Rodcs" The Jerusalem Post, POB 81 , Jerusalem 91000 

copies of The Jewish Festivals by 
Vtaonat NIS 49.00 peroopy- Enclosed, please findmy 
check! p®ysS’e% ThB JerusSernPost, or credit csrd details. ; 


Cit y. — Code ID Na — — 


1st gift redpterttf names and addresses 



3000 Years. 3000 Jahre. 3000 Ans. 

Tiilmgrtfll edition - from the earliest known photograph 
of Jerusalem to the modem city of today - from the 
City of David, 1000 BCE to (he 1996 “birthday” 
festivities in Jenxafem, the Capital of Israel - a 


Boob, The Jerusalem Pbo, POB 81. Jerusalem 91000 

Please send roe copies d£ 

NACHUMTOM GIDAL: Jerusalem, 380ft Yetn a NIS 119 each 
PWagem Israel- NIS ' 

I>xr Ui doer dcEvejy(yrfrreavilabJe)- NIS 19 

■fatal NIS 

Enclosed check payable lo The Jerusalem Post, or credit card details. 
Please list gift recipients name, address ~and me s sa ge separately. 

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ID No. 


changed its schedules to bring 
hundreds of thousands of Russian 
immigrants day and night to 
Israel; that converted an airplane, 
instead of in 12 days, overnight, 
to bring Ethiopian immigrants 
during Operation Solomon." 

Klieman brightens as he recalls 
another story. “We had a passen- 
ger to Frankfurt who lost his wal- 
let in the terminal, containing 
about $3,000 in cash. One of our 
ground hostesses found it. We 
traced the passenger to his flight 
and we let our Operations 
Department know, and they 
radioed the pilot, who relayed the 
message to the purser who went 
and told the passenger. He didn't 
even realize he'd lost it. 

“We told him not to worry, 
we'd put the wallet on the next 
flight to Frankfurt, so you’ll get it 
tomorrow, we’ll make all the 
arrangements. The guy was 
thrilled, wow, what service! 

“A little while later he calls 
over the purser and says he's got 
a problem. He has a meeting in 
Frankfort, and the guy's name, 
address and phone number were 
in the wallet ‘Can you help me?’ 
he said. 

“So the purser went back to the 
pilot, who radioed Operations, 
who contacted Lost and Found, 
who looked in the wallet and got 
the information, which was 
relayed back the same route 

“Tel Aviv is 
recognized in 
the industry as 
a difficult 

The passengers 
are, um, a little 
more difficult.” 

through Operations, to the. pilot, 
the purser, the passenger." 

One of El Al’s best marketing 
coups, and certainly its most 
peculiar, dates back to the mid- 
1980s and its effects are still 
being felL “We heard about a 
young boy in die States whose 
father was a Sioux Indian, and his 
mother Jewish. The boy. Little 
Sun Bordeaux, was the heir to the 
title of Chief. We looked into it 
and found out that he was truly 
Jewish, having been circumcised 
by a Denver mohel. 

“We invited him to celebrate 
his bar mitzva here. The result, in 
public relations, was outstanding. 
Wherever he went, from the 
moment he came off the plane, he 
was covered by the foreign 
media, even Japanese TV. The 
aftereffect was, in the United 
States, people began to realize 
they could come here for a sec- 
ond bar mitzva celebration. It 
gave a boost to an industry that 
has grown tremendously." 

The yeiy first El Al passenger 
was Chief of the Ttoelve Tribes, 
paleface president Chaim 
Weizmann. He had to be flown 
here in September 1948 from 
Geneva for his induction. 
Problem was, the only planes the 
new state owned were military, 
which were not permitted to land 
on a civilian airfield. 

“So overnight, the new govern- 
ment created a national airline. 
They demobilized a military 
plane, bolted in two sofas and 
painted tiie outside with the bibli- 
cal phrase *E1 Al.’ Then they 
found a good-looking secretary, 
who was working late, and made 
her our first stewardess." It was a 
daring risk: putting a passenger 
in flight without having set up a 
complaints department. 

Buying? Hiring? 

Do it through 




TelAw 03-639-0333 
Jerusalem 02-531-5644 
With your credit card number 

FAX: f 

Tel Aviv 03-639-0277 * 
Jerusalem 02-538-8408 



May 22, 1997 


in brief 

PM, Meridor meet to discuss budget cuts 

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister 
Dan Meridor yesterday once again failed to reach agreement on 
the size and composition of the planned additional budget cut 
for this year, during the latest in a series of meetings on the sub- 

Sources in both the Prime Minister s Office and the Treasury 
have confirmed that Netanyahu and Meridor are commi tted to 
making a cut, but want to ruffle as few feathers as possible 
when they bring their proposals to the cabinet. The aim of the 
cut is to bring the budget deficit back down to the govern men t- 
set target of 2.8 percent of gross domestic product by the end of 
the year. David Harris 

Tax inspectors seize 20 vehicles in Tel Avhr 

Some 20 vehicles were seized by 150 tax inspectors and 
police officers yesterday during an operation that covered all of 
Tel Aviv. The aim of the mission was to use drivers’ commercial 
certificates to ascertain if the vehicles were owned by people 
that have failed to pay their VAT bills. Most of the exercise was 
conducted in the Carmel market and Nahalat Binyamin areas, 
with roadblocks being set up at several of the entrances to the 
city. David Harris 

Treasury; Knesset bills could be costly 

If private bills introduced to the Knesset by individual MKs 
over the last two years are passed they would have increased 
government expenditure beyond its budgetary means, according 
to a report published in pan this week by the State Revenues 

While an overall total has not been formally calculated. 
Treasury officials said the bills would have cost the state at least 
NIS 3 billion and, in all probability, a far larger sum. 

More data will be published over the next fortnight as part of 
the department’s annual report for 1996. 

From the research conducted on the figures for 1995 and 
1996, it has become apparent that many of the bills were con- 
nected to the family unit with demands for expenditure on edu- 
cation and childcare. Examples included changing the definition 
of a child for national insurances purposes from 18 to 21 . 

David Harris 

Knesset to explore poor-performing training fund 

The Knesset Capital Markets sub-committee will next 
Monday hold a debate on the low returns of the Engineering 
Training Fund Ltd. over the last 16 months. During that period, 
each of the 35.000 members of the fund have lost an average of 
NIS 1,200 in comparison to those in similar funds, according to 
sub-committee chairman Silvan Shalom. David Harris 

j The Israel Telecommunications Corp. Ltd. 
wishes to purchase the following goods by tender 





34 kWe Diesel 






Last Date 




Cost of 

NiS 1.000 


Tel. for 



The following general conditions apply: 

1. Pre-concfitions: 

a. Parties submitting bids must comply with all laws, including 
the requirement to keep account books, be an authorized 
trader, hold valid licenses to trade, and comply with all 
relevant standard specifications. 

b. Willingness to provide a guarantee, as explained in the 
tender documents. 

c. Additional minimum conditions are given in the tender 

d. The tender documents are available in Hebrew only. 

2. The tender documents can be obtained from the Tenders and 
Ordering Department, 15 Rehov Hazvi, Jerusalem, between 9 
a.m. ana 12 noon, Sunday to Thursday. 

The tender documents will be provided on submitting a receipt 
of payment of the above sum. 

★ In Israel, payment should be made into Bezeq's Postal Bank 
account no. 5-311757. 

* Overseas suppliers should make payment into Bezeq's 
account no. 12-901-97633/64, at the Jerusalem main branch of 
Bank Leumi Leisrael. 

The payment for the tender documents is not returnable. 

The receipt, with details of your company, and authorized 
trader's number may be faxed to 972-2-5378113. Please phone 
afterwards (972-2-5395616/429/614/615) to obtain confirmation 
of receipt of the fax. 

3. Bids should be placed in the tenders box at 15 Rehov_Hazvi. 


4. No undertaking is given to accept the lowest or any bid, or to 
order the entire work irom one source. 

5. Bids sent by fax or telegram will not be considered. 



It you don't have e-mail 
or even a computer you can still advertise! 


Reach all of Israel and the world for just: 

□ For Two weeks 

□ One Month 
□Two Month 
□Three Months 

□ Six Months 

$13 US Dollars/NIS 45 
$25 US Dollars/NIS 88 
S45 US Dollars/NIS 158 
$70 US Doilara/NIS 245 
$130 US Dollars/NIS 456 

Maximum 30 words 
List category and sub-category. 


Don't I or not your contact address /phono /lax /e-mail in your message. 

Fax this foim: In US & Canada, 212-599-4743 
In Israel & the rest of the world: 972-2-531-5622 
or place your ad directly on otr web rite at htlpwwwiwipasLcaJ 



Credit Card No. 

Exp. date 

Te/ No. 

.Card type. 


e-mail address. 

JNF: Arab real estate purchases 
prove land-reform plan is bad 


Non-Jews, particularly Arabs, are pur- 
chasing hundreds of dunams of land 
throughout Israel, but particularly in the 
North, Jewish National Fund director gen- 
eral Yitzhak Elyashiv said yesterday. 

The JNF decided to make this informa- 
tion public in its continued battle with the 
National Infrastructure Ministry over the 
Ronen committee recommendations for 
the reform of the Israel Lands 

The JNF said it is determined to fighr 
against such purchases, even- if it means 
taking out sizable bank loans to fund land 

“We have published this information via 
the media because we are not being invited 
to meetings on the Ronen committee with 
[National Infrastructure Minister Ariel] 
Sharon or the government,” said JNF 

spokesman Moshe Pearl. 

"In recent years there has been a recog- 
nizable increase in attempts by non-Jews 
to purchase land in Israel,” according to a 
JNF statement 

In particular, the land originally pur- 
chased by the Palestine Jewish 
Colonization Association for private settle- 
ments during die 1930s is being targeted. 

The main geographical locations where 
land has been sold include Zichron 
Ya'acov, Binyamina, Kfar Tavor, Migdal 
and Nazareth. Additionally, in recent 
weeks a Jewish family sold dozens of 
dunams near A tarot in north Jerusalem. 
The JNF claims that it has purchased some 
300 dunams of land that was likely to be 
bought by non-Jews. 

The fear of the JNF is that under the rec- 
ommendations of the Ronen committee, 
which will move much state-owned land 
into the hands of private citizens, there will 

be a return to the situation created by the 
actions of the Palestine Jewish 
Colonization Association in the 1930s and 
subsequently there could be further sales 
of land to non-Jews. 

Last month Sharon said he plans to intro- 
duce legislation to prevent real estate pur- 
chases by foreigners. 

While Sharon fully supports the Ronen 
recommendations, his spokesman Ra'anan 
Gissin welcomed the JNF’s intention to 
buy land from private hands to prevent it 
being bought by non-Jews. The EL A, under 
the National Infrastructure Ministry’s 
jurisdiction, cannot purchase land, and so, 
he said, it is appropriate for the JNF to tty 
to acquire land for the Jewish people. 

He also pointed out that at present the 
ministry has no powers of enforcement to 
prevent sales. 

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority 
Chairman Yasser Arafat’s adviser Ahmed 

What, no pretzels? 

A robot demonstrates its beer- pouring ability yesterday at the Technology '97 exhibition in Tel Aviv. 

(Uan Ouewbyverflsrael Sun) 

Tibi told report rs he believes Israeli laws 
controlling th sale ol land are racist, 
ctaiminu this ■ the only country in the 
world that plat, s such restrictions on who 
can buy land. 

While not ping as far as mol mk 
A vraham Pont; (Merctz-Shinuh said yes- 
terday he helices those interested in pur- 
chasing proper ■. be «t in .t shared apart- 
ment building r land, should be allowed 
to huv no math what their background. 

"There is no ason to act otherwise in a 
democracy.” hepid. 

This debate c mes in the wake of a PA 
proclamation tf t any Arabs caught selling 
land to Jews t uld receive a death sen- 
tence. Within U ys of this statement, land 
dealer Farid Ba lili was murdered. 

The govemni rvt is expected to discuss 
the Ronen coimitiee recommendations 
tomorrow, durix ; its weekly cabinet meet- 

takeover date 
moved up 


Naharra Strauss 1 
Presides Michael Strauss 
Elite Iipustries CEO E 


Fedemuujhave agreed to move up 
the date ft the transfer of control 
in Elite tostranss, sources close to 
the deal c<p firmed yesterday. 

‘ to the original agree - 
trauss group was to 
S million in mid-July, 
family's stake in 
-based company, 
to the new agree - 
of payment will be 
‘arly June, and will 
nted to cover the 
early June and the 

meant to pre- 


ment, the 
have paid 
for the Fi 
the Ramat 
ment, the 
then be di: 
period betwi 
original date \ 


Tadiran 1st quarter net down 17% to $15.5m. 

vent shocks the Elite system. 
Elite is now iiia transition period 
until control is fnalized. The inten- 
tion is to speed lip the full transfer 
of control so that Strauss can begin 
to implement re&garazation-plans 
in Israel's larged chocolate and 
sweets manufacturer. 

The first stage inclides creating 
a new structure for Elite, under 
which it will becoirs a holding 
company, and its various divisions 
will become subsidaries. This 
restructuring will enabe Strauss to 
form contacts, somt of which 
have already been inriated. with 
potential strategic partiers for the 
subsidiaries. Globes 


Thdiran Ltd. reported a 1 7 percent drop in 
first quarter net income to $15.5 million in 1997, 
compared with $1 8.6m. in the same quarter last 

Revenues for the quarter were up 3. 1 %, total- 
ing $277 .8m_ 

In early rooming trading, Tadiran 's NYSE- 
traded shares rose moderately to $26,625. 

The company attributed the decrease in profits 
to several of its subsidiaries becoming export- 
driven. Tadiran Telecommunications, in particu- 
lar, has experienced a sharp decrease in sales to 
Bezeq. while export sales have increased dra- 
matically. The company expects that Tadiran 
Telecommunications' exports will continue to 
increase at a rate of 50% per year over the next 
few years. 

The company also said that adverse conditions 
m the export market negatively affected Tadiran 
Appliance's results for the second consecutive 


In April, Tadiran sold 26% of the appliance 
division to Carrier Corporation Group. Capital 
gains will be recorded in the company 's second- 
quaiter results. 

Tadiran Ltd. is Israel’s largest electronics 
company and Israel’s fourth largest industrial 
concern in terms of sales volume. The compa- 
ny’s subsidiaries operate in the communications, 
telecommunications, electronic systems, electri- 
cal appliances and batteries and computer soft- 
ware markets. 

Tel Aviv-based textiles and fashion manufac- 
turer Krtan Consolidated Ltd. reported a 10% 
drop in net income to NIS 6.9m. compared with 
NIS 7.7m. in the same period one year ago. 

Revenues for the quarter totaled NTS I94nu, 
compared with NIS 166m. in the first quarter of 

The company said that the results reflect both 
an improvement in the company’s industrial 

performance as well as a decrease in its sub- 
sidiaries’ profits. Tango and Golf reported 
decreases in profitability, while Gibor is under- 
going a restructuring program. 

The company also said that a slowdown in the 
local market, the shekel exchange rate and 
Pessah falling in April affected the company’s 

Integrated Technology USA, Inc. recently 
announced first quarter net losses of $609,906, 
compared with $318,092 in the same period one 
year ago. Net sales for the quarter increased 
nearly 140% to $263,000, compared with 
$110,000 in the same period last year. 

The company attributed die increase in net 
sales to an increase in sales of the company's 
product, CompuPhone 2000, a computer key- 
board designed to integrate the computer and 
telephone markets. 

Based in New Jersey, ITI operates a research 
and development center in Israel. 

El-Op expands sales to S. American air forces 


El-Op Electro-Optics Indus- 
tries has increased its presence in 
South America, entering several 
upgrade projects for regional air 
forces, executives said yesterday. 

The projects include a contract 

Mutual Fund for 
Foreign Residents 

Dale; 20.5.97 
Purchase Price: 167.15 

Redemption Price: 164.71 

leumi pia iroiwri 

to supply a compact HUD (head- 
up display) for the Pampa, the 
trainer for the Argentinian Air 
Force. The system is an electro- 
optical mechanism that superim- 
poses flight and sensor informa- 
tion on the pilot’s forward field 
of view. 

Another HUD system has been 
supplied for the F-5 in the 
Chilean Air Force. 

El-Op also supplied the HUD 
with Stroke-on -Raster mode 
capability for the AMX fighter- 
jet in the Brazilian Air Force. 
The supply is part of the El-Op 
contract with the Brazilian' con- 
tractor Aeromot, which includes 
technology to that company to 
manufacture and maintain the 

e prime D’na 

Mutual Fund tor 
Foreign Residents 


Date: 20.5.97 

Purchase Price: 115.97 

Redemption Price: 1 1 4.45 

leumi pia mvaiti ® 

Reading between 
the lines... 
you have time for 
trading action 
until 11 PM. 


DIAL OS-51231 n kn OU8AM 7011PM. 



“El-Op is working to develop a 
wide range of HUDs for different 
aircraft - military, combat 
planes, trainers, and helicopters - 
in response to the demands of its 
customers worldwide,” El-Op’s 
vice president for marketing and 
business development, Yosef 
Gas par, said. 

The Rehovot-based company is 
currently entering the upgrade 
project of the Brazilian ALX 
combat trainer. El-Op has agreed 
to supply the airborne laser 
rangefinder and designator, 
which increase the pilot's ability 
to bomb targets by marking them 
with a laser beam and directing 
the laser guided bomb to the tar- 
get. The chief contractor for the 
upgrade is the Sao Paulo-based 
. Embrier. 

El-Op executives said their 
company is hoping to participate 
in the coming months in the F-5 
upgrade for the Brazilian Air 
Force. This includes providing 
the F-5 with the bead-up display. 

“This program is supposed to 
be realized in the course of this 
year,” Gaspar said, “and it will 
provide El-Op another element in 
its success in the airplane 
upgrade field, through the wide 
range of displays that fulfills the 
demands of the market both in 
operational requirements and in 
competitive price.” 

El-Op is a private company 

owned by the-Federman group. It 
employs 1,800 people and report- 
ed $270 million in sales in 1996. 

Catch the 

in Israel? 

Advertise in oar 
business column 
without delay £ 
For details, | 
contact j 
The Jerusalem Post. 

Patah (foreign currency deposit rates) (11.9.S 

Currency (deposit for) 3 MONTHS 6 MONTHS IS 

U.S. dollar ($250,000) 4.750 5.000 

Pound uteflmg i 

Gentian mark (DM 200,000) 
Swiss franc (SF 200.000) 
Yen (10 million yen) 







(Rates vary higher or lower than Indicated according to i 
Shekel Foreign Exchange Rates* (21.* 

j basket 

German mark 
Pound sterling 
French franc 
Japanese yen (10Q) 
Dutch florin 
Swiss franc 
Swedish krona 
Norwegian krone 
Danish krone 
Finnish mark 
Canadian dollar 
AuEtreSten defer 
S. African rand 
Belgian franc (10) 
Austrian schftara (10) 
Italian fra (1000) 
Jordanian dinar 
Egyptian pound 

Irish purfl 

Sperish peseta (too) 




















































Buy Sell 

"These rates vary according to bank. “Band of Israel. 






























The Jerusalem P os t Thursday, May 22 , 



■IMeIi scares 




tan iraJ Paper Mas 

AmpalAmencan Israel 

EC Uwwd 

EhtawJQA .'U 

Wograw Tcchnctogy.. .. 

CamdCaHarefsSyj .. 


Software 20.625 

WlttW iflft 


“■T PX '** — ,i.?5 

WjmsB Seftwwe Systems 5.1875 

— 22-S15 

COUSDa - k 

Sect*: feel _. ~ ' "gr 

SSSSt*** uss 

Eton Electa 



LLS. kwtegtnt nto 15 

Israel Lana Develop ■ ADR „_K5 

WHO 55 

Rmtsrad 11875 







iSG M Safimre Group i 2 j 

Sum* Design 125 

SApensHenskral —^3.75 

Scamec .. 25 



Level Systems . 






M«l 5 a. 








Mmcsotavera&aaipnses — 5.625 

NefiiMB 353)25 

Kice Systems, 26 

ItaiffrMBfcal Systems 

i Communteaws 2825 

Tower Scnscomtalor 13JJ75 

TsdnsiTfetefflori———— ,1125 
m Teem Tetecoai Ind Ud.-_„_i62S 

TVG Technologies 1.125 

tocatec 6.75 


Mr The Sotabcms . 
Tag Iretastoea L»J . 
Zgran Oorpaaifan- 

— 14075 
— 10375 



Acwrt Software , 
A.G. Assodatos. 




Guai SaieSSe Nemorts 

Genesis am 


Aral ______ 

Aram ' 

fetter Online SduSoos “ 

hea"^ TediniaD»gs..J_J)4^ 
•tante Cantor.. __5375 

tc-ts ~ lA 


EM Square 

-19 25 *0.125 
-6875 *0.125 

Wan SoTtwe Induanes . 

fed* SecSnmrKlnd 1 ,- 1 - 

4n*Mrerte™~- 2875 

Ehod fetwtec [T«q Ul -ZS jB125 
Sctex enjnetfora . 

PSCIsra<*6wwracCWs 2 ITS *085 

Kocs 17875 *0 

Smdnfnc .16375 *03 

-2M *0.375 





1 Sea works 0.1 


DeJe* Car. 



bead Cap. i — 
Israel Ccvp. 5 

Pastes Stet 


AlfeperWls __ 1410)3 

Aweraem iwj. 451 n 

Alma Hotels S o 

Alfira Braaai ir?sz».o 

Akca braei 1 _ 199704 q 

Aince brad Hotels Bond A.-.- 03 

Aflftn 8554.0 

A 8 te_ 35148 

AH«ni 39743 

Bank Leumi 0.1 5310 


Discount 01 

Discount B*rtk_ 

EH Imaging 
EH system. 


Ctol Computers - 

Cte) Sectaries 

Cal Industries ___ _ 
CkH Insurance 



, — 37898 
- — 21598 


— 1100018 
— 408738 



Backs — _ 
Becks Aop- 
EMe M.T. 
Exponkw. . 

firSWI 7. 

Rrjl kfflS 


General Bank — 


Hare! Afcftmar 5 . 


- 7918 
. 20178 
. 317B.O 
. 28148 

. 13363 
. 622578 
. 58173 

- 7063 

. 84853 
. 76KJ0 

K*an . 



Land tawranoa. 
Uun* Morftflfle . 







MakHesnm — 


Marttoe Bate. 

TAT 5 _ 
Tacfcran , 



Uddte East Tube . 

laam Compdem . 
Tetehol — 
ftice found. 

tevtaeft Sham 

Motes — 



Oseni teduskinL 

United Steel 

Whs and Cables 

Vtong Induskies . 

. 22023 
. 42D40 

- 0483 

. 22138 

- 9630 

- 3738 

- 1133 
. 10683 

- 3818 
, 17018 
.. 91113 

- 6748 
, 57678 


- 1358 
. 301388 

- 2678 
. 3458 

- 11753 

- 9093 

‘In percentage points 



1 AMP Inc.. M K 

AMR Coro ..... 


AMtattLta.. . 

Aetna Ule 




Km Pro* 


Akan Atiminum 

lAtet&Atei - 

Mentam Pow« .. 



Amnt . .. . 

tawf H Power 


A ma Express 


Amp inn 


Amer Nad ms M 

Km Stores 4SJI75 

Anw /1 *1 






... . —68J75 



tantog Dovers 


Afftosd Sitagneucs. ... 
Apjfcrd MatanaB-.. 

. 34 25 


Aicfw Canrte 

Annat ... . ... 
Aimttong Wmttf 



- -.67.125 




AstifcndOi .. 

— .J6J75 




Airrr Dciwsmi . ... 
A*nfl Inc. 

37 375 


61 625 




3. 125 











BamooCorp.. . 



Bine Ono Corn 



Bank d Boston 

BarhDlttewW . ... 
Banters Trsi NY .. . 
Barnet Banks — _ 
Bmie UouHGd ... 

Bausdi &Lomd 

Baxti m — . 


Becton tVkraon 

Bm AOankc 

8 t 1 Industries 

BeCoute .... . 



BeWetumSKol . ^ 

Beverly Enow 

Bcmel .. 








... — 38125 













Mack (Decker — 3&CS 


Bowawr tec — 
BnonsASlrffli — 
B»OS Uyn Sdo .. .. 

BM Ajtws ADB 

&4 Steel ADR.... . 

Brt Telecom ...... 

Brooklyn LHon 

Brown Group 

Brown A Sharpe .. 

- |Fema — 

Bukrapon Ninn . 

CBS he 

CMS Energy Corp. 

CPC Wiim 

CSK LWoratnn-... 

Oatxu Corp 

Cirntirl Soup 

Capa Os ABC .... 
Caroku Pwi LI 
Ck renter Tern 
Caterpeur.. — 
C«w«M Eni'rgy_. 
CemralASiv _. , 
v-hampun tnO 

Chn«)5hoppu - 

Chase Manta nan. . 
Lteewtin Cot •— 
v3«qaia Brands .. 


Cruft! carp ..... — 


0#rwp — 

Ckniaate-.. . 
Ctena ... 

Gotten Q»p 

CotaCKl. . 

Coe! Cob Em 

Colgate Patent* — 
ComcaaCorpA .. 


CinputoAss W . .. 

Compute So 


Cens&Sson.. - . 
ConsfnBrtuwys — 


Com fey u 

Coottetads. - 
CaaniA*#*) ,^... 



Qo*Wi Knontes- 

Crmm Qkk Sed 

Cwoms Engsin 


Cy?»si Seoncon .... 
Claes HAWAl. ... 
CrtetaaBt— , wv 



■4 General 

Ck. ten fedson . - 

Dr t m - .... 


DthiPwSl. . .. 
WCanwim _ .. 
S^UAjines . ... 





D«SM0ep5S- ... 
0®erW5oi .. 




— J5J5 








-5i. re 


... . ...—205 


35 525 

34 625 




-35.125 *025 

“LAST 55aS5F" 

Dow Jones 


DSC Conn. 
Duke Power - 
Du Port 








Eastern EnCs ^34.75 

EasdnantooWc 80675 

Eaten Cntp _.. . . 7 ngyn 

Ecttlhc 3335 

Emerson Boc 52375 

Engelhard COrp., 

Enron COrp _ 

Ensenji Co*p . 

8 hyl Corp. 

& 1 WW 






nccoipu-. 68 

FPL 6 iwp SS3TS 

FeMersCwp 6.125 

Federal Eqm 51325 

Federal liogii 28625 

FadNUMtae 42375 

FtekkmiCan 1835 

RrsIBarkSys 8225 

Fimdthe Loom. 
Fsl Union my. 
Heawd Ernarp . 
Florida Prog . 
FtarCDtp — 
rood Lion tec 

ftw 1 Moior_- 
Foster Wheeler - 
Freeport MdMor. 

Gataobtoys ,. 
Gateway 2OD0. 

GTE Corp 
Gannett — 

Gap tec Del. 


GenBecMc — 
Gen Mte._ — 
Gen Moess. 

Gen MoBH H 

Gen Signal 

Gen DateComm. 
Genume Pans— 
Georgia fee. 
Giette — 
Gootidi |BF). 
Grace |WAR)_ 
GnknerJWW) , 
GnAUPacTea — 
Grt Cental Mne .. 
Gn Western FM 


Hanna (MA). 

Ha ney Da mdSon , 
fensschfeger . 
Hananr Em _ 
Hurts Corp — 
Harsco Corp— 


Hectettrwig — 


HeteTecImpI .... 
Hmrc/i 8 Payne- 


Kershey Foods. 
Kewtett Packard 
Ffitschte . 

-61 375 




























































— 525 









— 28 




Hormef (Geol 
Household mu. 
Houston teds. 

IBM , 

■note "toL- 





— 24375 

-175. 125 


















James Fher Ba. 
JotesonA J 

it Man. ..... 


Ken -McGee.. 


Kmg World Prod 

LSI Log* - 
Lincoln Mat 

Lc (Mm*. 









— 3-125 

— 38.12$ 
-92 75 

__5B.7 5 

uj ~~ Tlr 

Lockheed Corp. — 

tows - QW 



Loissana Pad - iS’lS 

tare -5 Co tec — 

Lucent Tech . ■ —62325 


Leog Wand li - 
Longs Drag Sts , 

Lord Corp 

Louisiana Land . 






















Mem Care. 







Masco Gap ™--— 

Musnteud Cap — 

Mattel Inc— — — 

UtOpnsJ®— — ■ 





McKesson Corp- 
Mead Cap 

MedBunh. .... 


Merck Inc- 






Men* Lynch 

Moron Todinol .. 
McrosoC Corp.._ 


Michel Energy- 
Motie Telecom-. 

Moles Inc.. 

Monarch MaeM. 




— .1.75 









htarton htl 

Lfctiitfe tec 



ftaln Chemical - 
Nashua Cap— 
Nas cay Cap— 

fed Serai 

NaD Sent Ind. 









Navistar kit 




Hut Enqfanrf FI. A* 5 


NY State 0 Gas . 

NY Times A 

Newnonl Mring . 
Mag Mohawk — 

Moor tec 


NLhdtabiu — - 

Motto AH 








Nortnosl UU _ 




Nlhn State Pw. 

NSI . 





Og den itep 


Ohio Edat 

Check he 

Oraete System. 


Owrjcas SHp.- 










Owens Coming. 
PHH Group. 

















Mlf* EUwiwrM 

PPG Industries 
Paccar he 



Pac Gas A Bed- 
fee Tetates 
Pall Corp - 



Parker DrCng 

ferter HarsAi 

Penney yQ — 

Rennsyl P*w U 





-20 125 

People's Energy . 
fepsJco . 

Perth Bmer 


Phelps Dates — 
PhOadel Bee . 
Phtep Mints— , 


maps pm — 
RteeyBtMCs — 
PufcyMgtSys — 
PofyCDni — — . 
PotashCorp — . 
Potomac a Pwr— 
Procter & Gamble. 
Pub Svc Enterpr - 
Pug did Pm 












Qosrau Corp- 
feR Nabisco. 

naJSBjn HITOw — 

feu* Open ADR— 
feyctwn Corp 



feynokb feynA- 


feadww Services 


feftt» 8 HSs®s__ 
fehr hdusues 











Stance Cop — 

Si Pairs Col. 



San Diego Gas. 
Sara Lee Corp - 
Sehaknfl Ptaigb- 
SeMuirtwger — 
SdonaAIada _ 

Sa^roe Theft. 









San Roebuck. 


Santa Corp I — 
5*wce Master — 
Stand Medal— 


Stan*! Wins — 


SnmaAttfch — 

-31 3K 









Sonal — 

Samoa Prods . 


Southern Co , 
South*/ — 




State* Comp 
Sui Comp! 



Sundstrand . 

Sun Mtauw an c . 



Symantec , 

-50625 *0125 



TJX Cool 
TRW Inc , 





Tondeml r 

ftndyCp y _ 

Telt com Corp 

Ttenpie Hand. 




— 875 

Tanas bntmws- 
Taxas Udm _ 
fat™ - 








Thanes & Bote. 




Tima Warner . 





1(H» Cop 

Total Pet N tan. 


Tmnaamnta _ 
Traraso Energy , 
Travelers ftp _ 


Ttton Energy. 


UAL Corp - 
USG Corp. 
Union Carts* 
Union Bectic 
Unun Radfc. 
USFfifi Corp- 
us Home. 

US Lite 

US Rotate. 

US Surged. 

US Trust 
UritedTech _ 
Unocal Carp. 

VF Corp 

Valero Energy . 
Iteian Assoc, 
ttocoailnc . 


Vuksn MaRtials . 


WaFUad Stores. 
Wash Gas !taW„ 
WasftmgBn Post. 

VMs Markets —I 


Wendy* am 






























WHansCtt — 



Vitold Comm _ 


— 3735 

YUtowfedgM , 

Zero Op. 

.21 375 












EHtsn Amnays. 

HS0C PSp shsj . 





Marta ASssskw. 
Shal Transpon . 

Accor . 










— 902 *-13 
_JB5 *7 
—701 *18 

-JUS *25 
-lore *7 


Lytkin BUS 

Paribas . 

Pernod {feud . 
Peugeot — 

-92 *0 

.1489 *22 

L7 -26 

J64 *4 

349 *86 

-1336 *06 
-3993 *04 

-3093 *26 

-547 *1 

-840 *4 

-662 *0 









-a 125 















-36 M 





{DATE 21-HWflT) 

*ln local currendes 


Stocks up, economy grows 



266.75 ▲ 0.53% 

274.85 A 0.48% 


Stock indexes rose yesterday 
after a report that the economy 
grew more than expected in the 
first quarter and amid optimism 
the Bank of Israel will reduce 
interest rates. Gaining shares 
included Israeli companies traded 
in New York which rose the previ- 
ous day. 

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries 

Key Representative Rates 

US DoHai NIS&3880 -0.09% 

Sterling JVIS 5.6078 + 045% 

Mark NIS 2-0080 + 0.56% 

OJ Industrials . 
DJ Transport _ 



NYSE httoju 

NYSE Transport 
NYSE Conp .. 

S8P 10O 

SAP Spot Index— 

















FTSE 100 

Ibkyu r«*a 19842 

Stagapora siwtiaiB indro— 49828 

Hong Kong Hing Seng hdn -142356 





Pouvf ... 




D-nurtc y* 



S-toncspo< - — - 



"itot spat 

iVLllllifl (Tun 



Can DU: spot 

Junkbns (CUE) 



AinfUr *jw 

ft 7ftR7 

JitaJuttrB fCM0_ 


Fwhmr- i^nl 


it line spirt 

Uf- fMl 


Mq- £pu* - 

AidSWj Spot 

— H 0 O 86 

femt <$at 

a if! 


Bonta jun-luture 


Sand P Junteun 













_ - - Last Change 

OWMtUlteEa 1486 

CoKeo (JuQ (CEQ 2511 *.7285 

Sugar nan OtevKCK) - 

Wheel PuO iraon 38225 *1.75 

Soybean (JU)(C8C7T). 84725 *225 

OangepcciMHCECi 8265 -06 

DudaoilgMUiaiKCECI 21.19 0 


Brer* crude oUfJurDfl PE) . 

Laa Change 
-1028 *S 
-2090 *15 


Grift vn 


U9 C| 


ft 41 

fflusr uprt _ 



Goto (JunJ 




PbOremi lArti 

— A8X> 



HghgwtectwwtMart — 






Lad Ctanga 
-64225 -025 

-342.7 -06 

4672 -46 

Monti h parantesto signals contract apt date 
(Spol martat totings ore kwa apnwtawWy 
2360 teraH ame. Al ottWB are dosing quotojJ 




Foreign financial data courtesy of 

CommStock ftading Ltd. 

Futures, Options , 
Slocks. Bonds 
and Mutual Funds 

34 Ben Yehuda SL, Jerusalem 

32--- 9c 3. 03-575-SS2 
Fax. 02 -625-95 1 5 

Tel Aviv shares data 
supplied by Pacific 
Mediterranean Investments) 
Tel. 09-958-5873. All other 
data supplied by 
Commstock Trading Ltd., 
Tel. 02-624-4963. Due to 
technical failures data may 
be inaccurate. The 
Jerusalem Post will not be 
held responsible for the 
consequences of any 
transaction made on the 
basis of these data 
Readers who wish to report 
missing or misquoted data 
should do so on postcards 
only, addressed to 
Jerusalem Post Business 
Desk, P.O.B. 81, Jerusalem 

A C 

Ltd. rose 1.75 percent after its 
American depositary receipts rose 
on Tuesday. 

The Maof Index of 25 issues 
rose 0.48% to 274.85 and the 
Mishtanim Index of 100 issues 
rose 0-53^ to 266.75. The general 
bond index rose 0.02%. 

After the Central Bureau of 
Statistics said the gross domestic 
product rose ar an annual rate of 
3‘fr in the first quarter, investors 
felt "the economic slowdown 
isn’t so bad," said Eli Nahum, 
head of trading at Tel Aviv fiim 
Zannex Securities Ltd. -There’s 
still growth. 

"And after April’s CPI increase 
of 0.7%, there are no longer any 
fears inflation is headed to 14^ " 
Nahum said. 

Of 951 shares trading across the 
exchange, three shares rose for 
every five that fell yesterday. 

Some NIS I3Q.0 million worth of 
shares changed hands, NIS 5.6m. 
below Tuesday's level. Gaining 
shares included Koor Industries 
Ltd., which jumped 2.25% after its 
ADRs rose 1/8 to 17 7/8 the previ- 
ous day. 

Bank Leumi rose O.iS'Tr. Other 
banks were mixed. Bank Hapoalim 
fell 0.75^: Discount Bank rose 
Oi^ and First International Bank 
of Israel fell 0.25tt. 

Tadirart Ltd. rose 1 .75fr after it 
reported first-quarter net income 
dropped 17*5*. Other gaining com- 
panies included Bezeq Ltd., which 
rose 1.5S», and Qrmat. which 
jumped 5.5^. 

Chemical manufacturers were 
mixed. Dead Sea Works rose 
0.25# ; Israel Chemicals Ltd. fell 
0.75%: Dead Sea Bromine fell 
3.7 59c: and Makhleshim Chemical 
Works rose 1.75^. (Bloomberg! 



European stocks close 
strong on US rates 

LONDON (Reuter) - European 
stock markets closed strongly yes- 
terday as Wall Street led a collec- 
tive sigh of relief that the US 
Federal Reserve decided against 
raising interest rates, for (he 
moment at least 

European share markets were 
already firm in the morning after 
the Federal Open Market 
Committee, the policy arm of the 
US central bank, said after the 
Tuesday close in Europe that its 
Fed Funds rate would remain 

Germany, which fell sharply on 
jitters before the FOMC meeting 


on Tuesday, was the biggest bene- 
ficiary. The DAX index finished 
up 52.66 points or 1 .49 percent at 
3,596.09. The rise was more dra- 
matic in electronic trade after the 
floor session, where the IBIS 
index surged 2.39% to 3,600.40. 

In London the FTSE 100 index 
of blue chips closed up 34.5 points 
or 0.75% at 4,642.0 but was about 
10 points below the day’s high. 

The Paris market was also 
firmer following the Fed decision, 
but again off the day’s high due to 
profit taking. The CAC 40 index 
closed up 35.24 points or 1 .28% at 

Dow loses 12 points 

Technology shares rose yesterday 
after a robust profit report from 
Dell Computer, but blue-chip 
shares pulled back from a foray 
into record territory as interest 
rates jumped in the bond market. 

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones 
industrial average dropped 12.77 
points to close at 7,290.69, after 
recovering from a 64-point drop. 
In the morning, the Dow surren- 
dered a 50-point gain that would 
have beaten last Thursday's 

record finish at 7,333.55. 

Broader sectors were mixed. 
The technology-heavy Nasdaq 
market drew a big boost from 
Dell's powerful earnings report, 
which was released after 
Tuesday's close. 

Stocks drew heavy pressure 
from the bond market, where 
interest rates jumped as inflation 
worries re-emerged just a day 
after the Federal Reserve's appar- 
ent determination that inflation- 
ary pressures remain tame. 


Notices In this feature are charged 
at MS 28.08 per line, including VAT. 
insertion every day of the month 
costs NIS 520JB5 per line, indudinq 
VAT, per month. 

Conducted Tours 
Mount Scopus campus, In English, 
daily Sua-Thur., 11 a-m. from 
Bronfman Reception Center, Sherman 
Administration Bldg. Buses 4a. 9, 23. 
26, 28. For info, call 5882819. 
HADASSAR Visit the Hadassah instal- 
lations, Chagall Windows. Tel. 02- 
6416333, 02-6776271. 



TEL AVIV MUSEUM. Andres Serrano: 
The Morgue. Soviet Photography irom 
the Museum collection. Lucian Freud: 
selection at worths. Tzvi Hector 
Sunflower. Portraits: By a group ot 
Israeli artists. Virtual Reality. The 
? om ^ lic “H'eafcilc In contemporary 

5K4Sf* ^ contemporary 

81001 Amon 

Ben-Oawd. The Inverted Campaign. 
Hours: Weekdays 10 a.m.-6 pjn. Tue. 
10 ani-10 pm Frf. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 

691915S& t Edutaaon Center, Tel. 


WHATS ON IN HAIFA, dial 04- 


Thursday, May 22 


Jerusalem: Center Pharm. 20 Yad 

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e-Dm, 627-2315: Shuafat, Shuafat 
Road, 581-0108; Dar AHawa. 
Herod’s Gale, 628-2058. 

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Jatainsfcy, 125 Ibn Gvirol. 546 - 
2040. Tin midnight Supe/pharm 
A ^\ 40 Ensteta. 641-3730; 
S2"***? Supsrpharm, 4 
Shaul Hametech. 69643115: 

Sava: Clal Pharm. 
wlif hu2 *\ Raanan a l 741-0211. 
Nefarya: Hasharon mall, Herzf. 

[telte Hanita, 22 Hanrta, 823-1905. 

SSS^^^Desanya, 19 BusseJ. 
Airyat Haim, 841-4737. 

Hteraliya: Clal Pharm, Bert 

M ^ skrt U*v- Sderot 


Upper Naaareth: Clal Pharm, Lav 
Hair Mafl, 657-0468. Open 9 a.m. 
to 10 p.m. 

^{Tjsajem: Bikur Holim (internal. 
ENT); Sbaare Zedek (surgery,* 
orthopedics, obstetrics); Hadassah 
an Kerem (pediatrics, ophthalmolo- 


idl Aviv: To! Aviv Medical Center 

Dana Pediatric Hospital (pediatrics): 

Tel Aw Medical Center (surgery). 
Netanya: Laniado. 







Magen David Adorn 
in emergencies dial 101 (Hebrew) or 
911 (English) in most parts of the 
countary. fn addition: 

In emergencies dial 101 (Hebrew) or 
911 (English) in most parts of the 
country, in addition: 

AShttxr 8551333 

Asrtrefcta 6551332 
Beerateba* 6274767 
Beit Sftemesh 6523 133 

Dsn Region- 5793333 

Eiar K&2444 

Hatfa* B512233 
Jerusalem' 6523133 

Harm lor 9085*44 

War Sava" 9902222 

Mahartya- 981Z333 

Netanya' 8604444 
PetahTBcva ' 8311111 
Rertowor 94S-I333 
feshon' 9642333 
SaTed 6920333 
Tel Aviv 5460111 
Ttoenae* 6792444 

‘ Mobile IntansJvB Care Unit {MfCUl swvfee in 
the area, around the dock. 

tourists fin 

help for 

177-022-9110 The National 


English) 1 ... 

Poison Contra! Center at Rambam 
Hospital 04-852-9205, 24 hours a day 
fcr information in case of poison'na 
Eran - Emotional First AW - 1201 
also Jerusalem 561-0303, Tel Aviv 
546-1111 (chfclren/routh 546-0739) 
nafe 867- 

22^ Bwtfsheba 649-1333, Netanya 
862-5110, KannieJ 988-S770 Kfcu 
&va767wt555. HaderaSw^S . 
Crisis Center for Reljafous 
Women te-655^744ffi. aSSSRS 
confidentiality guaranteed. 

Wteo hotlines for battered wonvn 


Hai * •* 

Medical Organization - 
Israel Cancer Assodatianuivvjrt^ 
vice 02^24-7676^^ ^ 



Thursday, May 22, 1997 The Jemsaterij frost 


in brief 

Said Anwar powers to. 194 for one-day record 

MADRAS (Reuter) - Pakistan opener Saeed Anwar smashed 
the highest individual score in one-day internationals yesterday - 

194 against India in the Independence Cup. 

Anwar powered Pakistan to an imposing 327 for five from 
their 50 overs in the last preliminary match of the four-nation 

Left-handed Anwar beat the previous record of 1 89 by former 
West Indies captain Viv Richards against England at Old Trafford 

in 1984. ' 

Anwar hit 22 fours and five sixes as he 1 made tus runs off 1 47 
balls. He plundered 26 runs in one over from leg-spinner Anil 
Kumble. including three sixes. 

2 more US athletes said to have tested positive 

MONACO (Reuter) - Two more athletes from the US have 
foiled drugs tests just days after the emergence of cases involving 
leading Americans Sandra Farmer- Patrick and Mary Slaney. 

Athletics sources said yesterday that the US Track and Field 
association was expected to report the new cases jo the sport’s 
governing body, the International Amateur Athletic Federation 
(LAAF), in the next few days. 

Leonard to captain Lions in first match 

DURBAN (Reuter) - England tighthead prop Jason Leonard 
was named yesterday as captain of the British Lions for the first 
match of their eight-week tour of South Africa. 

The Lions selectors decided to rest tour captain Martin Johnson 
for the game on Saturday against an Eastern Province invitation 
side after the Leicester player's demanding season in the northern 

IAAF ratifies world records of Johnson, Bailey 

MONTE CARLO (AP) - It took nearly 10 months, but sprinters 
Michael Johnson and Donovan Bailey finally got their names in 
the record books. 

The International Amateur Athletic Federation yesterday for- 
mally ratified the world records set by the two at last summer's 
Atlanta Olympics - Johnson’s 19.32 seconds in die 200 meters 
and Bailey’s 9.84 in the 100. 

IAAF spokesman Gioigio Reineri said it took so long io ratify 
the records because of delays in obtaining the paperwork from 
US track officials. 

“We wrote I don't know how many letters to USA Track and 
Field," Reineri said. “When we finally received all foe documen- 
tation, we immediately ratified the world records.. 

Easy rider 

Eric Cantona takes his son, Raphael, for a spin on his Harley Davidson yesterday. Cantona, who announced his retirement 
from professional soccer earlier this week, is vacationing with his family in southern France. 


Bulls charge back to beat Heat 
in Eastern finals opener 

Flyers grab 2-1 series 
lead with 6-3 win 

NEW YORK (Reuter) - Eric 
Lindros scored a hat trick as the 
Philadelphia Flyers seized foe lead 
in foe NHL's Eastern Conference 
finals and regained momentum and 
home ice advantage with a 6-3 win 
over foe New York Rangers on 

. The .Flyers .bounced back, from 
Sunday’s 5-3 loss in a big way, 
dominating the early play and 
responding to every challenge the 
Rangers mounted in the third period 
to take a 2-1 lead in foe faest-of- 
seven series. 

Rangers goal tender Mike Richter, 
who surrendered just four goals in 
foe entire five-game aeries against 
New Jersey in die previous round, 
was beaten five times by foe deter- 

mined Flyers, foiling to make 
amends for his teammates* defen- 
sive lapses. 

Russ Courtnall scored twice and 
Wayne Gretzky notched his lOfo 
goal of the playoffs for New York as 
foe Rangers twice tied foe game in 
the third period only to see the 
Flyers quickly -regain the lead each 
time . 

The Flyers opted to go wife veter- 
an goal tender Ron HextaH after 
Garth Snow allowed five goals on 
10 shots in Game IWo and the 
move paid off. - 

Hextali stopped all 16 shots he 
faced over the first two periods and 
finished with 25 saves. 

New York gets a chance to even 
the series tomorrow ai home. 

' ■ CHICAGO (Reuter) - The Chicago Bulls held 
foe Heat to just 11 points in foe fourth quarter as 
they charged' to an 84-77 come-from-befaind vic- 
tory over Miami on Tuesday in foe opening game 
of foe Eastern Conference finals. 

Michael Jordan scored 37 points, Scortie 
Pippen had 24 points and Dennis Rodman pulled 
down 19 rebounds for foe Bulls, who trailed by 
as many 16 points in the first half, by II at half- 
time and by five at foe end of force quarters. 

“They obviously showed their greatness at foe 
end of die game with their defensive pressure,” 

Heat coach Pat Riley said. “We succumbed to 
foaL" The fourth quarter belonged to foe Bulls, 
who took advantage of loose ball handling by 
Miami and the Heat’s abysmal shooting from 
the foul line. 

Miami converted just 4-of-13 from foe charity 
snipe in the last quarter as Chicago outscored 
them 23-11 to take first blood in the best-of- 
seven series. 

Game Two is today in Chicago. 

Alonzo Mourning, who played sensational 
defence in tire first halt led foe Heat with 21 

New-look Gascoigne returns to England squad 

LONDON (AP) - After a six- 
monfo absence, Paul Gascoigne has 
returned to the England soccer 
squad looking fitter and leaner than 

Coach Glenn Hoddle's prepara- 
tions for the World Cup qualifier in 
Poland on May 31 have been ham- 
pered by injuries to key players 
Steve McManaman, Robbie 
Fowler, Paul Merson and Matthew 

Le Ussier. 

But the return ofa fit -rather than 
fat - Gascoigne has heightened the 
spirits of Hoddle and his players. 

“He’s looking as lean and fit as 
anything," said Hoddle about die 
talented midfielder, who has lost 
7.7 kgs to weigh in at 72 kg. 

Gascoigne has been disturbed by 
injuries and a troubled private life 
since he last played for England in 

its World Cup qualifying defeat of 
Georgia last November. 

But Hoddle, who has been critical 
of Gascoigne’s wayward lifestyle, 
believes that he has developed a 
mental toughness to match his new- 
look physique. 

“His attitude is very good at the 
moment,” said Hoddle. 

“We’ve had a good long chat and 
I'U be speaking to him again no 

Inter boss ‘fatalistic’ about Ronaldo 

MILAN (Reuter) - Inter Milan president Massimo 
Moratri was quoted yesterday as saying that he was 
“fatalistic” about the chances of Brazilian Ronaldo join- 
ing his club and doubted that he would be arriving. 

Moratti confirmed that Inter had made an offer for 
Barcelona’s star striker and was waiting to see what 

“I am waiting here for events to happen. With fatal- 

Because its clear that if he breaks (with Barcelona) it 
will be the player who chooses his team,” Morani said 

in an interview with the Gazxtra delio Sport newspa- 

Rome club Lazio have been chasing Ronaldo for 
months along with several other clubs , in Europe and 
Brazil, although the total deal to bring him from 
Barcelona could cost an astonishing £50 million ($82.7 

Moratti said Inter had put their hat in the ring because 
Ronaldo was a great player. 

“If you want my impressions, I don't think that 
Ronaldo will choose Inter in the end,” he added. 

Griffey hits 20th 
homer of season 



include vat; 

Single Weekday - NIS 12&70 for 10 words 
(minimum), each additional word NIS 


198.90 10 words (minimum), each addi- 
tional wold NIS 19.89. 

DAY (package) - NiS 29250 lor 10 wonts 
(minimum). each additional word - NIS 

WEEK RATE (6 insertions) - NIS 409.50 
lor 10 words (minimum), each additional 
word - NIS 40.95. 

FOUR FRIDAYS (package) - NIS 
526.50 lor 10 words (minimum), each ad- 
ditional word - NIS 52.65. 

MONTHLY (24 Insertions) - NIS 994.50 
tor 10 words (minimum), each additional 
word - NIS 99.45. 

Rates are valid until MAY 30 1997. 

DEADLINES offices: 

Jerusalem - weekdays: 12 noon the day 
before publication; lor Friday 4 p.m. on 

Tel Aviv and Haifa - weekdays: 12 
noon, 2 days betore publication; lor Friday 
and Sunday: 4 p.m. Thursday In Tel Aviv 
and 12 noon Thursday in Haifa. 

For telephone enquiries please call 


Jerusalem Area 


Tel Aviv 




THE JERUSALEM INN at the dty Cen- 

tgr - double or large family rooms, pri- 
vate bathroom, T.V./telephona, quality 
furnished. Tei. 02-625-2757, Fax; 02- 


Short and long temi rentals. 

Bed and breakfast. 

P.O. Sox 4233, Jerusalem 91044. 

TeL 02-6611745, Fax: 02-561-8541. 


Jerusalem Area 


old twins, 6 days/weekly, light house- 
work, in Givat Ya'arim. Tel 02-634-2204. 



garden, basement, parking, terra term. Im- 
mediate. (No commission). DIVIROLLI 
SIANI. Tbl 02-623-5595. 

rael based, requires many South Afri- 
can/other live-in au pairs countrywide. 
Top conditions + high salary. Wonderful 


house 1 1 bedroom + salon 1 1 st Floor i 
fully furnished / fully equipped / TV / 
Stowe / fridge / oven f newly, refurbished, 
available / weekly / monthly. Tel. 02- 

liest families, best conditions, the Mjan- 
cy with a heart for the Au Pairs. Can Hit- 
ma, TeL £03) 965-9937. 


South African au pair, live-in, central Tel 
Aviv, S750 + NIS 200 immediate bonus. 
TeL 052-452002. 

or 4. Basement, garden, immediate (no 
commissions). DIVIROLLI SIANI. TUI. 


high salary . live-in / nve-oul oooa con- 
ditions. Tel. 03-637-1036. 

Tel Aviv 



Sharon Area 

ments, Ben Gurion Blvd„ tourists / busi- 
nessmen, short / long term. TeL 03-696- 


zliya, 5un-Thurs, total 10 hrs. Tel. 052- 



AZOREI CHEN, 5 + large terrace, air 

conditioning, doorman. Country Club. 
YAEL REALTOR. (Maklan). TeL 03-842- 


pair/maapete, Eve-out tor 2 children - 
1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old. Light house- 
work, Flexible hours, good conditions, 
references required. Netanya. Tel. 09- 


Sharon Area 






Wonderful place. Tel. 050-231-725. 

touch with Bill Gaylie at Fax. 1-604-465- 
1t57, or write to 12401 193 B Street, Pitt 
Meadows, British Columbia, Canada, 

gale/rent, 1/2 dunam, wonderful place. 
Attractive once. TeL 050-231-725. 


Tel Aviv 




ANAHEIM, California (AP) — 
Ken Griffey Jr. hit bis major 
league-leading 20fo home run, a 
470-foot drive off Jason Dickson 
in the Seattle Mariners’ game 
against the Anaheim Angels on 
Tuesday night 

Griffey got his 20th in the 
Mariners’ 44* game of the season. 
Roger Maris got his 20th in game 
55 when he hit 61 in 1961. Babe 
Ruth got No. 20 in game 52 when 
he hit 60 in 1927. 

Last season, Griffey bad 49 
homers despite playing only 140 
games because of a broken bone in 
his right wrist In 1994, he had 40 
homers in 112 games before players 
went on strike. He got his 20th that 
year in game 42. 

“That’s three years ago. I’m not 
even worried about that” Griffey 
said before the game. “Things hap- 
pen for a reason. We just weren’t 
able to finish out that year." Griffey, 
27, already has 2SS career hooters. 

“I don't think about going up 
there and hitting a home run," he 
said. “Tra just trying to have fun. If 
it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, 
it doesn’t I mean, I'm 42 homers 
away right now. I can’t go up there 
thinking about hilling home runs. 

- What I’ve got to do is go up there 
thinking about what I can do to help 
this ballclub become better.” 

Indians 4, Royals 3 . 

In Cleveland, Manny Ramirez hit 
a two-run homer in foe bottom of 

National League 

East Division 

die eighth to lead the Cleveland 
Indians to a 4-3 victory over foe 
Kansas City Royals. 

The Indians trailed 3-0 after six 
innings bat scored a pair of runs in 
the seventh to cut the .deficit to 3-2. 
In foe eighth, David Justice led off 
with a single before Ramirez 
homered off reliever Jamie Walker 
( 2 - 2 ). 

Paul Sfauey (1-1) picked up foe 
win in relief. Cleveland’s Julio 
Franco extend bis hitting streak to a 
major-league best 18 games with a 
first- inning double. 

Marlins 6, Mets-5 

In Miami, Rookie Todd 
Dunwoody bad three hits and drove 
in three runs, including a game- 
winning single in the bottom of the 
ninth to lift: the Florida Marlins to 
their eighth straight win, 6-5 over 
the New York Mas. 

Dunwoody is batting 388 (7-for- 
. 18) with six RBI in seven games 
since winning play time after star 
right fielder Gary Sheffield suf- 
fered a sprained left thumb in last 
Tuesday’s 11-5 win over the 
Atlanta Braves. 

Florida rallied for two tuns in the 
last of the ninth after the Mets 
scored a pair In the top half to take 
a 5-4 lead. 

Mets stopper John Franco (0-1), 
who had saves in his last nine 
appearances, was tagged with the 

' American League 

East Division 

doubt He's obviously given him- 
self foe best opportunity by getting 
himself back fit to stamp his 
authority on games when -he 
plays." Gascoigne, who has sharp- 
ened his match fitness by playing 
seven testimonials in foe last 15 
days, will make his England come- 
back in Saturday's exhibition 
against South Africa in 

favored in 
one-day series 

LEEDS (AP) - With Australia 
short of match practice, England have 
a chance to grab an early psychologi- 
cal edge in the Ashes series by win- 
ning the first of foe three one-day 
internationals at Headingley today. 

The Australians, repeatedly robbed 
of valuable match practice in their 
pine days in England, also suffered an 
injury blow when batting all-rounder 
Greg Blewett was ruled out with an 
inflamed left knee tendon. 

“It will be nice to win the one-day 
series because foe side that wins it, 
comprehensively, will cany a big 
psychological advantage into the first 
Test match,” skipper Mark Thylor 

England are unbeaten in five con- 
secutive one-day series at home 
under captain Michael Atherton. 

"Australia are one team we haven’t 
played or beaten in this kind of tro- 
phy," Atherton said. “We are keen to 
get off to a good start and grasp the 
initiative for foe rest of foe summer." 
Australia’s last warmup nraich 
ag a in st Durham was washed out on 
Tuesday without a ball bowled, fur- 
ther setting back the team’s prepara- 
tions. . 


points, while sparkplug guard Tim Hardaway 
contributed just 13 points. 

The defending champion Bulls, who had a 
long wait to start this series as Miami battled 
back from a 3-1 deficit to eliminate the New 
York Knicks in seven games, took a while to get 
untracked and scored just 17 points in the first 

Miami faded down tire stretch, making just 3- 
of- 12 shots from the floor, but coach Riley would 
not blame foe defeat on fatigue stemming their 
draining series against the Knicks. 


Israel’s national soccer squad 
wrapped up its first twodaysam- 
ing camp yesterday evening with a 
2-0 win over the Under^teara, 

The session was .foe first get. 
together for the . national side 
ahead of iU import&M Wbtid Clip 

Group a qualifying mAich against 
Russia in Moscow on Junes, - 

Eyal Bcrkovic was in fine form 
yesterday and swept in to score foe 
side's opening goal in foe; 30th 
minute, with Assi Domb following 
up later in foe match with foe sec : . 

With (he English Premier 
League having ended,. Bcrkovic 
and Tottenham's RomfieRosenthal 
will continue fitness training with 
Maccabi Haifa in foe runup to foc 
match against the Russians.* 

Berkovic is being courted by 
West Ham as well as his current 
club Southampton, while 
Rosenthal, approaching foe twi- 
light of, is still awaiting 
a firm offer for next season. 

Coach Sblomo Scharf was fairly 
pleased with the squad's display 
yesterday and announced the 
recall of Celta Vigo’s Haim 
Revive for foe next training ses-: 


Revive; one of the frve pbyws 
dismissed from the national side's 
last World Cup outing against 
Cyprus last month, scored at the 
weekend in his club's 3- 1 defeat 
by Barcelona in the Spanish first 

Scharf also hinted that first- 
choice center half Gadi Brunner 
could be invited to the squad he 
overcomes his current fitness 
problem in time. - 

The coach's central concern 
remains deciding on who will 
cover for captain Tal Banin who - 
will sit out the Russia game due to 
suspension. Hapoel Tel Aviv's 
Alori Hazan is shaping up to be foe 
most likely replacement 

still not part 
of Bulgarian 

SOFIA (AP) - Bugarian star 
Hristo Stoichkov, who is at odds 
with his country's soccer officials, 
has been left out of the Bulgarian 
team for a World Cup qualifier 
against Luxembourg next month, 
the coach said Tuesday. 

“This is solely my decision,” 
coach Hristo Bonev said. “I have 
invited him four times so for, and 
he refuses.” Since Bonev’s 
appointment in 1996, the 3 1 -year- 
old Stoichkov has continually 
boycotted the Bulgarian team. 

He is demanding foe resignation 
of Bulgaria's soccer chiefs 
because they replaced former 
coach Dimitar Penev, who led 
Bulgaria to a best-ever fourth, 
place in 1994 World 


Facing three crucial home 
matches versus Luxembourg, 
Israel and Russia, Bonev has 
invited striker Lyuboslav Penev, 
who plays for Spain's 
Compostella and midfielder - 
Yordan Lechkov. who plays for . 
France's Olympic, Marseille. . 
Neither was on the squad for 
Bulgaria’s 4-1 win over Cyprus m 
April _ 

Penev, nephew of Dimitar 
Penev, has declined earlier invita- 
tions because he is close, friends 
. with Stoichkov. It was not inline- - 
diaiely clear whether Penev would: - 
accept the invitation. 

Lechkov told Bulgarian radio he 
would decide after a personal talk, .’- 
witb Bonev. - 

Bulgaria is third in European' • 
group five with nine points froru - 
four matches, trailing Israel with - 
13 points from 6 games and 
Russia with 11 points from 5 ^ 

Woods, Zoeller finally buiy Masters remarks * 

manent fob in Ramat Gan! High 
Can Mfchal at 03-575-8255. 






Pet GB 




.705 - 




.690 - 




.628 311 

New York 



588 5 




-571 6 . 




-537 0jj 

New York 



-523 8 




.442 106 

Central Division 



-395 132 


Central Division 



.390 126 




511 - 




£12 - 




.488 1 

Kansas City 



.486 1 

St Louis 



.419 4 




.475 IB 




. .349 7 




.463 2 




.326 8 




.409 4jf 

West Division 

West Division 

San Francisco 



.505 - 




.585 • 

Los Angeles 




20 . 

-548 2 
.535 2 ]£ 







545 i* 
-524 2K 

San Diego 



.405 8 




.378 9 

selling, leasing, trading. Tel. 02- 

Ttasday 1 's NL names: Florida 6. NY Mds 5; Atlanta 4, Montreal 2; St. Lonis 3, Pittsburgh 
1; Gndsami 7, Honsam 4; PhUadelpttfa 3, Chicago Cubs 2; San Dtago 7, Los A.agdes 3; San 
Francisco 6, Colorado 3. 

Tuesday's AL games: Ctardud 4, Kansas Gty 3; Toronto 2, NY Yankees 0; Baltimore 4, 
Detroit 3; Chicago White So* 10, Boston I; Minnesota 4, Milwaukee 3; Terns 8, Oakland 3; 
Anaheim 11, Seattle 9. 

FORT WORTH, Texas (Reuter) — 
Tiger Woods and Fuzzy Zoeller 
held their long-awaited, face-to-face 
meeting at Colonial Counuy Club 
on Tuesday and both golfers said 
they hoped they could at last put foe 
Masters incident behind them. 

Zoeller drew a firestorm of criti- 
cism for his remarks at the conclu- 
sion of last month's Masters about 
whai record-setting winner Woods 
might decide to have served at next 


» PtNAL - Kniw MBaa and 
Schafee <W playing extra time In the 
SMMrf 1% of the Goal in Milan last night 
an** Xnq Zanonno pnt Inter back oolmet 

««», with * ^ In the BtthSE pS 

report in to mo rro w's edition. 

SOCCER - Ireland beat Liechtenstein 5 - 
® in i h a H h nw* 3-0) in their WoridCup 

year’s Champions Dinned .- " 
Zoeller had already publicly apol- 
ogized for his clumsy stab at--; 
humour, but Tuesday’s 20-minute. 
lunch in foe players dining room " , 
was their first face-to-face meeting, 
one that Woods had said he was..i-; 
looking forward to. - 

“We had a nice lunch and a nice:. . 
conversation. 1 let him know fowl.' 
feel and heard what he was thinking ’ 
and now it’s behind us,” Woods- 
said. “Now I understand the entiir •; 
Situation and hope we can both have' 1 
a good week this week." - 

Zoeller who had described his life 
as “total hell,” since the incident, L 
did not appear at Tuesday's news : 
conference, but said he- was glad to 1 r 
have the meeting behind him. : .. 

Sports Edffot ^JosephHottmm v 

k : 7,.V j • **f Oft f 


‘AC -' ■ _ 

The Jerusalem Post Thursday, May 22, 1 997 





Helen Kaye 

Top Mozart tenor Rainer Trost 
sings Tamino in the Berlin Opera’s 
famciftiL eclectic production of The 
Magic Flute . Lawrence Foster, a for- 
mer music director of the Jerusalem 
-Symphony, conducts the Berlin 
Opera Orchestra and Chorus. The 
director is Gunther Kramer. At the 
Tel Aviv Performing Are Center on 
Saturday at 9 p.m^ and if you’re not 
inside, you can see it for free outside 
on die plaza via videoscreen. 


Helen Kaye 

Pianist Arie Vardi presents a solo recital on Saturday at 
the Tel Aviv Museum. 

It’s just recently opened on Broadway, but the 
Haifa English Theater got special permission 
from Neil Simon to do the latest of his “suite” 
comedies. This one’s London Suite, four one- 
acters following die (mis)fortunes of four differ- 
ent sets of people in the same London hotel suite. 
There's a nostalgic widow and her daughter, a 
writer and his investment counselor, a star who 
meets her ex, and a young couple who’ve lost 
their tickets to Wimbledon. HET veterans Laura 
Sivan and Ed Cogan each direct two, and the fun 
is at the Haifa Museum today at 5 and 8:30 p jn. 
and Saturday at 9 p.m. 


Helen Kaye 

The Friends of Tel Aviv University's monthly 
lecture is on “Reclaiming Jewish Property Past 
and Present," today at 11 a.m. in the Leigh 
Auditorium of the Cohen-Poner building on cam- 
pus (entry gate 1). 


Michael Ajzenstadt 

Pianist Arie Vardi presents a solo recital 
Saturday (9 p.m.) at the Tel Aviv Museum, play- 
ing preludes by Debussy, polonaise and mazurkas 
by Chopin and the Israeli premiere of Arvo Part’s 

Variations to the Recovery of Arinushka and 
William Bolchom’s Graceful Ghost Rag. 

Tbe Jerusalem Consort presents a program 
titled “Joyne Hands,” featuring Anglo-German 
music of the 17th and 18th centuries by Thomas 
Morley, Alfonso Ferrabosce, John Dow land, 
Dietrich Buxtehude, Georg Philip Telemann and 
others. Tonight (8:30) at die Jaffa Music Center. 


Adina Hoffman 

★★★★ BLOOD & WINE - One of the most 
exquisitely mixed-up pictures of the last several 
years, the latest collaboration between director 
Bob ( Five Easy Pieces ) Rafelson and actor Jack 
Nicholson combines a rich, novelistic sense of 
character with the plot twists of a junky genre 
flick. Nicholson stars as a well-heeled scoundrel 
of a Miami wine dealer who batches a plan to 
steal a diamond necklace with die help of an ex- 
con played by Michael Caine. The burglary, of 
course, does not go as planned, and things take a 
turn for the violent and eventually the deadly ._ 
this is all a foregone conclusion. What separates 
B&W, though, from die tens of dozens of other 
films about felled heists and their aftermath is that 
The Situation is typical, but the characters aren’t 
types. Also with Stephen Dorff, Judy Davis and 
Jennifer Lopez, one of the most genuinely beauti- 
ful young actresses, to cross the screen in a long 
time. (English dialogue, Hebrew subtitles. 
Children tinder 1 7 not admitted without an adulL) 



1 The cleaner is a graduate, 
hence the charm (8) 

S Made to step back— there’s 
something afoot! (3-3) 

9 Desiring change of place to 
get the best view (8) 

JO A way to universal conflict 

11 Approach on the subject of 
true reform (8) 

12 Sports equipment gives 
rise to endless debate (6) 

14 Used the needle — so 
attached to it (8,2) 

18 The good earth, where 
people enjoy good times 

22 An American scientist has 
no team backing (6) 

23 In the future a wise man 
should assimilate page one 

24 Beastly article — agitated 
mail wiH ensue! (6) 

25 One joining a writer in a 
round and getting mellow 
( 8 ) 

26 The musician’s smooth (6) 

27 Leave in boy’s headwear 

( 8 > 


1 Elementary transport, 
good in Paris (6) 

2 Dutch place offering a 
service on the border (6) 

3 Lays into stylish parties (6) 

4 The way to restrict 
relaxation (IQ) 

6 Total defeat for the 
Conse r vati v es? (8) 

7 Agree with top man in 
police on one pamt (8) 

8 Arguments a worker may 
weU find attractive (8) 

13 Having to cope with the' 
head’s frame of mind GO) 

-15 Bringing up the rear 
nevertheless (5,3) 

16 Calling on half-a-dozen, 
chirp about it (8) 

17 No rating should be 
without adequate training 
( 8 ) 

19 Bill needs little money. 
Emphasise that (6) 

20 Coin's a requirement 

. rihere there’s gaining (6) 

21 Thinks fit Europeans 
sound (6) 


□□□□Has Hamanaa 

ataaam aasamoQuia 
□□HSQaaosQ amaa 
a a a anna 


□ □manaas 


a n a a ass 



nmnooaasB naana 

□ saasoaa 
m ana nan asaaBaa 

Yesterday's Quick Sohxtion 
ACROSS; l Farrow, 4 Bread, 8 
Lithe. » Dwpate. 10 Opening, 11 
Stem, 12 Ebb, 14 Stan, IS Lope. 18 
Tea, 21 Bid, SB Bixarre, 25 
Tempest, 2K Amine. 27 Lucky, SB 

DOWN: 1 Falcon, 2 Retreat, S 
Obedient. 4 Base, 5 Erupt, 8 
Dreamt. 7 Adage. B Bfinar d. IS 
Perturb, W Brutal, 19 Abate, SO 
Severe, 22 Comic, 34 Deny. 

quick crossword 

1 Paris river (5) 

4 Fooh’s associate 
( 6 ) 

9 English cheese (7) 

10 Expunge (5) 

11 Void (4) 

12 Refuse (7) 

13 View (3) 

14 Cogitate (4) 

16 Vocalise (4) 

18 Frozen water (3) 

20 Desert (7) 

21 Continent (4) 

24 Courageous (5) 

25 Answer (7) 

26 Inimical (6) 

27 Cede (5) 


1 Moment (6) 

2 Perfect (5) 

3 Whirlpool (4) 

5 Work out (8) 

6 Acclaim (7) 

7 Football team (6) 

8 Wear away (5) 

13 Without pips (8) 
15 Ignorant (7) 

17 Greek letter (6) 

18 lifeless (5) , 

19 Frank (6) 

22 Push (5) - 
23. Very pale (4) 


6:30 News flash 
&31 News in Arabic 
6:45 Exercise Tktw 
7:00 Good Momma 


&00 Family Ties 
&45 Madeira 

(£00 Arithmetic 


Jfc45 Programs for the 

21:10 KungFu 
22300 News vi r 
2230 Driving 
Daisy (1989) - 

Oscar-wirmfrig flm 
about the relationship 
between a cantanker- 
ous old Southern lady 
and her good-natured 

chauffeur. With 
Morgan Freeman and 
Jessica Ta ' 

10:15 Astronomy 
10:30 Literature 
11:00 Mathematics 
.11:15 French 
11:30 Biology 
12*0 Art 

13*0 In the Heat of 
the Night 

14:00 Surprise Train 
14:20 Kitty Cat and 

14.-35 Quentin Quack 
15:00 Autdo 


15:30 Motomvce from 

15:55 Booty 
16:00 Friends oi 

1&25 Yetadudes 
16:45 Eye on TV 
16:59 A New Evening 
17:34 lap Around the 


00:00 Tarataia 


7:00 TV Shop 
14:30 The 700 Club 
15:00 The Moomins 
15:30 Dennis the 

18:00 Larry King 
17:00 Family 
17:45 Beakma/fs 

18:10 Perfect 
18:35 Saved by the 

19:00 Showbiz 
19:30 Wbrid News 

20:00 CNN News 
2030 One West 

21:30 Two Fingers 
From Shion 
22*0 Camel Comedy 

2330 The 700 Chto 
00:00 Quantum 


18:10 Tme for 
18rt5 Newsln Engfeh 
18:30 Meeting 
19:00 News 
1930 Newsflash 
19:31 Whaddayasay 
20:00 News 
20:45 Hous8 of ESott 
- new episodes of the 
BBC drama 
21:40 1 Want to 
Remember, He 
Whitts to Fbroet frotl 

23:30 News 
00:00 Tme for 


6:15 Today’s 


9:00 Meetings 
1(W» Pablo 
11:00 Taking About K 
1200 Pinocchio 
1230 Truth or Dare 
13.-00 Kate and EHie 
1330 Everything's 

14:00 The Kids of 
Degrassi Street 
1430 Tc lac 
1530 Tbe Best Israeli 
Video Clips 
16:00 The Bold and 
the Beautiful 
17:00 News 
Magazine with Raf} 

1730 Open Cards 
1830 Almost Perfect 

1830 Kickoff -soc- 

1930 Pacific BJue 
2030 News 
2030 Money- mag- 

2030 Candid 

21:45 Dan Shton 

. 2330 Exposure 
0030 News 
0035 Screen Test 
0030 From the 
Concert Hal 

1:00 Stersky and 

230 On the Edge of 
the Shelf 


1530 Holy Koran 
1535 French programs 
1630 NBA Basketbel 
17:00 Out ofThis 

1730 French programs 
19:00 News rn 

1930 News head- 

1935 P aren t h ood 
2030 The American 
Chart Show 

■ nV3(33) 

1630 Cartoons 
1630 From Day to 

17:30 Panorama 
18:00 Her Majesty's 

1930 News in Arabic 
1930 News In Russian 
2030 News 
2fh45 TeJekassef 
21:15 The Butterfly 
Affair (1970) -a 
tfufOer about diamond 
thieves set in South 
America. With 
Ctaucfia Canfnale. 
2230 Neon Rider 
23:15 International 
Art Magazine 

■ ETV 2 (29) 

1530 Afl Together 

1630 Hot Shots 
1630 Opervox 
17:00 Clip Art 
1730 Faces of 

18:00 Des&nas 

1830 Art Workshop 
1930 World War I 
1930 Vis k Vts 
1950 HefloPnina- 
Hebrew for new immi- 

20:00 A New Everting 
2030 Family Abum 
21 30 Star Trek: 
21:45 One Monkey, 

No Show -ethnic 

22*5 Seventy Faces 
23:15 Israeli Pop 

new episodes 
22:30 Love Story wfth 
2330 Seinfeld frpt) 
233| Bajgton b (rpq 

1:05 Bamaby Jones 
2:00 The Potntman 
2:45 Under Suspicion 
3:40 Brisco County 



selves an a film about 
how they handle the 

death of the husband 

and father who 
leaves Them pram- 

jQgg " 

1330 New in the 


13:15 Traffic (French. 
1970) -comedy by 
Jacques Tati 
1435 Stomata (1994) 

- scf-fi waft James 
Spader and Kurt 

1630 Drive Uke 

Lining < 199 ]J0j*> 

on Blood & Wine with 
Jack Nicholson 
18^40 Rescue Me 

Famfly (1992!) (rpft 
2230 fntfictmenb The 
McMartto Trial (1995) 

- after a mother testi- 
fies that chfidren at a 
kindergarten are sex- 
uafly abused, dozens 
of stories about 
pedophSa, pornogra- 
phy and devl worship 

i. bit mass 
or real 

*? With Janes 
Woods and Mercedes 

00:10 Faffing for You 
(1995) - a young 
woman survives an 
attack by a serial 
MBer and sticks dose 
to potice unB he is - 

1:45 Viper (1993) 



6:30 Cartoons 
930 Alice in 
9:30 The Center of . 



-.:r:Z .. 











News ■ 





The Perfect 

Married with 





Vanessa ^ 

House of 









The Cosby 




House ot 

V v :' 

I Want to 

Dan Shflon 



Culture with 






He Wants to 



De La Part 
des Copains 





Love Story 




with Yossf 






Explorer j 

novel by Stephen 
King. A woman and 
I son are 


orizeobya rabid 
Bernard d 

I dog 


630 Open University 

830 Cats and Dogs, 

9:45 Pink 


9 :4 

1035 The Center of 



7:00 Good Everting 
with Guy Pines (rpt) 
730 Love Story with 
Ybssi Styas (rpt) 

830 Dates (rpt) 

930 One Life to Live 
(rpt) _ 

9:45 The Young and 
the Restless (rpt) 
1030 Days of Our 
Liras (rpt) 

11:15 Ztogara (rpt) 
1230 Bamaby Jones 
12M5 The Streets of 
Sai Francisco 
1335 Hope and 

1430 Dates 
1430 Days of Our 

1535 The Nanny 
1830 Hercules - 

16^5 Zmgara 
1730 Laptdanfcner 
18:00 Local 
18:30 One Life to 

19:15 The Young and 
the Restless 
2030 Sunset Beach 
2030 The Commish 
21:40 Renegade - 

103b Weird Science 
1135 Welcome 
11:30 The Bottle 
1220 Twisted Tales 
1230 Hugo 
13:00 Make Before 

13:10 Hallo, Spencer 
1335 Return of the 
Three Musketeers 
14:00 Dennis the 

1430 Mighty Max 
1530 The C 
15:15 Pink Panther 

1530 Clarissa 
Explains All 
16:15 The Center of 

1635 Saved by the 

17:00 UWe University 
17:30 Shesh-Tus 
1830 Hugo 
1830 Mot 

1935 Sirnba the Lion 

19:30 Cream wfth 
Michal Yanai 
2030 Anlmaniacs 
2020 Married wffh 

20:45 Roseanne 
21rl5 The Cosby Show 
21:40 Different World 


22:00 DeU Part des 
tins (1974) - 
based on a 
novel by Richard 

Mathesoa An 
American ex-pal in 
Paris battles a ruth- 
less drug ring. With 
Charles Bronson, Lrv 
UHmann and James 

2335 Cujo (1983)- 
horror based on a 

9:00 Plants and 
People: Coca 
930 Romeo and 
Jufet- balk* ate 

1035 Rttoinstein 
Universal Singing 
1230 Pirates: 
Woman Prates 
13:15 Treasure 
Islands: The Indten 
Treasure of Kaiafi 

1320 WfldFim, part 
3: Creating the 
Drama (rpt) 

1335 VBdtmlr 
Vbsotsky (rpt) 

1530 House of 
Culture wfth Yak 
Gartxiz (rpt) 

1530 Gropo Coipo 


16:05 National 
Geographic Explorer 


1730 Open 
Urtiversfiy- David 
Oistrakh; Universe; 
Portrait of a Famfly 
1930 Pirates, part 8: 
Prates of the Pacific 
19:40 Treasure 
island, part 7: The 
Money Pit of Oak 

2035 W8d FBrrcA 
Natural Passion 
20:30 Vanessa 
Redgrave - a portrait 
21:30 House of 
Culture with Yalr 
Garb uz - with the 

2230 Pinter 
interview wfth i 
wrigftt Harold 
22:45 National 

23:40 Open 
University- River 
Ran Red; 
Business; Painters to 
the People 

Television: Tango! 
2030 The Ticket 
2030 VIP 
2130 Dateline 
2230 Formula Opel 

22:30 Gillette World 
Sport ■ 

23:00 The Tonight 
Show with Jay Leno 
0030 Late Night wfth 
Conan O'Shee 
1:00 Later 
130 NBC News with 
Tom Brokaw 
2:00 The Tonight 
Show (rpt) 

330 Internet 


630 Nine to Five 
7:00 Moflie Kaizen's 
730 G) Joe 
8.-00 Eek! the Cat 
830 Oprah Winfrey 
930 Picket Fences 
1030 Santa Barbara 
11:30 The Bold and 
the Beautiful 
1230 Hindi shows 
1330 Lost in Space 
14:30 Black Beauty 
1530 Charles hi 

1530 MolEe Kaizen’s 

16dJQ$todi shows 
1830 Star News 
19:00 Are You Being 

1930 Baywatch 
2030 The Bold and 
toe Beautiful 
21:00 Santa Barbara 
2230 Star News 
2230 Space: Above 
and Beyond 
23:30 Halifax F.P. 

1:30 Oprah Winfrey 
230 Bamaby Jones 


6:30 Bodies in Motion 
1630 Bodes m 
1630 To be 
1730 Champions’ 
League Soccer - 
Juventus profile 
1830 Wrestling 
2030 Ice Skating: 
World Championship 
2230 Spanish 
League Soccer 
2330 South 
American Soccer 

1930 wetghtflfting: 




2030 Motors 

21:00 WeJghlfintog: 

Championship, Croatia 
2330 Boxing: 
Heavyweight. USA 
00:00 Indycar 
130 Tennis: Look at 
2:00 Sailing 


630 Spanish Soccer 

League, PhBppine Cup 
6:30 Walersports 

93?Ru2)y World 
Cup Ts (rpt) 

IfcOb Gra: tPGA, 
Engfeh Open 
11:00 Cycfing: 
Marlboro Tbur of the 
1130 World Wide 

1330 Tennis: 
Greatest Grand Slam 

15:30 WWF Raw 
1630 WLAF Footbafl 
17:00 Cycling: 
Marlboro Tour of the 
1730 GolIrCltina Open 
1830 Trans World 

1930 Soccer. World 
Cup Hal of Fame 
2030 Golf: US PGA 

2130 Luge World Cup 
2230 WWF Raw 
23:00 WLAF Foobal 
2330 Basketball: PBA 
Game ofthe Week 
1:00 Traaa.World Sport 
230 Spanish Soccer 

■ CNN 


News throughout 
the day 

6:30 World Report 
7:30 Insight (rpt) 

830 Moneyfine (rpt) 
9:30 WbridSport 
10:30 Showbiz Today 
1130 CNN 
12:30 World Report 
13:30 American 

1&45 Q & A (rpt) 
14:00 Asian News 
14:30 Worid Sport 

^5:00 Asian News 
1530 Business Asia 
1630 Larry Kina live 
1730 World Sport (rpi) 
1830 Science and 

1930 Q & A with Riz 

2fc45 American 

2130 Work) Business 

22:00 Larry King Live 
2^130 European 


2330 Insight 
0030 Worid Business 


830 Great Houses of 
the Worid 
630 VIP 

730 Tbe Ticket (rpt) 
7:30 NBC Nightly 
News wfth Tom 
830 Today 
1030 European 
Squawk Box 
1130 European 
Money Wheel 
1530 CNBC Squawk 
Box (US) 

1730 Gardening By 
toe Yard 
17:30 Awesome 
18:00 The Site 
1930 National 


930 Cart 
1130 Wheafies 
1130 Motocross 

12:00 Motors 

1230 Soccer UEFA 
Cup Final 

1430 IndyCar: World 

15:00 Mountain Bice: 
Worid Cup, South 

1530 Soccer Worid 
Cup Legends 

1630 Soccer: UEFA 
Cup Final (rot) 

1830 ATP Tfeam 
Tour, Germany 

i Cycling: 
Martooro Tour of the 
3:00 Luge: World Cup 


News on the hour 
7:30 The Money 
8:00 Newsdesk 
930 Hard Talk (rpt) 
1030 The Money 
Programme (rot) 
11:30 Film *97 (rpt) 
1230 Hard Talk (rpt) 
1330 Ctttes ol the 
Future (rpt) 

1430 Newsdesk 
1530 The Money 
16:15 Wbridl 

16:30 Asia-Pacific 

1730 Top Gear (rot) 
18:30 Hard Taflc wfth 
Tim Sebastian 
1930 The Clothes 
Show (rpt) 

20:00 The Worid Today 
21:30 Hard Talc (rpt) 
2230 Panorama 
2330 Tomorrow's 

0030 Newsdesk 
2:10 Newsnight 

0030 World Sport 
1:00 Worid View 
230 Moneyfine 



636 Morning Concert 
935 Vivaldi: 

Concerto in A no 549 
for 4 violins and oroh 
.fTafelmusSq; Mozart 
Piano concerto no 20; 
Ravet 5 Songs;' 
Smetana: String quar- 
tet to E ntinor “From 
My LifeT Schumann: 
Kreisteriana; Janacefc 
Violin concerto; 
Symphony no 8 
1230 Noon with 
Gideon Hod-tam5ar 
music and quiz 
14:06 Encore 
1530 Voice of Music 

Kalian works; 
F ras co h aldfc Partita 
from 2nd Toccata 
Book fl 637]; Haydrr 
String quartet to F op 
77/2 (Mosaic QQ; 

18:00 New i 

2035 From toe 
Hon Porat (violto), Irit 
Rob-Levl (piano). 
Moz art 6 Variations 

Bartote Andante for 
vtofln and piano; 
Yehezkei Braun: 
Noon Flowers; 
Schubert Sonatina 
n A minor op 

2130 Sounds and 

2330 The Art of the 


People vs Larry Flynt 730 • Drowning By 
Nuntoars 7 • Dsr Bteue BngN +■ Btond 
Venus 930 G.G. GIL Jenisttiem Mafl 
(Matoa) * 6788448 Blood and WtoaeoTto 
SatotPoRaffc 5, 7:15, 9*5 - Dante’s 
PeafeoThe Associate 5, 7:15, 9:45 - 
McbaaboTbe Chamber 5, 7:15, 9.45 • 
Spac e Jam 8 5. 7:15. 9-^5 JERUSALEM 
THEATER 20 Marcus St *5610011 When 
me Cars AwaMbeNotya 7,930 RAV CHEN 
1-7 *6792799 CreCB Card Reservations 
■O 6794477 Rav-Mecber BuBding. 19 
Habman St. "ftilpiot MetrocEveryone Says 

I Love You 5, 730, 9:45 • Maxtinum 
RWeoThe DevWs Own 5, 730, 9 d 45 • The 
English patient 3, 6ri5, 930 • Marvftfs 
Room 5. 73a 9 *5 - 10 1 Dalmatians 5. 
GO- ■ 5700868 JenvMwultB-Wrfciila 
5, 7:15, 9:45 SMADAR » §6161 68 SHna 

5.10 •Secrets and Ues7:i5 


DiZB4GOf7*5101370 Blood and Wine 

II ajn. 1, 3. 5, 7:44 10 • Kolya 11 aun. 1, 
3, 5. 7945, 10 -Ttedll am, 1,3, 5, 730, 10 
GAT Branmne Says I Love You 5. 730, 
ft45 GORDON Evita 530, 7^45 • Citban 
Kane 10 G.G. HOD 1-4 * 5226226 Hod 

101 Dizsngott St The 
itels Peak 5. 730, 10 - 
Empire of the Senses 10 ■ Space Jam 5, 

730 • Ridicule 5, 73a 10 LEV Thft 
English Pattern 11 am. 2, 5. 630, 930 - 
Shtoe 11:15, 2. 430. 8, 10 ■ Seems and 
Lies 11 am, 1:45, 43a 7:15 , 10 • Prisoner 
of the Mountains 1lri5 ajn__630Lft15 - 
BeantttulThtoglrt5, 330, 10G.G. PE’ER 
The Chamber^The Assoctatea Ridkuta 5. 

730. 10 -The SabitoDaniB's Peak 5, 730, 
10 RAV-CHEN * 5282288 Dlaangoff 
Center Maxtouan FSste^The DedFa Own 
230,5. 73ft 9:45-101 Datoratfans23a5. 
730. 045- Jerry Maguke 2, 430,7:1 5, 9^ 

• Mere 23a * 73a 9*5 - Reftsn of the 
Jetti 2T15, 4>45, 7:15, ft45 RAVOR 1-5 * 
5102674 Opera House CrastwMwvki’s 
Room 5, 7»X 9:45 - Big M^n»Two Days 
in tfvs Vtalley 5. 730, ffc45 - The Peopte Cs 
Larry Flynt 5, 7:15, 045 G.G.TEL, AVTV* 
5281181 65 Pineker St The 

As$o c at e«Reao»7he Sants, 73a 10 
TB- AVIV MUSEUM When the Cars 

.fiffil 11110 

CINEMA CAF£ AMAM1 * 83257 55 
Secrets and Lies 7, 930 > Breaking the 
Waves &45, 930 GLQBECfTY 

*6569900 The CtBRibeifeqBlood and Hfine 
4ri& 7ii5. 9M5 -The Asaodate-The saint 
4J46, 7:15, 9:45 - Refc 4.-45. 7:15. 9A5 - 

Space Jam MORIAH *6843654 SMne 
73a 930 ORLY « 6361866 Everyone 
7. 9:15 PANORAMA 

Love You . 

Blood and Wine 43a 7. 930 • Kolya 43a 

7 The Associate 430, 7. 930 • The Saint 
930 RAYGAT 1-2 » 8674311 The 
Engflsh Patient 'Maximum Risk 4:45, 7, 
9:75 RAV-MOfl 1-7*8416896 Maximum 
Rtak 4^5, 7. 930 • The Engfeh Patient 6, 
9:15 - im Ddmatians 5. 7, 930 - Jerry 
Maguire 4:15. 7, 930 - Marvin's 
FtoonvoThe DevtTs Own 4:45. 7, 930 - 
Metro 430, 7. 930 RAU-OR 1-3 tr 
8246553 Metro 43a 7, 930 • The DevTs 
Own 4:45, 7, 9ri5 - Jerry Meguke 4:15, 7. 


RAV CHEN • 6424047 The BigBsh 
Patient 015. 9:15 * Metro-Blood aid Wne 

STAR e9960904 The SaMwRetic 7:15, 
9:45 > tiers Attacks! 7:15 - Romeo and 

Romeo and JUtet 9 

G.G. GH_ * 8647202 The Satot^Blood 
and Wfntf&ReOc 5, 730. 10 • 
Mto tny L Ben t o* Peak 5, 73a 10 Q.G. 
ORi 1-3 * 711223 Space JanmShhe 5. 
730. 10 : Secrete and Lies 445. 735, 10 
RAV CHEN *3661120 The Engtish 
Patient 6:15, 9:15 • The DevffS 
fhm Metro Muifci—i Risfc 5. 73g 9^5 - 
Roneo and Juftet 5. 7:15, '045 * Jerry 
" — Jfla 430. 7,15.045 

HAwm in 

LEV The BigSsh Patient 6-45, 930 • 
Blood and Wine 8, 10 -The Saint 6. 8, 10- 
MeOt>6, 8, 10-101 Dabnattans 6 -Space 
J am 5 

COLONYn6902868 Jerry Maguka -The 
DwriTs Own 5c15. 7^5. lCclsHOUDAY 
The Assodrae 73a 10 STAR • 589068 
The Chamber 730 , 10 • Metro 730, io . 

GIL Blood and wjne»Thq AaeocMe 5 . 
73 q 1 0 ■ Braattig the Wavw^g^n 
Spa» Jam 4^45 • Secrets and Uas 7:15. 

gN gMMego«Ma xhnumRlBfc7:93n. 

^ Jam Sfa 

73a 10 - Memkoflefle 5, 730 - StttelO . 

Seaats and Lies 10 - The Associate s, 

GLG. GILtr^ 729977 Blood and Wine -The 
SahtoRefc 5. 730, 10 • KohfecDanteh 
Peak 5, 730. 10 RAV CHENhtadkmra 
Risk»The Devffs Own wMetro 5, 730, 9:45 
• Jany Magdre 430, 7:i5» W5 - The 

E^YAM R15 ‘ ai6 
RAV CHBf Metronlhe Saint 5, 73a 9M5 
-itodmum Risk 5, 73a 9:45- Blood teid 
Mne 5, 73a 9*5 - The BtgGflh Patient 
63a 930 -The Chamber 730&45 • Jsny 
ika 430, 7:15, 9&45- Space Jam 5 

G.G. GIL. *6440771 Dante’s rnn n 
IMo-SMia 5. 730, io - Breakirig the 
Waves 63a 930 - Space Jam 4:45 Q.GL 
ORI *6103111 Blood aid Wkw .The 

*6235278 The EncAsh Patient 53a 930- 
W5, &45 -Metro 5L 
^^4T- Maximum ffiskS, 730, 9:45 

<^TheAaaoctate.Tha Chamber 73a 10 

73a 10 

****** * ttl a &45 -The 

antiWte 7jg 9:45 - T he Devffs Own 7:15 

and Wine 430 
'Sfc^andUes 43a 7. 930 - 
430 -Braakfag the warns 

^930 - Maximum RteteoMetro 43a 7. 

®L 1-4 - 404729 Blood and 
Wtoe-Tha Saint 5, 730. 10 - The 
^nge^The Associate 5, 73a 10. 

G-G- GIL 1-6 * 628452 Blood and 
Wne-Tha Associate 5 73a 10 - The 
ChembteboTheSakitSiTOO, io-Sttirieio 
•Ftefc 5. 730 RAV CHEN - 8618570 Tha 
Bmfeii Partem 63a 930- Maxtnum Risk 
Ojaa &4S - Metro~The Devilh Own 5. 


RAV - 6262758 The Em 

Pattern ftlS, 9rt5 ■ Everyone Says 1 1 

&G^L 1-4 Ftefo-The SalnfcoEmpIre of 
730, io - Breaking tha 
• SPa “ Jam4:45 

^G. .. HECHAL Blood and 
mnteoMaxraum Risk 5,730, 10-Metro 5. 
730. 10 -The Enofeh Patient G.G. RAM 
T-3 » 9340818 Wtir»»KOlyB 73a 10 - 
Secr ets and Lies 7:15. 10 SfftKtol The 

Saint . The Assocteta . The Chamber a 

730. 10 - Demere PeafocRefie 5. 73a 10 - 
The Engflsh Patient 63a 930 -Space Jam 


QhFMOFET Secrets and Lies 830 

PARK Blood and WlnenThe Associate 5, 
73a 10 * Maximum Risk 5, 73a 10 - Jerry 
Magufev 73a 10 • The Engfeh Pattern 
&38T93p - Space Jam 5 RABAT GAN 
RAV-GAN f-4 - 6197121 The EMfsh 
Patient 3, 6:15, 930 • Marvin's Room a 
730, 9-45- Everyone Says I Love You 7.3a 
9:45 • Blood and Wine 5. 730. 945 -Space 
Jam 5 

RAVOAStS 1-3 * 6730687 Maxtoium 
Risk 5, 730, 9:45 - TheCtanberbcMetro5, 
73a 945 

KggAVBkKx 1 and Wbie 5:15, 73a 10 

CHEN The Associate 73a 9;45 • When 
the Oafs Away 7:15 - The Prisoner of toe 
Mgfflajns 945 - Kolya 7.-15, 945 RAV 

MOR The Chamber «Bk»d and Wtoa 5, 

730, 9:45 - Everyone Says I Love 
Voi»fcj*raim Risk S. 73a 9:45 - The 

^ish Patient 015, 9:15 • Metro a 73a 


GAL 1-5 » 0619669 Dante* 

PMk«Homeo avd JuH^The Devffs Own 
Z 3 ®' 10 The AssoctateuThe 

^^ao^»idWIne5,^a io HAZA- 

STAR Maxtouan Risk 730. 10 - Jerry 
Maguire 10-Ratum of the Jedi 10 -Space 
jam 730 

RAV CHEN The Engtish Patient 83a 
^ ‘ a 73a 8«- Jeny MagJre 
7:15, ft45 . Marvtoh Room 5/^ 

AB timas are pm. unless othendse torS- 

,. .jpMyn/LS-v' 

— ' " 7 r r ^' 




Thursday, May 22, 1997 The Jerusalem Post 

Weizman: We must 
negotiate with Syria 

Barak, Hanegbi propose 
major court reforms 


President Ezer Weizman yesterday urged the 
government to rethink the situation in Ubanon 
and to return to the negotiating table with Syria. 

“There can be no solution to the situation m 
Lebanon unless Israel and Syria sit down to nego- 
tiate," Weizman said at a swearing-in ceremony 
for 14 new magistrate's court judges at Beit 

Hanassi. . , 

“These are moments of truth. We have to raise 
questions with the Syrians that are very painful to 
many people in this country. I am speaking as 
someone who spent most of my life in the mili- 
tary,” the president said. “I have just returned from 
a visit in Tiberias, to the family of one of the boys 
who fell last week in Lebanon. On ray way back, I 
heard there had been another attack in Lebanon. 

“The boys who volunteer for the fighting units 

are the salt of the earth. They are highly motivat- 
ed. But we have to offer them the chance of living 

Weizman said he knows the choice could divide 
the nation. “We have to think it through very care- 
fully: We can plan new battle tactics - or we can 
sit down and talk peace." The late premier 
Menachem Begin, he said, had embraced Anwar 
Sadat when the Egyptian president came to 
Jerusalem 20 years ago to talk about peace. 

Weizman also called for an end to the stalemate 
with the Palestinians. 

“The Oslo agreement is the step-child of the 
Camp David Accords, which talk of the legitimate 
rights of the Palestinian people. We committed 
ourselves to a permanent solution by 1999. I am 
pleased to hear there are people who are talking 
about reaching such an agreement even earlier. We 
have to keep our commitment.” 


The authority of the country's 
magistrate's courts will be 
increased and the district courts 
will deal mainly with appeals. 
Supreme Court President Aharon 
Barak said yesterday. 

Barak said this is part of a 
reform of the courts which he has 
proposed together with Justice 
Minister Tzahi Hanegbi. 

“There are 414 judges in Israel 
today, more than 300 of them in 
magistrate’s courts," Barak said at 
a swearing-in ceremony for 14 
new judges at Beit Hanassi. “The 
status of the magistrate’s court 
will change," Barak told them, 
“[and] you will have to cany 
more of a burden.” He said there 

would be “no choice but to 
increase the number of judges in 
the country." 

Barak also called for “decrimi- 
nalization of the penal code." He 
said that increasing numbers of 
crimes could be defined as admin- 
istrative irregularities on which 
fines should be imposed. Fewer 
civil disputes should be brought to 
the courts, he said. Instead they 
could be resolved within the com- 
munity, out of court, or through 
arbitration. He was discussing this 
with Hanegbi as well, Barak said. 

There are two major objectives 
that can be achieved before the 
50th anniversary of the state, 
Hanegbi told the new judges. 

“First, a substantive change in 
national priorities is required so 

Psychologists strike 
over low wages 


A strike by all the psycholo- 
gists in the public sector that 
began yesterday elicited many 
requests to the union to deal with 
emergency cases in disadvan- 
taged areas. The state psycholo- 
gists are protesting against their 
“embarrassingly low" wages. 

Directors of mental health sta- 
tions reported that residents of 
the poorer neighborhoods, who 
cannot afford private treatment, 
suffer the most from the strike. 

The union said that the strike 
was fully observed, with work- 
ers’ assemblies in Jerusalem, Tel 
Aviv and Haifa during the day. It 
will continue until further notice 

and includes clinical, rehabilita- 
tion and developmental psychol- 
ogists working for the Health 
Ministry and Kupat Holim 

Strike organizers received 
many appeals from patients who 
suffer from post-traumatic stress 
disorder and other problems 
whose anxieties grew due to can- 
cellation of sessions with their 

Dr. Baruch Elitzur, a clinical 
psychologist at Ichilov Hospital 
in Tel Aviv, said that due to the 
strike over wages, the condition 
of patients suffering from trauma 
as a result of terror attacks and 
other events will undoubtedly 

Ministry seeks to regulate 
clinical trials on humans 


The Health Ministry will 
urgently prepare legislation to 
regulate clinical trials on human 
beings, Minister Yehoshua Matza 
said yesterday. 

Matza raised the issue in a dis- 
cussion that included representa- 
tives of the Health, Justice and 
Science ministries and a judge 
and an ethics expert. All agreed 
that technological developments 
create many problems, especially 
in the ethical field, but they are 
also vital for die advancement of 
medicine and the development of 
new drugs and treatments. 

It was disclosed that some 900 
clinical trials on medications and 
medical equipment are carried out 

here each year in all the hospitals. 
The officials noted that the fact 
that many major pharmaceutical 
companies and research institu- 
tions are interested in Israel 
“demonstrates the high level of 
medicine" here. 

But Matza recognized the need 
for state-initiated legislation to set 
down rules in this matter and 
appointed a small group of 
experts to present their recom- 
mendations during the next few 

A newspaper recently claimed 
that experimental treatments and 
drugs developed abroad were 
being tested here, at risk to 
patients, because of lax proce- 
dures and eagerness in hospitals 
to get grants for testing. 

| Td-Aviv, 75 Kibbutz Galuvot St, TcL 05-6818125, 

U 1 AUenby St., Optra Tower, TeL 05-5101666 
** Bnci-Brak, 86 Rabbi Akiva St, TeL 05-5705498 

Petab-Tikva, 4 Sbpigel St; TeL 05-9546752 
Jerusalem, 5 Kanfei Nesbarim St, Sbatner Center, 

Givat Shard, TeL 02-6514026, 

Jerusalem, 5 Ya 'akov Meir St, Getda, TeL 02-5585855 
Netsutya, 15 Remez St TeL 09-8616152, Hazorfim Belgium, 
Scbupstraat 20, 2018 Antwerpen, TeL 2271666 

Leaving nothing to chance 

Education Minister Zevulun Hammer meets with National Student and Youth Councfl Chairman Oded Cohen yesterday. 
Hammer told him that a committee of educators and council members will discuss how to decide which matriculation exams 
will be given next year. (Eftwm Kiunokj 

IB A news gets a reprieve 


Channel l head Yair Stem has 
reversed his decision to cancel the 
English-language daily news 
broadcasts, and they will continue 
uninterrupted, English News head 
Steve Leibowitz announced yes- 

“This is one time a letter-writing 
campaign has really paid off," he 

Following Stem’s proposal two 
months ago to close the depart- 
ment for budgetary reasons, 
staffers mounted a campaign to 
prevent this. 

“We have received about 200 let- 
ters,” Leibowitz said, “and Stem's 
office has received a lot more. 
Earlier this week he got 12 letters 
in a single day. Perhaps he was 
impressed by the quantity and vari- 
ety of the appeals." 

Leibowitz said that he got the 
good news from Stem at the end of 
the department's usual weekly 

Both the AACI and. the British 
Oiim Society launched major cam- 
paigns ‘he said. Letters and phone 
calls came from individuals, MKs. 
Foreign Ministry officials, organi- 
zations and institutions. 

“Israel needs to be broadcasting 

her own news perspectives and not 
let other stations [like CNN and 
BBC] form world opinions about 
Israel," wrote the Bridges for 
Peace organization's international 
director, Clarence Wagner. 

The 31 nuns who run a home for 
handicapped children in Jerusalem 
signed the letter their Superior 
wrote, saying, “We are volunteers 
from about 10 countries and our 
common language is English." 

The English Speakers Club of 
Ashdod wrote, new immigrants 
from Netanya wrote and even 
Avigdor Liebennan, director-gen- 
eral of the Prime Minister’s Office, 
picked up a pen. He wrote to MK 
Tzvi Weinberg (Yisrael Ba’aliya) 
that canceling die English news is 
no longer in the cards. 

The department's 1997 budget is 
NIS 1.2 million, a drop from NIS 
1.72m. in 1996. 

The 15-minute news segment is 
broadcast at 6:15 p.m. during the 
week, at 4:30 pjn. on Friday and at 
5 p.m. on Saturdays to an audience 
estimated at over 100,000. This 
includes English-speaking resi- 
dents. tourists and diplomats. 
According to Leibowitz, the pro- 
gram also is watched regularly by 
viewers in Arab countries as well 
as by Palestinians. 

Space scientists 
seek more funds 

without it! 


mi e p a r 1 n e n l 

Guide to the 
Golan Heights 

by Aviva Bar-Am and YIsrad Shjtan 
Renowned travel writer Aviva Bar-Am has 
teamed up wifi guide Yistad Shatanfortbisnp- 
to-date,{uD color guide to the Golai and ks 

environs. Incorporates a unique English-Hebrew 
dictionary of the Golan’s flora and fauna, local 
legends, and vital infonnation about sites. 

Softcovn; 152 pp. 

[Books, The Jerusalem Post, POB 81, Jerusalem 91000 
Please send me copies of: 



The discussions in the Knesset 
Science and Technology 
Committee reached new heights 
yesterday - outer space. Space 
researchers attending the session 
complained of lack of hinds, but 
MKs brought them down to earth 
by questioning the need to give 
more funds to the space program 
when the national health system is 
collapsing and there are other 
pressing social needs closer to 

Uzia Galil, an Israel Prize win- 
ner who chaired the committee 
that established the Israel Space 
Agency (ISA), noted that Israel is 
a member of the “exclusive club" 
of eight countries which have 
succeeded in developing, produc- 
ing, and launching their own 

He said the government had not 
followed his committee’s recom- 
mendations that die ISA receive a 
$5 million annual budget; instead, 
it has to cope with $2 milli on. 

But committee c hair man Dalia 
Itzik and MK Ephraim Oshaya 
(both Labor), questioned the pri- 
orities of funding^ “I want to ask, 
can you look us in the eyes and 
say this 1 is one of the most impor- 
tant matters on Israel’s agenda, of 
the utmost priority, so thar we can 
go from this meeting to the prime 
minister and tell him: “You're 
neglecting this issue!'" said Itzik. 

Oshaya told him: “An old per- 

son who is lying at home without 
nursing care doesn’t think about 
space. And neither does his fami- 

But the scientists had ready 
answers, noting that space 
research has practical benefits and 
is not just a matter of prestige. 

Dr. Eran Shenkar, who special- 
izes in the medical aspects of 
space research, countered 
Oshaya’s argument by noting a 
study in the US which found that 
$10 million is spent on hospital- 
ization of the elderly with frac- 
tures. “Why wait until they are 
sick and then spend the money?" 
he asked. “Why not find the solu- 
tion to osteoporosis? That's what 
they’re trying to do in space, and 
then they won’t even need die 
hospital beds." 

Others argued that space 
research could help in the study of 
phenomena such as earthquakes. 
Prof. Giora Shaviv, head of the 
Technicm 's space research center, 
said the space program could help 
fund itself by producing mar- 
ketable products to be sold by 
Israel Aircraft Industries and 

ISA director Avi Har-Even said 
a modem country must learn how 
to exploit its space resources. 

Itzik seemed -to agree, saying: 
“If Israel doesn’t leam to use the 
potential [of space research pro- 
jects] for the benefit of its citi- 
zens, it wQl be difficult for it to be 
considered a developed country." 


that suitable funding will be pos- 
sible that will strengthen the judi- 
ciary system and the prosecu- 
tion," Hanegbi said. The second 
objective, he continued, is to 
“ensure the full independence of 
the judicial authority. 

“Too much interference in the 
workings of the judiciary on the 
part of the government... leads to 
a collapse of public confidence in 
its judges." he said, adding that 
this, in turn, could affect the entire 
democratic system. 

“The justice minister does not 
need to retain the large number of 
administrative privileges which 
tiie law currently grants him... 
The proposed change would not 
weaken, but rather strengthen the 
Justice Ministry," Hanegbi said. 

Forecast: Clear to party cloudy. 
Temperatures 'lower than usual for this 


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An onanism 

Buenos Aims 

Hong Kong 







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Winning cards 

The winning cards in yesterday’s 
first Chance chaw were die eight of 
spades, 10 of hearts, jack of dia- 
monds and 10 of dubs. The results 
of die second draw were die queen 
of spades, ace of hearts, nine of dia- 
monds and jack of clubs. 

from PA 


Health Minister? Yfchbdiua 
Matza hasasked his director-£cb- 
eral. Prof. Gabi Barabash, to look 
into complaints that medications 
not registered in Israel are. being 
smuggled in from territories the 
Palestinian Authority controls. - 
The Manufacturers’ Association, 
whose representatives met recent- 
ly with Matza, said these illicit 
medications endanger public 
health and harm the local pharma- 
ceutical industry. 

The packages are brought into 
the PA marked “donation” and 
used by hospitals, the association 
claimed. -Recently, infusion solu- 
tions from Japan were brought in 
for use in Palestinian hospitals and 
at Makassed Hospital in eastern 
Jerusalem, even though they had 
not been approved by the ministry. 

Matza, who asked Barabash to 
formulate recommendations for 
his next meeting with the associa- 
tion officials, noted that the min- 
istry allows the PA to import med- 
ical products from international 
organizations if the intent is not 
commercial use. The shipping 
documents must include a declara- 
tion from the PA health minister 
that the goods were received as a 
donation and then transferred to 
recognized medical institutions in 
the areas. They must, however, be 
approved. by the health authorities 
in their country of origin, the 
Health Ministry spokesman said. 

Since 1967, fee tones in the terri- 
tories. have manufactured pharma- 
ceuticals for local use; these are 
not ■ registered by the' Health-. 
Mirustry, which has not prohibited 
their sale in the territories, tbe_ 
spokesman said. Because it is difi 
ficuit to differentiate between 
locally made and imported phar^ 
maceuticals, it is hard to monitor 
pharmaceuticals in the territories. . 


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